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Jack Markell, Obama Puppet ?

February 27, 2012

  Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who is also the Vice Chairman of the National Governors Association, announced that he and several other Democrat governors had met with President Obama to discuss bypassing congress to in act the president’s policy agenda.

   Gov. Markell said, “There was a sense that none of us should wait, we can’t wait for things to happen in Congress,” Markell also said, “We’re going to do what we can do [now].”

  This would seem to mirror a statement that Pres. Obama made in October when he said, ” “Where Congress won’t act, I will,” .

   It would seem as if Gov. Markell is little more than a smaller version of Pres. Obama, one might say that Gov. Markell is but a puppet for the Obama, Biden administration.

   This statement is a bit troubling since it is vague in its meaning. One could say that he is saying that states will be taking more responsibility for their own needs and for passing legislation. This could be a good thing, that is as long as the legislation is not mandated by the federal government, or tied to federal dollars.

  However the history of the Obama and Markell administrations hold out little hope that we could be moving towards a more limited federal government. More likely we will see a push at the state level to implement more of the green energy and environmentalist mandates that have been the hallmark of both administrations.

  I am also troubled that Gov. Markell seems to have more allegiance to Pres. Obama then he does to the state of Delaware.


Who Can Beat Pete ?

February 22, 2012

   Down here in Sussex County, Delaware the new 6th state senatorial district has drawn quite a bit of attention, mostly due to the characters who are vying to be the winner of that seat.

  On the Democrat side it seems as if there will be at least a two-way primary between local realtor, Andy Staton and perennial candidate Mike Miller who just might hold a record for running for office. There has been talk that as many as two other people are considering a run for the Democrat nomination.

  However it is the GOP primary that is attracting the most attention. It has already seen many turns just on the question of endorsements.  Glen Urquhart, a retired Virginia developer and a former candidate for the U.S. congress. Mr. Urquhart  resigned on February 13th as the Sussex County GOP Chairman after announcing his intention to seek the seat in the sixth district.

  Mr. Urquhart has decided to primary native Delawarean, Ernie Lopez. Mr. Lopez is married and the father of two. He currently works for the University of Delaware.

  Now while the sixth senatorial district is interesting, Republicans need to not lose sight of another seat that is up for election this year as well. That would be the 14th representative district which is currently held by Rep. Pete Schwarzkopf (D). Mr. Schwartzkopf is also the Majority Leader for the state House of Representatives and so has been instrumental in pushing through the Democrat agenda, some of which has been an extremely radical liberal agenda.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf has been the leader on some very important and some might say socially destructive legislation. To list just a few, ” the needle exchange program which supplies needles to drug addicts”, “an attempt to expand casino gambling”, ” an attempt to put into place sports betting which resulted in NFL betting” , “putting into place table games such as blackjack and other games of chance”, “the homosexual antidiscrimination law which set homosexuals up as a separate class of citizens by bestowing special considerations upon them based on their sexual preference”, ” civil unions for homosexuals which in my opinion will lead to a push for homosexual marriage”.

  Now if you factor in all of these clearly social issues along with all of the budget increases, tax increases, fee hikes, all of the new regulations that have been walked through the house side by Mr. Schwartzkopf, you begin to see just how damaging Mr. Schwartzkopf’s time in office has been.

  So who on the Republican side can beat Pete?

  If only there were someone out there who had the campaign experience to take on such an entrenched politician. This person would need the financial resources to be able to mount an aggressive campaign, they would need to be able to devote an enormous amount of time for campaigning. This person would need to be willing, to possibly take one for the team, because in this case the race would be just as important as the win.

  The person who would be willing to step up and take on the most influential Democrat in the state of Delaware, more so than even the Democrat Governor, would earn an immense amount of political capital. The person who had the courage to take on Mr. Schwartzkopf would need to point out the damage that has been done to the traditional family values here in Delaware, they would need to point out the damage that has been done to the state’s economy by the over regulation that has been part and parcel of the Democrat agenda that Mr. Schwartzkopf has been responsible for steering through the House side of the General Assembly.

  The Republicans can only hope that this person will come forward, that they will not fall prey to political calculations. That this person is not out there thinking that it is just too big a job to take on Pete Schwartzkopf . This person will need a strong moral base, and they will need a background in the private sector. But mostly they will need courage.

