Jack Markell, Obama Puppet ?

  Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who is also the Vice Chairman of the National Governors Association, announced that he and several other Democrat governors had met with President Obama to discuss bypassing congress to in act the president’s policy agenda.

   Gov. Markell said, “There was a sense that none of us should wait, we can’t wait for things to happen in Congress,” Markell also said, “We’re going to do what we can do [now].”

  This would seem to mirror a statement that Pres. Obama made in October when he said, ” “Where Congress won’t act, I will,” .

   It would seem as if Gov. Markell is little more than a smaller version of Pres. Obama, one might say that Gov. Markell is but a puppet for the Obama, Biden administration.

   This statement is a bit troubling since it is vague in its meaning. One could say that he is saying that states will be taking more responsibility for their own needs and for passing legislation. This could be a good thing, that is as long as the legislation is not mandated by the federal government, or tied to federal dollars.

  However the history of the Obama and Markell administrations hold out little hope that we could be moving towards a more limited federal government. More likely we will see a push at the state level to implement more of the green energy and environmentalist mandates that have been the hallmark of both administrations.

  I am also troubled that Gov. Markell seems to have more allegiance to Pres. Obama then he does to the state of Delaware.

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