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No Charges For Rep. John Atkins (D-De)

March 29, 2012

  After further investigation DNREC officials say that there will be no additional charges in the tire burning incident involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De).

   In that incident Rep. John Atkins had been overseeing brush burning on his father in-law’s farm along with two work release prisoners. At some point Rep. Atkins left the two prisoners to attend to some unknown business.

  After a call from a close friend and fire chief, Mr. Atkins returned to the fire and was confronted by two men who had come onto the property without permission. An altercation ensued in which Mr. Atkins was allegedly assaulted.

  When firemen responded to the fire it was determined that there were in fact tires burning on the fire. Rep. Atkins’ father in-law was charged and paid a fine at the time for the illegal burning of tires.

  It was at a later date that one of the men who had allegedly assaulted Rep. Atkins made allegations that there had been a cover-up of Rep. Atkins actual involvement in the burning. It has also come to light that the fire chief who spoke with both the fire call board and DNREC at the time may have made false statements about whether there were tires being burned or not. That is still under investigation.

  Though Rep. Atkins will face no charges in this incident, it was only one in a string of incidents in recent months involving Rep. Atkins which has caused some to question his future in his position as a state representative.


Frank Knotts Endorses Unknown Candidate

March 27, 2012

  I come to you today to announce my endorsement of and my support for, any candidate or candidates that oppose Eric Bodenweiser in any election, for any office in the up coming election cycle, in the next election cycle, and all election cycles until the trumpet blows !

  This candidate may be a Republican, a Democrat, a libertarian, or a member of the Martian Coalition To Enslave Dogs To Repopulate Pluto.

  I will work with any and all who feel as I do that Mr. Bodenweiser should not hold any office above that which he is qualified for, and since we no longer need people to clean up behind horses on the streets, well you take it from there.

  I am sure Mr. Bodenweiser will respect my taking this strong stand against someone who I feel is not fit for office. I am confident of this since Mr. Bodenweiser has been running around telling anyone who will listen that every Republican legislator who signed onto the recent HB 290 should face a primary and be voted out of office.

  I am simply attempting to be pro-active in this matter, I would prefer to not have to vote Mr. Bodenweiser out of office, I would prefer that he never occupy an office. And since he has said that he may be running a primary against my sitting Republican state senator Joe Booth, I do have a dog in this fight.

  Now I don’t agree with everything that Joe Booth has done or every vote he has cast. But he doesn’t frighten me. And he doesn’t make me feel shame to be a Republican and a conservative.

  Eric Bodenweiser is one of those people who is standing on a street corner and sees a parade coming down the street, so he jumps out in front of the parade and starts yelling to the crowd, “look at me, look at me, I’m leading a parade, follow me”. 

 It seems as if Mr. Bodenweiser is always seeking the cause  du`jour to use to promote himself and his never-ending agenda of being elected to office, any office.

  Some that are not familiar with Mr. Bodenweiser may think me a bit harsh. So let me take new comers on a short history lesson of the highlights of Mr. Bodenweiser.

  I won’t go into ancient history, or anything that I don’t have personal, first hand knowledge of.

  For myself, my real concern about the actions of Mr. Bodenweiser began during the events involving the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher and Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips, in which a physical altercation broke out at a meeting between the two, to discuss a disagreement over the office of the sheriff.

  This meeting was preceded by a resolution brought to the GOP Sussex County Executive Committee, calling on the Executive Committee to urge the Sussex County Council to fund the additional training that Sheriff Christopher was asking for. The resolution was brought to the committee by Mr. Bodenweiser who was at the time a member of that committee and an RD Chairman. The resolution was voted down on its merits.

  Following this vote of the committee, a meeting was arranged  and the rest is history. Now of course a fight between two elected officials is news worthy on its own, but one between two Republicans, well you can just imagine the interest in what actually happened. For those who were actually at the meeting I give credit to all for being silent for the most part.