  Does this person exist? I believe they do. But will they have the courage? That I am not so sure. So if you know this person, you should encourage them to take on the big dog on the street, instead of just being the so-called big dog in the yard.

Jeff Cragg

February 19, 2012

  This past Thursday night I had the chance to spend the evening with Jeff Cragg as he addressed a room full of supporters.

   Mr. Cragg will be challenging incumbent Jack Markell (D) in the upcoming election to be the next governor of Delaware as the Republican candidate.

  The following is a bio given to me  by Mr. Cragg’s campaign;

Jeff is a resident of Brandywine Hundred and married to his wife, Terry, for 21 years.  Jeff and Terry have 4 children, 4 dogs and a cat.


Jeff has 24 years of management experience in positions of increasing responsibility in the Life and Health Insurance industry.  Currently, Jeff is an Individual Investor and entrepeneur.  Jeff and Terry have been the co-owners of a Mail Boxes Etc. Store since 2000.


Jeff is a graduate of Carlton College in Northfield Minnesota earning an EA in Economics and is a Fellow , Life Management Institute (FLMI).


A former collegiate football player, Jeff often uses sports analogies for political discussions points and is a Conservative Republican who believes in smaller government and personal responsibility.  Jeff also believes in the 5 freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment.

  Okay, that is the official line from the campaign. Now here is my personal opinion of Mr. Cragg.

  I find him to be very comfortable speaking to a room full of people, he was willing to answer some hard questions and gave some answers that were honest, even though they may not have been what those who asked the questions wanted to hear. This to me shows integrity and honesty, something that we are surely missing at all levels of government.

  He seems to have a grasp of the issues facing the state and the nation. And while this meeting was more of a campaign strategy then it was a meet the candidate, I hope to have future opportunities to question Mr. Cragg at length. I would encourage everyone to seek out more information about Mr. Cragg. You can friend him on!/profile.php?id=1536936018 


Who Is Advising Jack Markell ?

February 15, 2012

   Delaware Governor Jack Markell, has announced that the state of Delaware will be halting the implementation of the medical marijuana bill that was recently passed in the Delaware General Assembly and signed by the Governor.

   It seems as if the General Assembly along with the Governor and who ever it is that advises the Governor in such matters, failed to realize that there are still federal laws against the manufacturing and distribution of marijuana. Even if those manufacturing and distributing the illegal drug are the state of Delaware and its employees.

   Seeing as though the state of  California has seen arrest and the closing of that state’s pot shops by the feds, it is surprising that Governor Markell and his henchmen in the General Assembly missed the fact that state employees involved in the operation of any growing facilities and or the sale of the illegal drug could face legal charges. Even the Democrat Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, Pete Schwartzkopf, who by the way is a former State Trooper, thought it was a good idea to waste the state’s time and tax dollars to go through the motions of running this bill through the legislative process, only to now say, “we had no idea that the feds were so serious about enforcing federal drug laws”.

  So now the original sponsors of the bill have vowed to put us all through it again in an attempt to craft a bill that will somehow avoid prosecution by the federal government. Good luck with that. This was so clearly nothing more than a public relations show. The governor and those who supported this bill can now say that they tried to pass a medical marijuana law, but the mean old feds got in the way.

  This is all too familiar if you ask me. it wasn’t  that long ago that the Markell administration and once again Rep. Schwartzkopf ran afoul of some little legal technicality. It seems that the they wanted to install legalized sports betting on all types of sports in the state of Delaware, again even though most everyone but them knew, that due to federal law, the best they could hope for was to be able to have betting on the NFL. They were so inspired by their own convictions that they knew best, that they wasted thousands of tax payer dollars to fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, only to be told, that’s right, the state of Delaware could only hold sports betting on the NFL.

  So who is it that is advising Gov. Jack Markell on these types of legal issues? I am sure I don’t know, but I would advise him to seek new council, because his current council seems to be cut from the same cloth as those who gave engineering advise to former Gov. Ruth Ann Minner on the first attempt at building the new Indian River Inlet Bridge. By the way, have we heard anything from   Gov. Markell about who is responsible for the wasted twenty or so million tax dollars, wasted on that attempt, you know since he was the Treasurer at the time, he might have some insight into who knew what and when.

