Frank Knotts Endorses Unknown Candidate

  I come to you today to announce my endorsement of and my support for, any candidate or candidates that oppose Eric Bodenweiser in any election, for any office in the up coming election cycle, in the next election cycle, and all election cycles until the trumpet blows !

  This candidate may be a Republican, a Democrat, a libertarian, or a member of the Martian Coalition To Enslave Dogs To Repopulate Pluto.

  I will work with any and all who feel as I do that Mr. Bodenweiser should not hold any office above that which he is qualified for, and since we no longer need people to clean up behind horses on the streets, well you take it from there.

  I am sure Mr. Bodenweiser will respect my taking this strong stand against someone who I feel is not fit for office. I am confident of this since Mr. Bodenweiser has been running around telling anyone who will listen that every Republican legislator who signed onto the recent HB 290 should face a primary and be voted out of office.

  I am simply attempting to be pro-active in this matter, I would prefer to not have to vote Mr. Bodenweiser out of office, I would prefer that he never occupy an office. And since he has said that he may be running a primary against my sitting Republican state senator Joe Booth, I do have a dog in this fight.

  Now I don’t agree with everything that Joe Booth has done or every vote he has cast. But he doesn’t frighten me. And he doesn’t make me feel shame to be a Republican and a conservative.

  Eric Bodenweiser is one of those people who is standing on a street corner and sees a parade coming down the street, so he jumps out in front of the parade and starts yelling to the crowd, “look at me, look at me, I’m leading a parade, follow me”. 

 It seems as if Mr. Bodenweiser is always seeking the cause  du`jour to use to promote himself and his never-ending agenda of being elected to office, any office.

  Some that are not familiar with Mr. Bodenweiser may think me a bit harsh. So let me take new comers on a short history lesson of the highlights of Mr. Bodenweiser.

  I won’t go into ancient history, or anything that I don’t have personal, first hand knowledge of.

  For myself, my real concern about the actions of Mr. Bodenweiser began during the events involving the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher and Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips, in which a physical altercation broke out at a meeting between the two, to discuss a disagreement over the office of the sheriff.

  This meeting was preceded by a resolution brought to the GOP Sussex County Executive Committee, calling on the Executive Committee to urge the Sussex County Council to fund the additional training that Sheriff Christopher was asking for. The resolution was brought to the committee by Mr. Bodenweiser who was at the time a member of that committee and an RD Chairman. The resolution was voted down on its merits.

  Following this vote of the committee, a meeting was arranged  and the rest is history. Now of course a fight between two elected officials is news worthy on its own, but one between two Republicans, well you can just imagine the interest in what actually happened. For those who were actually at the meeting I give credit to all for being silent for the most part.

 However, Mr. Bodenweiser, who was not at the meeting, was not about to let a parade pass him by, and so he jumped out in front of this one.  While doing one of his weekly spots on WGMD’s Dan Gaffeny Show, a spot that Mr. Bodenweiser paid for himself, he decided to speak for the two parties involved in the altercation. Mr. Bodenweiser was heard to say, that to make the whole thing go away, that the two men should come to some backroom agreement to give the Sheriff what he wanted, and there would be no more trouble. Mr. Bodenweiser said, ” that’s just how we do it in Sussex County”. Then during an appearance on the Angel Clarke Show on WGMD,  Mr. Bodenweiser again repeated this, he also said that Republicans should take a lesson from Democrats and just sweep it all under the carpet.

 For these statements Mr. Bodenweiser was voted out of the GOP Sussex County Executive Committee, though he didn’t have the guts to show up and defend himself at the meeting.

  Mr. Bodenweiser has also been a strong advocate for prayer  during public meetings. He has advocated for prayer during Sussex County Council meetings and recently he took up the cause of prayer during Indian River School District board meetings. Both of these bodies have been sued on the basis of separation of church and state.  Mr. Bodenweiser has taken it upon himself to organize people to come to the board meetings and to say a prayer during the portion of the meeting set aside for the public to speak to the board members.  Let me say that while I have different views on this issue, I have no problem with people exercising their rights of protest.

  This brings us up to the present. Mr. Bodenweiser has again taken up the cause of the Sussex County Sheriff’s office. The issue came up once more due to HB 290. This is a bill sponsored by and signed onto by every GOP member of the General Assembly from Sussex County. HB 290 would once and for all define the sheriff’s office to nothing more than a paper pusher with no arrest powers.

  Well since the news of HB 290 broke, Mr. Bodenweiser has been trying to lead the parade. He has been calling WGMD and calling for every Republican legislator who co-sponsored HB 290, and every county council member who called for the legislation to face a primary. He has called them liberals and communist. He has said they are not real conservatives, as if he gets to decide who is or isn’t a real conservative. He also promoted a so-called rally in Georgetown today during the county council meeting. Again during the public portion of the meeting people stepped forward to voice their view points on the issue of the sheriff’s office.