 However, Mr. Bodenweiser, who was not at the meeting, was not about to let a parade pass him by, and so he jumped out in front of this one.  While doing one of his weekly spots on WGMD’s Dan Gaffeny Show, a spot that Mr. Bodenweiser paid for himself, he decided to speak for the two parties involved in the altercation. Mr. Bodenweiser was heard to say, that to make the whole thing go away, that the two men should come to some backroom agreement to give the Sheriff what he wanted, and there would be no more trouble. Mr. Bodenweiser said, ” that’s just how we do it in Sussex County”. Then during an appearance on the Angel Clarke Show on WGMD,  Mr. Bodenweiser again repeated this, he also said that Republicans should take a lesson from Democrats and just sweep it all under the carpet.

 For these statements Mr. Bodenweiser was voted out of the GOP Sussex County Executive Committee, though he didn’t have the guts to show up and defend himself at the meeting.

  Mr. Bodenweiser has also been a strong advocate for prayer  during public meetings. He has advocated for prayer during Sussex County Council meetings and recently he took up the cause of prayer during Indian River School District board meetings. Both of these bodies have been sued on the basis of separation of church and state.  Mr. Bodenweiser has taken it upon himself to organize people to come to the board meetings and to say a prayer during the portion of the meeting set aside for the public to speak to the board members.  Let me say that while I have different views on this issue, I have no problem with people exercising their rights of protest.

  This brings us up to the present. Mr. Bodenweiser has again taken up the cause of the Sussex County Sheriff’s office. The issue came up once more due to HB 290. This is a bill sponsored by and signed onto by every GOP member of the General Assembly from Sussex County. HB 290 would once and for all define the sheriff’s office to nothing more than a paper pusher with no arrest powers.

  Well since the news of HB 290 broke, Mr. Bodenweiser has been trying to lead the parade. He has been calling WGMD and calling for every Republican legislator who co-sponsored HB 290, and every county council member who called for the legislation to face a primary. He has called them liberals and communist. He has said they are not real conservatives, as if he gets to decide who is or isn’t a real conservative. He also promoted a so-called rally in Georgetown today during the county council meeting. Again during the public portion of the meeting people stepped forward to voice their view points on the issue of the sheriff’s office.

  Look, as someone who is as opinionated as myself, I can respect people who show up and speak out on things they feel strongly about, even if I don’t happen to agree with them. But what I cannot stand and that which drives me completely nuts, as this post proves, is hypocrisy.

  For an entire week Mr. Bodenweiser has been chastising the members of the county council and the legislators who sponsored HB 290. He had nothing good to say about them, he assured all that he would primary Joe Booth and said that all others should face a primary as well, including the county council members.

 Then today he takes his turn at the microphone and what does he do? He puts on a circus show. He came prepared with props and all. He was holding a hard hat and said how hard he had been working this past week. He then said that he came before the council and that he was meek and humble, he wasn’t so meek and humble on WGMD. He then got down on his knees and begged the council to call on the legislators to pull HB 290. Mr. Bodenweiser followed this with a Bible quote. Of course the Bible quote is intended to end all criticism, for who can criticize someone quoting the Bible? um that would be me I guess.

  During his begging he asked the members to forgive him for his activism. Again, it’s all about Eric Bodenweiser remember. He called on Councilman Sam Wilson in particular to forgive him because in his words “Sam you have always been like a father to me” he continued,” and I know I have been like a son to you, because your wife told me so”. Now in my opinion this is something you would say in private to lobby someone, but to put Mr. Wilson on the spot in public in this manner was out-of-bounds.

  Are these the type of antics we could expect from a Senator Bodenweiser? Do his past actions demonstrate the character, the integrity or even the common sense that we should expect from our elected officials? Would we hear everyday about the latest sideshow during session just to draw attention to himself ? Could we expect more quotes about backroom deals and sweeping things under the carpet and how it’s just how we do it in Delaware ?

  I think that is exactly what we would get from Mr. Bodenweiser if he were ever actually able to win election. That is why I am endorsing any and all of Mr. Bodenweiser’s opponents, sight unseen.





Narrow Point of View

March 27, 2012

  This issue concerning the Sussex County Sheriff  will just not go away. This is why I support the legislators who have brought HB 290 to the General Assembly. This bill is intended to clarify language in Delaware Code as to the authority and powers of the office of sheriff in the three counties of Delaware.

