John Atkins, “Bus Driver”

  A fire chief, a father in-law, two work release prisoners, a number of police officers from several towns and the state, DNREC, and who knows how many others.

  What do all these people have in common? Well they have all been thrown under the bus by Rep. John Atkins(D-De) in an attempt to cover up his involvement in several dust ups.

  There was the Ocean City drunk driving incident. There was the possible spousal abuse incident. There was the use of his position as a state representative. There was the incident of speeding for which he was not charged, yet he felt the need to send a threatening letter to the superior of the Trooper who had stopped him. There was the fire in the field, which lead to him being allegedly assaulted by a former state Trooper, where tires were being burned on the fire.

  And that my friends is what leads us to the latest John Atkins installment.

  The Wilmington News Journal is reporting an investigation into allegations that there was a cover up in the fire in the field incident. In that incident Mr. Atkins’ father in-law was charged with the illegal burning of tires, and two work release prisoner were said to have put the tires on the fire after being told to do so by Mr. Atkins’ father in-law.

  Mr. Atkins was not charged, even though it would seem that he was present for that day’s “BRUSH” burning up until about an hour before the first report of the tires burning.

 Here is a link to the WNJ article. The details are many so I suggest that you read that article before commenting.

  I will say however that if Mr. Atkins loses his bid for re-election, he has a future as a bus driver, though I would recommend that if you are at the bus stop, stand well back from the road until the bus has come to a full and complete stop, he tends to run people over.


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