Who Can Beat Pete ?

   Down here in Sussex County, Delaware the new 6th state senatorial district has drawn quite a bit of attention, mostly due to the characters who are vying to be the winner of that seat.

  On the Democrat side it seems as if there will be at least a two-way primary between local realtor, Andy Staton and perennial candidate Mike Miller who just might hold a record for running for office. There has been talk that as many as two other people are considering a run for the Democrat nomination.

  However it is the GOP primary that is attracting the most attention. It has already seen many turns just on the question of endorsements.  Glen Urquhart, a retired Virginia developer and a former candidate for the U.S. congress. Mr. Urquhart  resigned on February 13th as the Sussex County GOP Chairman after announcing his intention to seek the seat in the sixth district.

  Mr. Urquhart has decided to primary native Delawarean, Ernie Lopez. Mr. Lopez is married and the father of two. He currently works for the University of Delaware.

  Now while the sixth senatorial district is interesting, Republicans need to not lose sight of another seat that is up for election this year as well. That would be the 14th representative district which is currently held by Rep. Pete Schwarzkopf (D). Mr. Schwartzkopf is also the Majority Leader for the state House of Representatives and so has been instrumental in pushing through the Democrat agenda, some of which has been an extremely radical liberal agenda.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf has been the leader on some very important and some might say socially destructive legislation. To list just a few, ” the needle exchange program which supplies needles to drug addicts”, “an attempt to expand casino gambling”, ” an attempt to put into place sports betting which resulted in NFL betting” , “putting into place table games such as blackjack and other games of chance”, “the homosexual antidiscrimination law which set homosexuals up as a separate class of citizens by bestowing special considerations upon them based on their sexual preference”, ” civil unions for homosexuals which in my opinion will lead to a push for homosexual marriage”.

  Now if you factor in all of these clearly social issues along with all of the budget increases, tax increases, fee hikes, all of the new regulations that have been walked through the house side by Mr. Schwartzkopf, you begin to see just how damaging Mr. Schwartzkopf’s time in office has been.

  So who on the Republican side can beat Pete?

  If only there were someone out there who had the campaign experience to take on such an entrenched politician. This person would need the financial resources to be able to mount an aggressive campaign, they would need to be able to devote an enormous amount of time for campaigning. This person would need to be willing, to possibly take one for the team, because in this case the race would be just as important as the win.

  The person who would be willing to step up and take on the most influential Democrat in the state of Delaware, more so than even the Democrat Governor, would earn an immense amount of political capital. The person who had the courage to take on Mr. Schwartzkopf would need to point out the damage that has been done to the traditional family values here in Delaware, they would need to point out the damage that has been done to the state’s economy by the over regulation that has been part and parcel of the Democrat agenda that Mr. Schwartzkopf has been responsible for steering through the House side of the General Assembly.

  The Republicans can only hope that this person will come forward, that they will not fall prey to political calculations. That this person is not out there thinking that it is just too big a job to take on Pete Schwartzkopf . This person will need a strong moral base, and they will need a background in the private sector. But mostly they will need courage.

  Does this person exist? I believe they do. But will they have the courage? That I am not so sure. So if you know this person, you should encourage them to take on the big dog on the street, instead of just being the so-called big dog in the yard.


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