  This bill has drawn a lot of attention from some calling themselves conservatives. They have argued that to diminish the office of sheriff will lead to tyranny. They have portrayed the office of sheriff as our last line of defense from tyranny. The latest tactic is to accuse our elected officials of being corruptible, all the while stating that the office of sheriff is somehow above corruption and as such, is the only elected office that can hold out of control elected officials to task.

  This is incredibly short-sighted in my opinion. These people seem to base much of their opinion in this matter on the goodness of the current office holder in Sussex County, Jeff Christopher. This is a very narrow view point on such an important issue, again in my opinion.

  I on the other hand base my opinion on a concern for the next sheriff, or the one after that, of the ten after that. This is the great unknown factor in this debate. While our current sheriff may use the powers in a manner in keeping with the wishes of the people, how my friends can we know what use another might make of those powers?

 It is an unrealistic view-point to think that one elected office is above corruption, while making the argument that others are corrupted. To think that the office of sheriff is our last line of defense against tyranny is to do a disservice to our citizens and our system of government. It is the people who are the last line of defense against tyranny. The same as the office of sheriff is accountable to the voters, so are all elected offices. it is up to the people to hold those offices accountable, not to run to just another elected official to solve the problem.

  I have been asked lately what kind of conservative am I? My answer is always the same, I am the type of conservative that doesn’t want my government telling me how to live my life, even if that government is being labeled a conservative government. I am the type of conservative that wish to not grow government’s size, cost or authority over my personal life, again, even if said government paints itself as being conservative.

  There are some so-called conservatives out there that would tell you when its time to pray, they would tell you that only the office of sheriff can defend us from tyranny. They support expanding government when it suits their needs or agenda. Therefore in my view-point,  they are not true conservatives, but merely big government conservatives.

  Let me close by again stating that I take a larger broader view of this matter concerning the sheriff’s office, I have no personal ax to grind with Jeff Christopher, however the emotional response by some of his supporters does cause me grave concern. They seem to be personally invested in this for their own reasons.

 I would caustion Sheriff Christopher, with all due respect to take care of the company he keeps and who he allows to carry his banner.

  I would also encourage our legislators who originally signed onto HB 290 to stay the course and to not be bullied by a vocal minority who seem to be casting about insearch of the cause of the day to promote their own agenda.

Silence Of The Left

March 22, 2012

Well it has been almost a week since the last installment in the Rep. John Atkins (D-De) saga and still no response from the Democrats of Delaware.

  For those who need to be caught up on the ongoing troubles of  Rep.John Atkins (D-De) let me give you a quick run down. It was not so long ago that we heard of an altercation in a field involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De) in which Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was allegedly assaulted by two men who had come onto the property owned by the father in-law of Rep. John Atkins (D-De) in response to a report of tires being burned in a brush pile. When Rep. John Atkins (D-De) showed up an argument ensued and Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was allegedly attacked.

  It was but a couple of weeks later that an angry email from Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was made public. The email had been sent from Rep. John Atkins (D-De), to the superior of a Delaware State Trooper who had stopped Rep. John Atkins (D-De) near Harrington, De for speeding. Rep. John Atkins (D-De) sent this angry, threatening email even though he was not ticketed. It would seem that for just having the nerve to stop and then lecture Rep. John Atkins (D-De), that this Trooper was worthy of the rath of Rep. John Atkins (D-De).

  The latest installment in the ongoing saga of Rep. John Atkins (D-De) came less than a week ago when the Wilmington News Journal reported that a cover up may have occurred concerning the fire in the field. It seems that there may have been tires burning on that brush fire, and that a long time friend who happens to be a fire-chief and a Georgetown police officer, may have made a false report to both the 911 call board and DNREC.

 At this time we are not sure how involved Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was in the possible cover-up, what we do know is, that Rep. John Atkins (D-De) has established a pattern of being in the middle of controversy.

  This pattern goes back quite sometime to 2006 in Ocean City, Md when he was stopped for drunk driving and then let go when he flashed his General Assembly I.D.. Following that incident Atkins resigned his seat in the state House and was “encouraged” to leave the Republican Party.

