Silence Of The Left

Well it has been almost a week since the last installment in the Rep. John Atkins (D-De) saga and still no response from the Democrats of Delaware.

  For those who need to be caught up on the ongoing troubles of  Rep.John Atkins (D-De) let me give you a quick run down. It was not so long ago that we heard of an altercation in a field involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De) in which Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was allegedly assaulted by two men who had come onto the property owned by the father in-law of Rep. John Atkins (D-De) in response to a report of tires being burned in a brush pile. When Rep. John Atkins (D-De) showed up an argument ensued and Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was allegedly attacked.

  It was but a couple of weeks later that an angry email from Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was made public. The email had been sent from Rep. John Atkins (D-De), to the superior of a Delaware State Trooper who had stopped Rep. John Atkins (D-De) near Harrington, De for speeding. Rep. John Atkins (D-De) sent this angry, threatening email even though he was not ticketed. It would seem that for just having the nerve to stop and then lecture Rep. John Atkins (D-De), that this Trooper was worthy of the rath of Rep. John Atkins (D-De).

  The latest installment in the ongoing saga of Rep. John Atkins (D-De) came less than a week ago when the Wilmington News Journal reported that a cover up may have occurred concerning the fire in the field. It seems that there may have been tires burning on that brush fire, and that a long time friend who happens to be a fire-chief and a Georgetown police officer, may have made a false report to both the 911 call board and DNREC.

 At this time we are not sure how involved Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was in the possible cover-up, what we do know is, that Rep. John Atkins (D-De) has established a pattern of being in the middle of controversy.

  This pattern goes back quite sometime to 2006 in Ocean City, Md when he was stopped for drunk driving and then let go when he flashed his General Assembly I.D.. Following that incident Atkins resigned his seat in the state House and was “encouraged” to leave the Republican Party.

  Mr. Atkins then became a Democrat and ran for re-election, which he won. He was recruited for the Democrats by none other than Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf, who is also the Majority Leader in the state House. At the time Mr. Schwartzkopf vouched for the character of Mr. Atkins, saying that he knew him to be a good person who had made a mistake, but who had learned from that mistake. One would have to question how well that lesson  had been learned, considering these latest events involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De).

  Another notable event that Mr. Schwartzkopf felt the need to interject himself into was the incident involving two elected Republican officials. This was the altercation which occurred between the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher and Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf felt this was such an important event that he wrote a letter to the editor of the Wilmington News Journal condemning the two men and the GOP’s response to it. He did this before the final report of the investigation had been handed down.

  So one wonders why a man in Mr. Schwartzkopf’s position and with his history of condemning bad behavior of elected officials, has been all but silent on the behavior of  Rep. John Atkins (D-De). As far as I am aware there has been no letter to the WNJ, there has been no public condemnation of Rep. John Atkins (D-De). Except for saying that he is sure that Rep. John Atkins (D-De) regretted having sent the angry email.

  Are we to assume that Rep. Schwartzkopf is only concerned when the bad behavior involves Republicans? Are we to assume that Rep. Schwartzkopf condones the behavior of     Rep. John Atkins (D-De) through his silence on the matter.

  The Republican Party acted swiftly to distance themselves from Mr. Atkins when he was a Republican who acted in a way unbecoming to an elected official.

  The Democrats and Rep. Schwartzkopf on the other hand seem to be hoping this will just go silently away and are willing to allow Rep. John Atkins (D-De) to continue in his position and to allow him to behave in a manner unbecoming to an elected official.

  The silence of the left is deafening!


2 Responses to “Silence Of The Left”

  1. John Rieley Says:

    Frank, I was there through all of it and I don’t recall anyone telling John that he should resign from the Republican party. What I recall is that after John resigned Greg Hastings was selected by the county chairman to run and he won the election. Naturally the party was going to support the sitting Republican representative and therefore John Atkins would not be recieving the parties support so he jumped parties. I have it on good authority that Gilligan was meeting with John in the weeks prior to his resignation and the entire thing may have been planned out long before the special election. In my opinion, John left the Republican party of his own accord and with the encouragement of the Democratic leadership. He was not kicked out as he likes to spin it.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    John, thank you for your input. I think it is the popular understanding that the GOP encouraged Mr. Atkins to resign, even if not officially. We will have to wait and see whether the Democrats, and or the voters will continue to accept this type of behavior. A person who continues to find themselves in the middle of these types of events must ask themselves, is it me? I am not sure Mr. Atkins possesses that ability.

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