Huntsman Is Out

  John Huntsman has announced that he is withdrawing from the race to be the GOP presidential nominee. He has also announced that he is endorsing Mitt Romney.

  Well  how about that ! Are you as shocked as I am that John Huntsman has decided that he can’t win. And one has to wonder what was given in promise to get that highly sought after endorsement.

  John Huntsman was never in the hunt, get it? One would hope that this means that he will not be mounting (another hunting reference if you are counting) a third-party shot (okay I was reaching on that one) and will support Romney right up until Romney loses the nomination to either Santorum or Gingrich.

  One would also hope that he will support whoever is the nominee.

  The field is narrowing, which means that every primary becomes more important. I really don’t think Mr. Huntsman had to actually endorse Romney, who else would Huntsman supporters go to?


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