Is Fisker Motors Jack Markell’s Solyndra ?

February 7, 2012

 It was announced this week that Fisker Motors will be laying off  a quarter of the employees currently involved in refurbishing the former GM plant near Newport, Delaware. The company has also laid off 40-45 employees from its California operation as well.

  It seems as if the Finnish car manufacturer is having some trouble meeting the specific fundraising, production and sales goals set forth in a loan agreement with the Department of Energy. Until the company meets these terms, they are a little strapped for cash.  I just can’t understand how they can be having problems meeting sales goals for an experimental car that cost $108,000 that has had two recalls already. Can’t the American people put aside their common sense  and buy into the liberal B S and go into hock to buy a car that you can only drive about a hundred miles between charges.

  The original loan agreement was for a total of $529 million to be handed out in successive disbursements as the goals were met. The exact terms of the loan are confidential according to Roger Ormisher, spokesman for Fisker. 

 Can someone explain how a loan being made by a government agency, with tax dollars can be confidential from the tax payers?

  It seems as if Fisker has received $193 Million of the loan as of May 2011, but that is just not enough. They are currently attempting to renegotiate the terms of the loan so as to gain access to the remaining $336 Million without having to meet the goals set forth in the original agreement.

  These amounts do not include another $21.5 Million in loans and grants from Delaware’s Economic Developement Office run by former Republican Alan Levin, okay technically he is still a Republican I guess.

  In a testimony to his understanding of a capitalist system, Mr. Ormisher made this statement about the slow response of the Department of Energy;

 “The DOE can sometimes take a little bit of time,” Ormisher said. “We can’t keep going and going and going without that money.”

  We can’t keep going without that money? Did that seem a little demanding coming from a company that is living off of corporate welfare?

 This is not the first trouble the Fisker company has run into, in October 2011 the company denied charges that it was using any part of the federal loan to fund manufacturing operations in Finland. Also in October 2011 the company pushed back its production schedule to 2013 for the Delaware operation.

  It would seem as if Delaware’s congressional contingent is still backing the idea of Fisker Motors  being able to succeed.

 In a statement Sen. Tom Carper (D) had this to say;

 “It’s not unusual for car companies to experience delays and I expect this pause to be similar to the delays seen with new vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf,”

  So Sen. Carper is comparing the Fisker Karma (ironic that it is named Karma don’t you think) to two other experimental cars that have failed to capture the imagination or the dollars of the American people.

   The Senator also said;

    “This delay gives Fisker the opportunity to regroup and launch an even better product built in Delaware.”

   I guess this is Sen. Carper’s version of lemonade from lemons . (pun intended)

   Both Sen. Carper and Rep. Carney(D) expressed their feelings that the lay offs were deeply troubling, but that they both felt that the best thing that could happen would be for the Department of  Energy to come to a quick agreement to re-tool the loan agreements so as to free up more of our tax dollars for this liberal pipe dream.

  Our very own Gov. Markell, who has been a supporter of the Fisker fiasco,  expressed his feeling  this way, “We are frustrated that Fisker and the DOE have been unable to come to terms on revisions to their loan agreement in time to avoid this,”

   So it would seem as if Gov. Markell is more concerned with giving more tax dollars to a company that is showing poor signs of being able to sell its product, than he is with protecting tax payers from being robbed of their hard-earned money.

  This is another example of the Markell administration being little more than a scaled down version of the Obama administration, not surprising considering who our Vice-President is. It isn’t hard to figure out who is pulling the Governor’s strings.

  We need only look at another Department of Energy loan to an experimental company, Solyndra, the California-based solar panel maker that failed and filed bankruptcy after receiving $535 Million in a separate but similar loan from the Department of Energy, to see that Fisker is headed down a similar road. So when we see Delaware kicking in $21.5 Million along with Washington’s $529 Million we can see that Gov. Markell can now call the Fisker fiasco his own Solyndra.

  So to wrap this all up lets run the numbers. So far we have $550.5 Million in promised loans from both Delaware and D.C., and what do we have to show for it ? Well we had somewhere around one hundred jobs, that is until Fisker announced that they were laying off twenty-six people. We have not a single car produced in Delaware, though the one authorized dealer in Delaware has said that he has ten orders for the Karma (okay I laugh ever time I write that) and hopes to be able to deliver one soon.

