The Chosen Ones

Delaware Fourteenth Representative District G.O.P. Committee
For Immediate Release
Lewes, DE – March 14th, 2012

Correction and update to previous release concerning the Sussex County, Delaware, Fourteenth Representative District Republican Committee meeting on Thursday, March 22nd, in Lewes, Delaware.

Brent Wangen, Chairman of the Fourteenth Representative District Republican Committee, announced today that Ernesto “Ernie” Lopez will not be attending the forum.  “Due to a scheduling conflict, Ernie won’t be able join us for the March 22nd meeting,” said Wangen.  “Our District Committee is determined to provide all Republican candidates with an opportunity to meet the voters and to discuss the issues.  We will have additional events of this type in the near future and Mr. Lopez is certainly invited to meet with us again soon,” he said.

The event will take place on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at the Clubhouse in the Village of Five Points in Lewes, Delaware, and will kick-off at 6:30pm.  Present at the event will be Kevin Wade (R-DE), candidate for the United States Senate, Tom Kovach (R-DE), candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Jeff Cragg (R-DE), candidate for Governor, and Sher Valenzuela (R-DE), candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  Also participating will be Glen Urquhart(R-DE)  candidate for the Delaware Sixth Senate District.  In addition to the candidates’ forum, Wade, Kovach, Cragg, Valenzuela, and Urquhart will take part in a question-and-answer session.

Light fare, snacks and refreshments will be provided.  The clubhouse at the Village of Five Points is on the North Village Main Boulevard, off Savannah Rd.(Rt. 9)in Lewes, Delaware.

The Delaware Republican Party will hold its convention in Rehoboth Beach on April 28th, and the Delaware Presidential primary will be held on April 24th.


  As you can see this announcement is an amended version of the original. The original version had stated that Mr. Lopez would be in attendance. Now the odd thing about the original version is that at its time of release, Mr. Lopez had received no invitation, not an email, not a phone call, not a man on the street, not even carrier pigeon.

  Now I know Brent Wangen fairly well, I know he is a man who holds his principles at a very high value. I know him to be someone who holds our political system to a very high standard. I believe that Brent Wangen is someone who understands that the best way to serve the voters is to have them  able to be as informed as possible about the issues and the candidates.

  That is why I am willing to give Mr. Wangen the benefit of the doubt that this was an unfortunate oversight, and not a deliberate attempt to shut anyone out of the process. That being said, Mr. Wangen is the R D Chairman of the 14th for the GOP, and as such, he is free to run his committee in any manner he sees fit.
  However, calling this a forum may be a bit of a stretch, since none of those candidates who are being opposed in a primary will have to defend themselves against their GOP opponents. A better name for it might be a meet and greet for the chosen ones.
 It would seem as if Tom Kovach’s opponent, Rose Izzo was also left of the guest list. Another unfortunate oversight I am sure.
  I hope that all who read this understand that I have set great store in this season’s primary contest being on a level playing field. That I have pointed out that for the good of the party, the state, the nation, but most importantly the voters and citizens, how important it is, in my opinion, for the party to not play favorites in the primaries. We have seen the destruction that has wrought within the party in the past.
  I feel it is also important for the voters to know why Mr. Lopez will be unable to attend this so-called forum, another fact that was overlooked in the announcement correction.
  On the 22nd of March Mr. Lopez will be defending his doctoral dissertation, and possibly be the first in his family to earn a terminal degree. Not bad for a guy who was brought to the shores of this nation as a nine month old child from Puerto Rico, one might say it is the American Dream in reality. The date for Mr. Lopez to defend his dissertation has been set since Thanksgiving of 2011.
  I would encourage the supporters of both Mr. Lopez and Ms. Izzo to attend this gathering on the 22nd, even though your chosen ones may not be able to speak, the supporters will still be able to ask questions of those chosen by the organizers of the event.
  If these candidates are to face the challenges of the general election and then God willing, the challenges of elected office, then they should surely be able to face the challenges of  facing their primary opponents, or in this case, the supporters of their primary opponents.
  I hope that Mr. Wangen’s event is a success in that a large number of citizens attend and that it is not just another inside baseball cocktail party. All rank and file voters who attend should show their support of their chosen candidates by wearing  T-shirts and stickers.
  I am sure that there will be other opportunities for the candidates to face off and actually have to defend their positions on important issues during this primary season. After all, if the people are to make an informed decision, it is up to the party to help present those opportunities.




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  1. Democrat Says:

    You know Frank, I think you seem to be one of the few Republicans that is honest. I like listening to you on the radio and reading your blog posts. I really like this one. I have heard Mr. Lopez on the radio and if I was in the 14th district I believe I would vote for him. Mr. Urquhart I would NEVER vote for. Anyone that is affiliated with Vance Phillips will never get my vote!! But you as a Republican, you are honest and I admire that in a person. You don’t mind if you step on toes and that is the way it should be. I used to be very involved in the Democrat party some years ago. I don’t always vote straight tickets I vote for the person the way we should. I couldn’t be involved anymore because I didn’t agree with the platform. I have been stuck in the middle as I have gotten older.
    Thank you for being the truth the party needs.

    • frankknotts Says:

      Democrat says, I am sorry I have not replied sooner. Thank you for your comments. Some of us are attempting to create an environment that is welcoming to all citizens. Of course it is not easy and it requires good candidates that fit the districts they run for.

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