  Mr. Atkins then became a Democrat and ran for re-election, which he won. He was recruited for the Democrats by none other than Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf, who is also the Majority Leader in the state House. At the time Mr. Schwartzkopf vouched for the character of Mr. Atkins, saying that he knew him to be a good person who had made a mistake, but who had learned from that mistake. One would have to question how well that lesson  had been learned, considering these latest events involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De).

  Another notable event that Mr. Schwartzkopf felt the need to interject himself into was the incident involving two elected Republican officials. This was the altercation which occurred between the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher and Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf felt this was such an important event that he wrote a letter to the editor of the Wilmington News Journal condemning the two men and the GOP’s response to it. He did this before the final report of the investigation had been handed down.

  So one wonders why a man in Mr. Schwartzkopf’s position and with his history of condemning bad behavior of elected officials, has been all but silent on the behavior of  Rep. John Atkins (D-De). As far as I am aware there has been no letter to the WNJ, there has been no public condemnation of Rep. John Atkins (D-De). Except for saying that he is sure that Rep. John Atkins (D-De) regretted having sent the angry email.

  Are we to assume that Rep. Schwartzkopf is only concerned when the bad behavior involves Republicans? Are we to assume that Rep. Schwartzkopf condones the behavior of     Rep. John Atkins (D-De) through his silence on the matter.

  The Republican Party acted swiftly to distance themselves from Mr. Atkins when he was a Republican who acted in a way unbecoming to an elected official.

  The Democrats and Rep. Schwartzkopf on the other hand seem to be hoping this will just go silently away and are willing to allow Rep. John Atkins (D-De) to continue in his position and to allow him to behave in a manner unbecoming to an elected official.

  The silence of the left is deafening!

The Chosen Ones (Pt. 2)

March 19, 2012

   In a previous post, “The Chosen Ones”, I pointed out that the 14th Representative District GOP Committee had scheduled a candidates forum for March 22nd.

   In that post I also pointed out that GOP primary candidate for the 6th state senatorial district,Ernie Lopez, had to bow out of the event due to a scheduling conflict, since he will be defending his doctoral dissertation on that day. It seems as if Mr. Lopez had never been contacted about the event prior to the original announcement being released. And when the correction was released there was no mention of the oversight on the part of the organizers, or the reason for Mr. Lopez being unable to attend.

 My concern in my previous post was the perception that Mr. Lopez had backed out of the event either because he didn’t want to face his primary opponent, or he didn’t want to face the voters.

  In my previous post I clearly postulated the possibility that this may have been a series of events ment to either keep Mr. Lopez from being able to attend, or to give the perception that I alluded to above.

  In doing so I called into question the integrity of Brent Wangen, Chairman of the GOP 14th R D Committee. While I can see that this could and in some cased did create a perception that Mr. Wangen had intentionally created these circumstances to benefit another candidate, my intention was never to denigrate Mr. Wangen.

  I spoke with Mr. Wangen earlier today on this matter and he assured me that the circumstances that lead to Mr. Lopez not being contacted prior to the original announcement, were nothing more than an unfortunate oversight.

  In putting together the candidate forum Mr. Wangen as chairman of the committee put another member in charge of organizing the event. Mr. Lopez was always on the list of participants. The problem arose from that member failing to notify Mr. Lopez in any way, and failing to confirm that he could attend on the set date.

  In speaking with Mr. Wangen he assured me that he, more than anyone, was embarrassed by the fact that they had dropped the ball. As to my own and those of others, thoughts of this being some elaborate conspiracy, well Mr. Wangen said, ” I would have to be the most diabolical genius on the face of the planet to pull that off”.

   Mr. Wangen stated that he has gone to great lengths to be as impartial as possible in his role as an R D Chairman, and that this was certainly not in any way ment as an endorsement of any of the candidates.

  As I stated in my previous post on this matter, I believe Mr. Wangen to be someone of the highest integrity, and someone who holds our political system to the highest standards. If he tells me that this was merely a regrettable mistake on his part and that of the other member, then I have no choice but to believe him.

