Who Lost The Game?

  Well now that the NFL season has ended for the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow, the question is who lost the game?

  I have to admit that I was unable to see the last game of the 2011 season for the Broncos, and possibly the last for Tim Tebow as a Bronco. I was working, so maybe someone can fill me in on who lost the game for the Broncos.

   I understand that the topic of Tim Tebow has been covered to the point of being obnoxious. However I feel that it deserves one more look.

   Like many I could not understand the fascination with a quarterback who was universally described as not being ready for the NFL. It would seem that he was attracting most of his attention based on the fact that he was a Christian who was, so-called, outspoken about his Christianity. The fact that he would kneel and pray after a touchdown or a game. That he would give thanks to God first and fore most.

  But really was this  unique? I have been watching football and other sports since I was about nine years old. There has always been players who would first thank God for the blessings that they received. There have been many players who would kneel and give thanks after a touchdown. So why Tebow? Why has  he been embraced by the nation more so say than a Troy Polamalu, he has been making the sign of the cross on the field before and after every play and on the sidelines since coming to the NFL.

  Of course many of the most outspoken supporters of Tebow will tell you that they are just so happy to have a person who is so clearly Christian succeeding. But again Tebow is not the  first. So again, why the stir now?

  To be fair there has been quite a bit of what might be described as being negative attention from some in the media.

  I do believe that his faith has driven both sides of the Tebow question. I also believe there is a political aspect to the topic. We shouldn’t forget that Tebow came to national attention after the Super Bowl commercial he made with his mother with a pro-life theme. Clearly abortion is a huge political issue.

  Let me say, from what I can tell from the public image of Tim Tebow, he is an example to both the young and old. He is an example of how we should all live our lives. But not because he is a football player, not because he is a successful football player. His strong faith should be an example to all who call themselves Christian. This is true whether he is a football player, or a farmer, or a doctor, or a dishwasher.

  I have actually heard some people saying that the Broncos were winning because of Tebow’s strong faith, well maybe, one never knows. Possibly God has been working through Tebow to inspire others to follow the word of Christ. If so, I think many have missed the message, since most of the praise has been for Tebow’s courage, instead of for Christ.

  Ever since Tebow has taken on the role as starting quarterback for the Broncos the story has been Tebow. It would seem to someone who knows nothing about the game, that one man could win alone. Story after story talked about Tebow this, Tebow that.

  So now what? Did Tebow lose the game? Will his supporters now say that it was the defense that let Tebow down? Is God testing the faith of those who felt so strongly about Tebow? Has Tebow done something in his private life, or merely within his heart, that has angered God, so that God removed his football support of Tebow?

  I don’t know what part Tebow’s faith played in his success or his failure, other than I do believe that faith in God can give you an inner strength that allows you to rise above challenges. However, we all know that there are many players in the NFL who have not exactly lived a Christian life. There are many in the NFL alone who have murdered, raped and sold and done drugs who have been what some would call successful.

  I would encourage those who were so moved by Tebow’s demonstrations of faith on the field, to also seek out others away from the field. Look for the person who holds the door for the person behind them. Look for the young man who helps the elderly lady to her car with her groceries. Look for the person who returns the wallet they find on the street, along with the large amount of money within.

  In other words, look for examples of living a moral upstanding life in everyday life. Be it from an NFL quarterback, or your neighbors, or a stranger you have never met. 

  More importantly strive to be an example of living a moral upstanding life. Remember, if Tim Tebow inspired even just one person to seek God through Christ, then he is a success, and if you or I inspire even just one person to seek God through Christ by the way we go about our lives and the little everyday things we do, then we are an equal success.




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