Don Ayotte Announces Run For Sussex County Council

Here is a link to the announce ment in the Cape Gazette.  my only comment will be that in the article Mr. Ayotte seems to have modified his stance on two recent issues within Sussex County. As a member of the GOP Executive Committee Mr. Ayotte was a vocal supporter of two resolutions urging the Sussex County council to take action on these issues.

 First was a resolution in support of prayer during the council meetings, and second was a resolution urging the council to give into the demands of Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher for expanded powers.

 In this Cape Gazette article Mr. Ayotte seems now to be willing tom allow the courts to decide the matter. While this is not totally inconsistent with his previous stances on these issues, it is a marked difference from his vocal support during GOP Executive meetings.


2 Responses to “Don Ayotte Announces Run For Sussex County Council”

  1. Joan Deaver Says:

    I am willing to debate my opponent on county issues, especially if they pertain to Sussex County’s 3rd district, but I will not sit by while he makes false statements about me in the press. He is quoted in the CAPE GAZETTE as saying “… Deaver’s support of requiring a demolition permit for buildings is an example of over regulation….” That is a misstatement because I have not come out in support of demolition permits for buildings.
    I have brought the public’s attention to an unresolved item from our 2007 land use plan, “Historic Preservation Ordinance (Outline) For discussion only; County Council has not introduced”…, I know that many people in my district support historic preservation and that many publicand private organizations throughout the county, state & nation encourage it. I also serve on the Sussex County Land Trust to help preserve some of the rarest and oldest buildings in the state. Historic preservation stimulates our economy and further builds our burgeoning tourist business. It brings jobs to Sussex County.
    The suggestions on the county’s website may not be the solution. I have only said that I would introduce an historic preservation ordinance if – and only if- there was countywide support for it. How it is done or if it’s done depends on public input and I ask Mr. Ayotte to recant his misstatement.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Councilwoman Deaver, first let me thank you for commenting on this topic. Second let me thank you for the courage to do so under your own name.
    I am sure that you will have many occassions to dispute things that Mr. Ayotte says, if you or he would like to use this site as a forum for addressing the issues feel free.

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