Children Of Abraham

  I would like to take this time to wish all a happy holiday season. I know that the fact that I have said a holiday season will offend some.

 Those who see their faith as a team sport mostly. I would however ask all who worship the one God, to remember that we are all children of Abraham.

  This includes the Muslim, the Jewish and the Christian faiths. And even many of the other faiths around the world that have grown out of the one God belief.

 We should try to remember that the belief in a God should unite us, not separate us. In the three major religions we all come from the same family tree, whether we want to admit it or not. When we seek to show some sort of superiority of faith above another, we are actually attempting to belittle our brothers and sisters.

 As a Christian I am moved, especially at this time of year, to remember that this is a season of love. It was God’s love that brought us Jesus to forgive our sins. It was love that Jesus spoke of, and encouraged us to give to our brothers. It was love that held Jesus to the Cross, not nails.

  As Christians we are instructed to go out among those who do not believe in Jesus as the Christ. We are instructed to witness our faith in Jesus as the Christ so that others might find the light that is the Savior.

 How can we do this if we are always consumed with worrying about whether a store has Merry Christmas in the window? How can we love our brothers and sisters, if we see them only as Muslims or Jews?

  It is not that Christians are smarter than their Muslim and Jewish brothers, it is just that we have accepted the truth of Christ. instead of always seeking to trumpet our superiority, we should focus on living in a way that is an example of that truth.

 As children of Abraham we are all seeking a path to the one God. As Christians we believe that we have found the one and only path to the Father and that is through the Son. But don’t hate your brothers because they have chosen another path, pray for them as you would pray for any Christian, and love them as you would your mother or father, sister or brother, cousin or wife or husband in hope that they will find the truth that is Jesus the Christ.

  May God Bless Us All


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