The Chosen Ones (Pt. 2)

   In a previous post, “The Chosen Ones”, I pointed out that the 14th Representative District GOP Committee had scheduled a candidates forum for March 22nd.

   In that post I also pointed out that GOP primary candidate for the 6th state senatorial district,Ernie Lopez, had to bow out of the event due to a scheduling conflict, since he will be defending his doctoral dissertation on that day. It seems as if Mr. Lopez had never been contacted about the event prior to the original announcement being released. And when the correction was released there was no mention of the oversight on the part of the organizers, or the reason for Mr. Lopez being unable to attend.

 My concern in my previous post was the perception that Mr. Lopez had backed out of the event either because he didn’t want to face his primary opponent, or he didn’t want to face the voters.

  In my previous post I clearly postulated the possibility that this may have been a series of events ment to either keep Mr. Lopez from being able to attend, or to give the perception that I alluded to above.

  In doing so I called into question the integrity of Brent Wangen, Chairman of the GOP 14th R D Committee. While I can see that this could and in some cased did create a perception that Mr. Wangen had intentionally created these circumstances to benefit another candidate, my intention was never to denigrate Mr. Wangen.

  I spoke with Mr. Wangen earlier today on this matter and he assured me that the circumstances that lead to Mr. Lopez not being contacted prior to the original announcement, were nothing more than an unfortunate oversight.

  In putting together the candidate forum Mr. Wangen as chairman of the committee put another member in charge of organizing the event. Mr. Lopez was always on the list of participants. The problem arose from that member failing to notify Mr. Lopez in any way, and failing to confirm that he could attend on the set date.

  In speaking with Mr. Wangen he assured me that he, more than anyone, was embarrassed by the fact that they had dropped the ball. As to my own and those of others, thoughts of this being some elaborate conspiracy, well Mr. Wangen said, ” I would have to be the most diabolical genius on the face of the planet to pull that off”.

   Mr. Wangen stated that he has gone to great lengths to be as impartial as possible in his role as an R D Chairman, and that this was certainly not in any way ment as an endorsement of any of the candidates.

  As I stated in my previous post on this matter, I believe Mr. Wangen to be someone of the highest integrity, and someone who holds our political system to the highest standards. If he tells me that this was merely a regrettable mistake on his part and that of the other member, then I have no choice but to believe him.

  I want to say here publicly that if I caused any misunderstanding with my post, I apologize to those involved and to Mr. Wangen in particular.

  As Mr. Wangen has attempted to keep his personal feelings out of his role as chairman of the 14th, I too attempt to keep my personal feelings out of my politics. However, we are all human and sometimes fall short of that ideal of perfection.

  I hope in my zeal to level the playing filed, I have not in some way tilted it. I look forward to all the candidates being able to address each other and the people on the issues facing the people of Delaware and the nation.


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