Who Is Advising Jack Markell ?

   Delaware Governor Jack Markell, has announced that the state of Delaware will be halting the implementation of the medical marijuana bill that was recently passed in the Delaware General Assembly and signed by the Governor.

   It seems as if the General Assembly along with the Governor and who ever it is that advises the Governor in such matters, failed to realize that there are still federal laws against the manufacturing and distribution of marijuana. Even if those manufacturing and distributing the illegal drug are the state of Delaware and its employees.

   Seeing as though the state of  California has seen arrest and the closing of that state’s pot shops by the feds, it is surprising that Governor Markell and his henchmen in the General Assembly missed the fact that state employees involved in the operation of any growing facilities and or the sale of the illegal drug could face legal charges. Even the Democrat Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, Pete Schwartzkopf, who by the way is a former State Trooper, thought it was a good idea to waste the state’s time and tax dollars to go through the motions of running this bill through the legislative process, only to now say, “we had no idea that the feds were so serious about enforcing federal drug laws”.

  So now the original sponsors of the bill have vowed to put us all through it again in an attempt to craft a bill that will somehow avoid prosecution by the federal government. Good luck with that. This was so clearly nothing more than a public relations show. The governor and those who supported this bill can now say that they tried to pass a medical marijuana law, but the mean old feds got in the way.

  This is all too familiar if you ask me. it wasn’t  that long ago that the Markell administration and once again Rep. Schwartzkopf ran afoul of some little legal technicality. It seems that the they wanted to install legalized sports betting on all types of sports in the state of Delaware, again even though most everyone but them knew, that due to federal law, the best they could hope for was to be able to have betting on the NFL. They were so inspired by their own convictions that they knew best, that they wasted thousands of tax payer dollars to fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, only to be told, that’s right, the state of Delaware could only hold sports betting on the NFL.

  So who is it that is advising Gov. Jack Markell on these types of legal issues? I am sure I don’t know, but I would advise him to seek new council, because his current council seems to be cut from the same cloth as those who gave engineering advise to former Gov. Ruth Ann Minner on the first attempt at building the new Indian River Inlet Bridge. By the way, have we heard anything from   Gov. Markell about who is responsible for the wasted twenty or so million tax dollars, wasted on that attempt, you know since he was the Treasurer at the time, he might have some insight into who knew what and when.

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