  Look, as someone who is as opinionated as myself, I can respect people who show up and speak out on things they feel strongly about, even if I don’t happen to agree with them. But what I cannot stand and that which drives me completely nuts, as this post proves, is hypocrisy.

  For an entire week Mr. Bodenweiser has been chastising the members of the county council and the legislators who sponsored HB 290. He had nothing good to say about them, he assured all that he would primary Joe Booth and said that all others should face a primary as well, including the county council members.

 Then today he takes his turn at the microphone and what does he do? He puts on a circus show. He came prepared with props and all. He was holding a hard hat and said how hard he had been working this past week. He then said that he came before the council and that he was meek and humble, he wasn’t so meek and humble on WGMD. He then got down on his knees and begged the council to call on the legislators to pull HB 290. Mr. Bodenweiser followed this with a Bible quote. Of course the Bible quote is intended to end all criticism, for who can criticize someone quoting the Bible? um that would be me I guess.

  During his begging he asked the members to forgive him for his activism. Again, it’s all about Eric Bodenweiser remember. He called on Councilman Sam Wilson in particular to forgive him because in his words “Sam you have always been like a father to me” he continued,” and I know I have been like a son to you, because your wife told me so”. Now in my opinion this is something you would say in private to lobby someone, but to put Mr. Wilson on the spot in public in this manner was out-of-bounds.

  Are these the type of antics we could expect from a Senator Bodenweiser? Do his past actions demonstrate the character, the integrity or even the common sense that we should expect from our elected officials? Would we hear everyday about the latest sideshow during session just to draw attention to himself ? Could we expect more quotes about backroom deals and sweeping things under the carpet and how it’s just how we do it in Delaware ?

  I think that is exactly what we would get from Mr. Bodenweiser if he were ever actually able to win election. That is why I am endorsing any and all of Mr. Bodenweiser’s opponents, sight unseen.






11 Responses to “Frank Knotts Endorses Unknown Candidate”

  1. Joe Says:

    Spot on Frank. Everytime I hear that E.B. is going to speak on WGMD I have to listen for the entertainment value. You just don’t know what to expect. He would be a disaster as any kind of elected official. Re: HB 290, I fully support Danny Short’s proposal, because it’s time to stop relying on history and the AG’s opinion as to the powers of the Sheriff’s office. We pay our tax $ to contract with the Delaware State Police and we have town law enforcement to police our larger communities. The State Police are well trained professionals, who although human, and subject to err, do an outstanding job. If we fund the sheriff to develop a county wide law enforcement squad it will only cause confusion, contention, corruption, and drive the county taxes up to levels that drove all the NJ, NY, and PA people here. I heard Dan & Eric lamenting that the Sheriff’s Dept. is the people’s last defense against tyranny, and that to limit it’s powers would be our demise. They evidently forgot that the Sheriff’s Dept. has been relegated to being summons servers and an arm of the court for a long time now. It’s time to define the Sheriff’s authority and put the questions to rest. Pass HB 290 and let Sheriff Christopher decide if he wants to run again.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Joe while I share you view point, it seems as if HB 290 has been tabled for now under political pressure. Unfortunately the E.B.s of the party will take this as a victory and will be emboldened to even more outrageous behavior. But as someone told me, let them soone or later they will step in it to the point that everyone will see them for who they are. I only hope it doesn’t end up costing the tax payers too much.

  3. MJ Says:

    Good for you, Frank. Takes a lot of guts to post this over at DP. I guess you’re now considered a “liberal.”

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Not quite MJ, just a traitor!

  5. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    You are really beginning to understand what my brother is all about now Frank. I supported Joe Booth and did all I could to see that he won that primary because I know what a sic person my brother is and the evil things he’s done as a “good Christian Man”. I remember being called many names for what I did in trying to warn anyone that could read to learn about my brother

  6. Anon Says:

    Rumor is Bodie is going to have an encore performance at the next Sussex County Council meeting. It would be nice to have some more people publically speak out in favor of HB 290. And against the fear campaign that Bodie is running. While HB 290 was tabled, I think if the Sussex Reps and Senators could hear that the majority of residents support this bill they will get this thing past. Unfortunately Bodie and the Sheriff’s “posse” are the only voices that are being heard.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    Anon, I agree with you, unfortunately myself and others have jobs, unlike Mr. Bodenweiser are self-unemployed. Even so and am planning on trying to show up and get on the list to speak. I am also planning on contacting Reps. and Senators

  8. Anon Says:

    Frank, I’m sure you heard that Dan Short pulled HB 290 today. After reading this document from Sussex County I can’t believe anyone could support Chiristopher and not support what 290 was going to do.

  9. frankknotts Says:

    Anon, thank you I had heard, thank you for the link I may use it as a future post.

  10. Anon Says:

    No problem, you might want to check out this link as well.

  11. bob Says:

    Im with u frank cuz his name is simular to the great beer of Budweiser im sure he is very smooth like the beer and has a strong american background also like the beer beer is good class of 88 rock out brother

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