Who Will Be Our Candidates ?

  On the national scene we have had one caucus, one primary, we are less than ten days from the second primary, the media is already quoting polling from Florida which will be the third primary and they are already trying to sell it,  that the race is over and that Romney will be the GOP nominee.

  Did we learn nothing from 201o? Are we really going to allow the media and the establishment to pick our nominee again, as they did with John Mc Cain?

   If the first four states are going to be the deciding factors in the primary process, then we need a new system, or at the very least, a new primary schedule.

  I for one am tired of being irrelevant here in Delaware. I am sure that many citizens across the nation feel the same way, when after listening to the hype of the run up to the Iowa Caucus and waiting for their own home state’s primary, only to be told that it is all over and they have no say at all.

  I am also concerned with the group we have to select from.  Let me include my personal choice out of the current field, Rick Santorum. He is after all a career politician, as is Newt Gingrich and to lesser extent Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and John Huntsman. I know that all have most likely had some dalliance outside of politics at some time in their youth, but let’s face it, they are all politicians for life.

  I don’t think any of them would be confused for what one might call the average man, yet they will all tell you they understand the needs and troubles of the average citizen. I wonder if any of them know the cost of a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread.

   Mitt Romney will tell you that he is the only one who knows how to create jobs because he once was in charge of other people money. Oh ! Wait ! That is exactly what political leaders do, isn’t it?

  The problem we have here in America is that the system to elect people to office has itself grown into a business. One that cost a lot of money to run. No longer can the average man or woman hope to run for office. No longer can we tell our children that they too can grow up to be President. That is unless they are bank rolled by some radical leftist leftover bomber from the sixties. Or some radical leftist money changer out to destroy the worlds economic system.

   As we progress further and further our system is creating an elite group of people who are in turn becoming a ruling class. This is not what the founders intended.

  It is not only a national problem. We can look right here at home in Delaware and see the roots of the same poison fruit spreading across the political landscape.

  I am noticing more and more that there is a movement to limit who can run for office in Delaware.  Currently there is proposed legislation to require that all elected officials and I believe also all candidates, to give a list of all family relation who work for the state, right down to if they work for a non-profit organization that receives money from the state.

  On the surface this may seem a good thing. I am sure that it is intended to stop elected officials from giving favor to agencies and organizations that their family members may benefit from.

  There is also a bias against employees of the state from seeking elected office.  Some would even bar from office anyone who might be married to a state employee. I for example would not be able to run for office as my wife is a state employee and my daughter is studying to be a teacher.

 Think of the thousands of people excluded from office, simply because a relative works for the state. So what does that leave us for candidates?

 If we factor in the cost of running for office, and the amount of time that must be committed to the office of say a state senator, we are left mostly with wealthy retired  people or at the very least a candidate must be self-employed so that they can set their own hours.

  If we also bar another group of people and their relatives from elected office we have further shrunk the number of possible candidates. Every time we reduce the number of people who are eligible, we give more power to the ruling class.

 I am not in favor of elected officials receiving state jobs after they are elected, I do however feel that it is a legitimate issue to discuss that a candidate is already a state employee. To ask whether they would be in a position to benefit from the office they seek.

 That being said, I have a serious problem with creating list that may possibly be used to bar people from participating in the governing process.

  It seems as if there is a move by the establishment to set new rules of who can run for office and in so doing, they would solidify their own positions of power.



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  1. Dan Kramer Says:

    Frank, for whatever it’s worth the news media is in this to try and tell the voters who they will vote for. The only way to get news media out of the way is to require that if you want run your name will be put on the ballot and all the primary’s will be (forget Iowa, they would also have a primary) held on the same day, that way the news media wouldn’t have near as much influence on the outcome.

  2. frankknotts Says:


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