Endorsement Wars

 It would seem as if the battle of the endorsements for the sixth senatorial district in Delaware on going.

 The first shot was fired by Ernie Lopez, when shortly after announcing his intentions to run for the state senate, he was endorsed by four former Sussex County GOP Committee Chairs, Dave Burris, Phyllis Byrne, Bill Lee and Ron Sams.

  The next shot was fired by former candidate for the U.S. House, Glen Urquhart, when he told a local down state newspaper that he had been endorsed by former Republican Governor Pete Du Pont.

  But oh snap! Seems that he was a little premature. It seems that Gov. Du Pont had made that statement when he believed that Mr. Urquhart would be the only Republican candidate. Gov. Du Pont has never endorsed a primary candidate, and sees no reason to start now.

  Gov. Du Pont did however endorse Mr. Lopez in his 2004 run at the New Castle County Council’s President seat.

  There was also some talk that former Lt. Governor who became Governor, Dale Wolf, has endorsed Mr. Urquhart, but oh snap two times up!! Seems this was not the case either, since Mr. Wolf felt it necessary to put out this statement.”I want to be very clear that I have not endorsed Mr. Urquhart, and at this particular time, I have not endorsed either candidate,”

  Now clearly this could well be another case of not wanting to get involved in a primary fight. But one has to ask, how are these so-called endorsements making their way to the public? And without the approval of those who supposedly have made them.

  Well it would seem as if Mr. Lopez has now upped the stakes in the endorsement battle.

  It has been announced that state Rep. Harvey Kenton(R) of the 36th Dist and Rep. Ruth Briggs-King(R) of the 37th Dist have endorsed Mr. Ernie Lopez in his bid for the new 6th Senatorial District.

 One can only wonder what Mr. Urquhart will follow this up with, and will it actually stand the smell test this time.



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