 Now if that isn’t math that will convince you that Democrats and liberals are crazy with your money, well then nothing will.

What Is The Economy

February 4, 2012

  It seems that every time we hear a report of how bad the economy is, we hear about the ups and downs of the stock market. We hear about the level of unemployment. We hear about the cost of oil, the cost of this or that.

  But these things are not the economy, they are merely forces upon the economy.

  So what is the economy exactly? 

   We are the economy. I am the economy when I buy a car, or a soda. You are the economy when you go out for dinner or when you add a room to your home. When a man hires another to cut his grass.

  So when we hear that the economy is failing, what we are really hearing is that we are failing. What causes us to fail? Lack of confidence? Fear? Uncertainty?

 When we hear the news telling us that the economy is failing, human nature is to save, to contract our assets. By doing this we perpetuate the failure. If we save and do not buy the new car, then the salesman doesn’t earn his commission. If we don’t buy even the soda, then possibly a delivery driver will be laid off. If we stay at home and do not go out to dinner, then a waitress will earn fewer tips and the owner of the restaurant will see fewer profits. If the man chooses to cut his own grass, then another will have less to spend on something else. Call it supply side economics or trickle down, it doesn’t matter, but these are the facts.

  A capitalist economy rises and falls on confidence. If the people who make up the economy are confident that they will be able to earn more, then they will spend that which they already have. If however they feel in anyway that their abiltiy to earn will be negatively affected, then they will contract their personal economy. This is true of the average middle class family, right up to the largest corporation.  This contracting will continue until complete failure or until something changes to restore confidence.

  The Unites States is currently in a time of extreme uncertainty. Due to the policies and agendas of the current administration people and corporations have no confidence in the future. From the energy policies that seem bent on raising the cost of traditional and reliable energy sources to the point of making them un-affordable, to the intrusion into the most personal decisions of our private lives by the institution of socialized health care, have left the citizens frightened of their government. We no longer trust that our leaders have our best interest in mind when they legislate.

  It is monumentally important that we bring this uncertainty to an end. How can we achieve this? By electing people who understand that to grow the economy, meaning the ability of you and I to purchase items and services, that the government need not put into place more regulations and higher taxes on one segment of our society, but that government must actually remove the road blocks that have been placed in the way of a free market and that if the tough choices of raising taxes must be made, then they must be raised in a manner that is fair and equitable to all levels of our financial society.

 The days of playing class warfare must end. It is not the fault of the so called rich that the economy is failing, and it is certainly not the fault of the lower income families and people. I feel that it is a direct result of the political elite who seek to remain in power through fear. They, through their counterparts in the media, continuously create the latest crisis. Be it the stock market. The housing market. The banking crisis, or the energy crisis.

 It is this constant fear mongering that leads the average citizen to contract and to sandbag against the coming flood that they are told is inevitable. It is no surprise that we saw such a huge amount of economic growth under President Reagan, because his was a positive message. Of course he also told us the hard truths, that we were in desperate time thanks to Pres. Carter, but he also gave us the message that we were still the United States of America, and that when we pulled together there was nothing that this nation couldn’t overcome.

 That is the type of leadership that we are lacking today. Oh we have the leader that will tell us about all of the doom and gloom, and we have them on both sides, but we need the leader who will tell us that we can overcome these hard times, not by punishing those among us who have succeeded, but by holding them up as examples.

 The citizens who make up this nation and its economy must realize that it is in their best interest to choose leaders who tell them the truth, even when the truth hurts. And we need leaders who work to unite us as American citizens, not to divide us as the haves and have nots.

 So when you here the media and the elected leaders telling you that the economy is failing, realize they are saying that you are failing, I know that the vast majority of American citizens will never sit still for being called failures.

 Pres. George W. Bush took a lot of heat after 9/11 for saying that to defeat the terrorist that the American people should get out and get on with their lives, by going out to dinner and shopping to ensure that the attack did not have a negative effect on our economy. He was right then, and that advice is exactly the advice that we should follow now. I know that we are all suffering the effect of the current financial state of affairs, but we all must do what we can for the good of the nation. I know my wife tries!