  I want to say here publicly that if I caused any misunderstanding with my post, I apologize to those involved and to Mr. Wangen in particular.

  As Mr. Wangen has attempted to keep his personal feelings out of his role as chairman of the 14th, I too attempt to keep my personal feelings out of my politics. However, we are all human and sometimes fall short of that ideal of perfection.

  I hope in my zeal to level the playing filed, I have not in some way tilted it. I look forward to all the candidates being able to address each other and the people on the issues facing the people of Delaware and the nation.

John Atkins, “Bus Driver”

March 18, 2012

  A fire chief, a father in-law, two work release prisoners, a number of police officers from several towns and the state, DNREC, and who knows how many others.

  What do all these people have in common? Well they have all been thrown under the bus by Rep. John Atkins(D-De) in an attempt to cover up his involvement in several dust ups.

  There was the Ocean City drunk driving incident. There was the possible spousal abuse incident. There was the use of his position as a state representative. There was the incident of speeding for which he was not charged, yet he felt the need to send a threatening letter to the superior of the Trooper who had stopped him. There was the fire in the field, which lead to him being allegedly assaulted by a former state Trooper, where tires were being burned on the fire.

  And that my friends is what leads us to the latest John Atkins installment.

  The Wilmington News Journal is reporting an investigation into allegations that there was a cover up in the fire in the field incident. In that incident Mr. Atkins’ father in-law was charged with the illegal burning of tires, and two work release prisoner were said to have put the tires on the fire after being told to do so by Mr. Atkins’ father in-law.

  Mr. Atkins was not charged, even though it would seem that he was present for that day’s “BRUSH” burning up until about an hour before the first report of the tires burning.

 Here is a link to the WNJ article. The details are many so I suggest that you read that article before commenting.

  I will say however that if Mr. Atkins loses his bid for re-election, he has a future as a bus driver, though I would recommend that if you are at the bus stop, stand well back from the road until the bus has come to a full and complete stop, he tends to run people over.

The Chosen Ones

March 18, 2012
Delaware Fourteenth Representative District G.O.P. Committee
For Immediate Release
Lewes, DE – March 14th, 2012

Correction and update to previous release concerning the Sussex County, Delaware, Fourteenth Representative District Republican Committee meeting on Thursday, March 22nd, in Lewes, Delaware.

Brent Wangen, Chairman of the Fourteenth Representative District Republican Committee, announced today that Ernesto “Ernie” Lopez will not be attending the forum.  “Due to a scheduling conflict, Ernie won’t be able join us for the March 22nd meeting,” said Wangen.  “Our District Committee is determined to provide all Republican candidates with an opportunity to meet the voters and to discuss the issues.  We will have additional events of this type in the near future and Mr. Lopez is certainly invited to meet with us again soon,” he said.

The event will take place on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at the Clubhouse in the Village of Five Points in Lewes, Delaware, and will kick-off at 6:30pm.  Present at the event will be Kevin Wade (R-DE), candidate for the United States Senate, Tom Kovach (R-DE), candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Jeff Cragg (R-DE), candidate for Governor, and Sher Valenzuela (R-DE), candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  Also participating will be Glen Urquhart(R-DE)  candidate for the Delaware Sixth Senate District.  In addition to the candidates’ forum, Wade, Kovach, Cragg, Valenzuela, and Urquhart will take part in a question-and-answer session.

Light fare, snacks and refreshments will be provided.  The clubhouse at the Village of Five Points is on the North Village Main Boulevard, off Savannah Rd.(Rt. 9)in Lewes, Delaware.

The Delaware Republican Party will hold its convention in Rehoboth Beach on April 28th, and the Delaware Presidential primary will be held on April 24th.


  As you can see this announcement is an amended version of the original. The original version had stated that Mr. Lopez would be in attendance. Now the odd thing about the original version is that at its time of release, Mr. Lopez had received no invitation, not an email, not a phone call, not a man on the street, not even carrier pigeon.

