How Strong My Faith

  I was inspired to write this post after hearing this song the other day.

   It seems as if every year, at about this, time we are bombarded with stories about how the Christian faith is under attack.

   We hear about  how Nativity scenes are no longer allowed on the town square.

   We hear about the outrage of stores not using Merry Christmas in their store windows. And may God help anyone using the abbreviation of XMAS !

   We are told time and time again how our Christian faith is being stolen from us. How this nation was founded upon Christian principles and that if stores do not have Merry Christmas in the windows, that our nation will fall into ruin. Ba! Humbug!

   I have often written about my view that government and faith are not intended to be blended. I feel that if our leaders are truly righteous in their faith, then they will be better stewards of our liberty.

  However, I do not believe that this means that our leaders should be the stewards of our faith. I need no elected official to instruct me, nor lead me in prayer. I need no elected organization to confirm neither their faith, nor my own, to guarantee my entrance into my Father’s kingdom.

  This song and video is an excellent example of bigotry wrapped in the Christian faith. Look,if someone chooses to not shop at a store because it doesn’t display a Merry Christmas in the window, well that is their choice of course. If you are so offended by a store clerk who does not welcome you with a Merry Christmas that you must leave the store immediately, then feel free to do so.

  But ask yourself, is this what Christ taught us ? Did he teach us to impose our belief on others? Did he instruct us to not commune with those who did not believe as we do? Did not Christ himself seek out those who did not believe?

  As I listen to this song I can’t help but think of Nazi Germany. What if a store owner is Jewish? Should we paint Juden on the store front to make it easier to identify non-Christian stores? Maybe a cross with the international red circle slash symbol so we would know not to buy from them. And if they are Muslim or worse, atheist, then are we justified in burning the store down?

 I wonder if the writer of the song and those singing it intend for us to not buy from these stores just at Christmas, or are we to hold a year round grudge?

  Listen to the song again, isn’t it just so cute ? It is jolly and even has small children singing in the background. It sounds like any other Christmas pop song. Yet listen to the message and it is the most anti-Christian message possible. It tells us to avoid those who do not share our beliefs. This is not my understanding of the Christian faith.

  It seems as if those who profess their own faith the loudest, are those whom seem to be most fearful of losing their faith. Personally, I have no fear of losing my faith. No one can take it from me. It is not given by man and cannot be taken from me by man. My faith is protected by the blood of Christ. A store window can neither increase nor decrease my faith. 

  Now some will tell us that there is a movement to destroy the Christian faith. I happen to believe that this is true. There are forces that wish to negate the good that the Christian faith has done throughout history. Both in the lives of people on a personal level and on a social level.

 So how can we insure that the Cristian faith continues to have a positive influence both in our lives and our society? 

  Not by boycotting stores. Not by shunning people who do not share our faith. But by being examples of the love of Christ. By sharing our story of being saved. Not by forcing all who attend a council or school board meeting to sit quietly by as we pray our faithful prayer. By extending our hand in brotherly love. Not by expecting all to share in our praise of  Christ.

  In the end, it is our own soul that we are responsible for. We can save no one but ourself.  As for whether this nation will stand as a so-called Christian nation, well in the bigger scheme of things, it matters little. For there is only one kingdom that knows no end.

  So if you feel your faith is under attack because  the local convenience store doesn’t have Merry Christmas in the window, I would suggest you fall to your knees and pray, because that is how you protect your faith in Christ. Not by the dollars you spend or where you spend them.


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