Citizen Candidate Rose Izzo

   I had the pleasure of meeting GOP candidate for U.S. Representative from Delaware, Rose Izzo, last night at the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting.

   I have to say that I was impressed with her passion for what needs to be fixed in D.C..

   She is “just” an average house wife, at least that is how her opponents have painted her. But maybe “just” a housewife is exactly what we need in Washington.  Maybe we have had enough of career politicians and so-called business men, maybe what we need is the citizen representation that this nation was founded upon.

  Ms. Izzo will first have to survive a GOP primary against Tom Kovach, former Delaware state representative, former New castle County President and an attorney. Now nothing against Mr. Kovach, but I am not sure that we need more attorneys in D.C..

  I found Rose Izzo to be open and genuine, and I appreciate that she didn’t hold my accent against me.

  Rose Izzo has certainly got an up hill battle on her hands to defeat a person such as Mr. Kovach, he has government experience, he is a person that I have had the chance to speak with and to ask a tough question of, and I found him to also be open and honest in his answers, even though the answer was clearly not what I would have liked to hear. Ms. Izzo is also fighting the battle of the dollar, she and her husband and their supporters are running on a shoe string, not always a bad thing. If you can run a campaign on a shoe string, then maybe you can have some new ideas on how to get our national debt under control.

  It may be time to start thinking outside of the box for solutions, and to start looking outside the usual places for candidates.

  I wish both Mr. Kovach and Ms. Izzo the best of luck in the primary, and I hope that they can set an example for any and all primaries and to keep it about the issues and to leave the personalities out of it.

  Here is a link to an interview Rose Izzo did with Bill Colley of WGMD, in it she lays out many of her policy ideas. 



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  1. Ryan Says:

    Rose is the best! Cut, Slash, and Burn!

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