  Now I know Brent Wangen fairly well, I know he is a man who holds his principles at a very high value. I know him to be someone who holds our political system to a very high standard. I believe that Brent Wangen is someone who understands that the best way to serve the voters is to have them  able to be as informed as possible about the issues and the candidates.

  That is why I am willing to give Mr. Wangen the benefit of the doubt that this was an unfortunate oversight, and not a deliberate attempt to shut anyone out of the process. That being said, Mr. Wangen is the R D Chairman of the 14th for the GOP, and as such, he is free to run his committee in any manner he sees fit.
  However, calling this a forum may be a bit of a stretch, since none of those candidates who are being opposed in a primary will have to defend themselves against their GOP opponents. A better name for it might be a meet and greet for the chosen ones.
 It would seem as if Tom Kovach’s opponent, Rose Izzo was also left of the guest list. Another unfortunate oversight I am sure.
  I hope that all who read this understand that I have set great store in this season’s primary contest being on a level playing field. That I have pointed out that for the good of the party, the state, the nation, but most importantly the voters and citizens, how important it is, in my opinion, for the party to not play favorites in the primaries. We have seen the destruction that has wrought within the party in the past.
  I feel it is also important for the voters to know why Mr. Lopez will be unable to attend this so-called forum, another fact that was overlooked in the announcement correction.
  On the 22nd of March Mr. Lopez will be defending his doctoral dissertation, and possibly be the first in his family to earn a terminal degree. Not bad for a guy who was brought to the shores of this nation as a nine month old child from Puerto Rico, one might say it is the American Dream in reality. The date for Mr. Lopez to defend his dissertation has been set since Thanksgiving of 2011.
  I would encourage the supporters of both Mr. Lopez and Ms. Izzo to attend this gathering on the 22nd, even though your chosen ones may not be able to speak, the supporters will still be able to ask questions of those chosen by the organizers of the event.
  If these candidates are to face the challenges of the general election and then God willing, the challenges of elected office, then they should surely be able to face the challenges of  facing their primary opponents, or in this case, the supporters of their primary opponents.
  I hope that Mr. Wangen’s event is a success in that a large number of citizens attend and that it is not just another inside baseball cocktail party. All rank and file voters who attend should show their support of their chosen candidates by wearing  T-shirts and stickers.
  I am sure that there will be other opportunities for the candidates to face off and actually have to defend their positions on important issues during this primary season. After all, if the people are to make an informed decision, it is up to the party to help present those opportunities.



Citizen Candidate Rose Izzo

March 13, 2012

   I had the pleasure of meeting GOP candidate for U.S. Representative from Delaware, Rose Izzo, last night at the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting.

   I have to say that I was impressed with her passion for what needs to be fixed in D.C..

   She is “just” an average house wife, at least that is how her opponents have painted her. But maybe “just” a housewife is exactly what we need in Washington.  Maybe we have had enough of career politicians and so-called business men, maybe what we need is the citizen representation that this nation was founded upon.

  Ms. Izzo will first have to survive a GOP primary against Tom Kovach, former Delaware state representative, former New castle County President and an attorney. Now nothing against Mr. Kovach, but I am not sure that we need more attorneys in D.C..

  I found Rose Izzo to be open and genuine, and I appreciate that she didn’t hold my accent against me.

  Rose Izzo has certainly got an up hill battle on her hands to defeat a person such as Mr. Kovach, he has government experience, he is a person that I have had the chance to speak with and to ask a tough question of, and I found him to also be open and honest in his answers, even though the answer was clearly not what I would have liked to hear. Ms. Izzo is also fighting the battle of the dollar, she and her husband and their supporters are running on a shoe string, not always a bad thing. If you can run a campaign on a shoe string, then maybe you can have some new ideas on how to get our national debt under control.

  It may be time to start thinking outside of the box for solutions, and to start looking outside the usual places for candidates.

  I wish both Mr. Kovach and Ms. Izzo the best of luck in the primary, and I hope that they can set an example for any and all primaries and to keep it about the issues and to leave the personalities out of it.

  Here is a link to an interview Rose Izzo did with Bill Colley of WGMD, in it she lays out many of her policy ideas. 


