The Volt Has No Juice

  I have written here many times that Delaware is little more than a scaled down version of the national agenda of the liberal Democrat party, and Gov. Markell is merely a puppet for the Obama administration. Not really surprising since Vice Pres. Biden runs the Democrat party here in the state.

  Well it wasn’t that long ago that I wrote about the fact that Fisker Motors,the creator of a hybrid electric car, would be laying off about a quarter of their Delaware employees due to faltering sales, this even as gasoline prices continue to rise. Fisker was touted by the Markell administration as being the center piece of economic recovery here in the state of Delaware. It was seen, by Delaware liberals, as  the jewel in the crown of greeny technology ment to replace traditional energy sources.

  Like the Obama administration, Gov. Markell here in Delaware has been attempting to force this green technology onto the people and the market by subsidizing such technology in an attempt to make the new untried and unproven green technology seem competitive. It hasn’t worked here in Delaware any better than it has worked on the national level.

  Just as we have seen here in Delaware with Fisker and Blue Water Wind, we have seen on the national level these green subsidized companies going under, or struggling at best, Solyndra is the most notable of the federally funded companies that have failed.

  That was until it was announced that GM will again suspend production of the Chevy Volt, another plug-in hybrid electric car meant to replace our need for reliable transportation with a product that can travel around forty miles between charges.

  When you factor in the $41,000.00 sticker price, or even the price of $33,00.00 after government subsidies meant to encourage sales, it is no wonder that no one is buying this product. There is also the fact that the Volt has been under the micro-scope of a federal investigation to see if there is a risk of the car’s batteries catching fire. Of course the government found that there is no more risk of fire than in a normal gasoline run car, not surprising since the federal government has a vested interest in GM. Can you say “conflict of interest”?

  This latest suspension of production on the Volt is the third since the car went on sale, due to the fact that dealers already have more on their lots than they can sell. This suspension will mean that 1,300 workers will be out of work at the Detroit plant were the Volt is assembled.

   The Obama administration can’t even blame lagging sales on the economy since U.S. auto sale have been surging.

  It is time that the liberals and the Democrats face the fact that no amount of government subsidies can replace the tried and true facts of supply and demand. The people of the United States don’t want this technology which is not a car that is convenient for everyday use.

  It is time that the voters in Delaware and the nation send a clear message this November, that we want lower gasoline prices, so we want increased domestic oil production along with the lifting of other regulations and mandates that have added to the cost of gas at the pumps. That we want the government to get out of the business of picking winners and losers in the market by trying to manipulate through artificial pressures who is and isn’t competitive and to stop propping up with stolen tax dollars those companies that the government seeks to promote.

  This means no state dollars for Fisker Motors Gov. Markell, and no federal dollars for GM Pres. Obama .


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