Santorum Projected To Win Kansas

March 10, 2012

 With 76% of the precincts reporting Rick Santorum is projected to win the Kansas caucuses with around 53% of the vote, with Mitt Romney in second with 17%, Gingrich in third at 16% and Ron Paul in proverbial last place at 13%.

   If the current numbers hold Santorum will take a large amount of the state’s 40 delegates.

  By Rick Santorum’s own admission Kansas was a must win. Even this good news is offset by Romney taking 18 delegates earlier from Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

  I haven’t talked a lot about the primaries, other than stating my support for Rick Santorum early on, before even the first primary. I think this primary system is good for the party, the nation and most of all for the voters. It allows the candidates to be vetted and allows the voters to make an informed vote.

  That being said, I think it is time for Newt Gingrich to step down and sell his support and delegates for whatever position he can get within the Santorum administration. Clearly Gingrich and Santorum are the two closest in ideology, I can’t see Gingrich throwing his support behind Romney. Of course I never would have thought Christine O’Donnell would support Romney.

   With Gingrich out of the race it suddenly becomes a much closer race on the delegates count. Of course I have no hope of the forever candidate stepping down. Ron Paul was never in this race or any of his former runs to be president. I think Mr. Paul is simply in it to attract attention, I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he wishes only to drive the conversation, and that he is not in the race simply to attract attention for himself.

 It would be foolish for Republicans to buy into the idea that any of the current four can defeat Pres. Obama, no matter what.

  Mitt Romney is actually the weakest candidate against Pres. Obama in my opinion. What the GOP needs is a clear alternative to the Obama agenda, I am not convinced that Mitt Romney can offer that clear alternative. His having been the architect of government-run health care, the very template of Obama care, makes him a non-starter in my view.

  I am not saying that he would not be a better alternative to Pres. Obama, I am saying that Mitt Romney will be a  very weak candidate, a very vulnerable candidate. His inconsistency on important issues only adds to the problem.

The Dog And The Fire Hydrant

March 4, 2012

  It would seem as if Rep. John Atkins can’t help placing himself between the dog and the fire hydrant.

  Many of us remember his problems with the Ocean City, Md police that lead to his resignation from the General Assembly and his leaving the Republican party.

  More recently Rep. Atkins, now a Democrat, had a run in with two men over a fire on his father in-law’s property that hired help had placed tires on. This ended with Mr. Atkins being assaulted by one of the men. The case of the tire fire is pending, even so Rep. Atkins felt the need to appear on the Dan Gaffeny Show on WGMD to give his side of the story.

   This morning I was made aware of a story at Delawareonline

  In the story we are told that back in January,  Rep. Atkins was pulled over for speeding near Harrington by a Delaware State Trooper while running late for the opening of the General Assembly session. And even though Rep. Atkins was let go with nothing more than a verbal warning, he was still so angry after the stop that he took the time to send an angry email to the trooper’s superior, Capt. Galen M. Purcell.

  In the email Rep. Atkins stated that the trooper was “arrogant” and dared to ” lecture me about the speed limit”.

  Rep. Atkins also spoke about a section of the state constitution that states that members of the General Assembly cannot be arrested when on their way to a session.

  This sense of entitlement does seem to harken back to the Ocean City incident in which he was accused of flashing his Representative’s I.D. card in an attempt to get out of the situation which included driving under the influence of alcohol.

  At the time of the Ocean City incident I advocated for Rep. Atkins to step down and to run for re-election, which he did as a Democrat and was re-elected by the people of his district. I have also from time to time defended Mr. Atkins based on the fact that he has often voted in a conservative manner even after becoming a Democrat.

 However this latest revelation should cause the people of his district to question whether  this is the type of representation that they seek in Dover. Do they want to be represented by someone who feels they are above the law simply because they have won an election?

  Our law makers must recognize that not only are they responsible for creating laws, they are responsible for upholding the laws they create and more importantly they are subject to those laws the same as any other citizen of the state.

 It will be interesting to see whether the Democrats hold Mr. Atkins to the same high standards as did the Republicans.