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Upstate Influence ?

December 24, 2011





Dear Republican Friends,


I believe that a party serves its constituents best, when we respect and support the will of the people who select our candidates.    It is time to rally around those individuals who give their total support for the conservative values that are the core or our party’s beliefs.  To that end, I understand and support the will of those Republicans in the new 6th Senate District and the Sussex GOP RD Chairs, and whole heartedly join them in their support of Glen Urquhart for the 6th Senate Seat.


The most important task before us is to win the Delaware House and Senate Chambers so that we can preserve the strength of the values that guide us and shape our future.  Jobs are the number one influence on our thoughts these days, and we need someone like Glen who understands the dynamics of job retention and job growth.  We also need someone who will not betray the ethics that lead us while developing those jobs. 


We, like our Founding Fathers, turn to God for inspiration, to hard work and sound financial practices for our economic development, and to each other for support in building our communities.  Glen understands this and more importantly, lives this. 


I hope you will join with me in both financial support and by leading the way as volunteers.  No one person can change the direction of our state.  But one person with the support of his community and a faith in God can change everything.  You can contact Glen at (Removed by Frank Knotts)


God Bless you all,



John Radell

Republican Vice Chairman

New Castle County

   So, after all of the accusations of upstate influence, following the announcement by Ernie Lopez to run for the Sixth Senatorial District here in Sussex County, Delaware, I wonder does it bother anyone that the Vice Chairman of the New Castle County GOP Executive Committee should be giving this endorsement for Glen Urquhart.

  Now let me put this in perspective for those who haven’t been following along.  This endorsement is from the sitting Vice Chairman of the New Castle County GOP, he is endorsing the current Sussex County GOP Chairman who is an announced candidate for the Sixth Senatorial District. And yet some were upset that Ernie Lopez announced before January 1st. Really?

  First of all I would recommend that the Vice Chairman focus on New Castle County and electing Republicans up there before he spends time giving endorsements down state, with all due respect of course.

  We were told that Ernie Lopez was some sort of shill for Michele Rollins and that his candidacy was an attempt by up state Republicans to influence this down state race. Well what do we call this endorsement by the Vice Chairman of New Castle County’s GOP?

  As far as I know the R D Chairman of Sussex have not made any public endorsement of either candidate, yet Mr. Radell makes it seem as if they have given their backing to Mr. Urquhart as a group. Is this another attempt to influence who these RD Chairs will endorse?

  Some see this move by Mr. Rodell as a counter to the endorsement of four former Sussex County GOP Chairman for Mr. Lopez. I draw your attention to the fact that not only were they from Sussex County, they are former Chairman, not sitting chairman.

   Maybe the focus should be on the issues facing the citizens of the sixth and less time seeking endorsements from insiders.




Children Of Abraham

December 24, 2011

  I would like to take this time to wish all a happy holiday season. I know that the fact that I have said a holiday season will offend some.

 Those who see their faith as a team sport mostly. I would however ask all who worship the one God, to remember that we are all children of Abraham.

  This includes the Muslim, the Jewish and the Christian faiths. And even many of the other faiths around the world that have grown out of the one God belief.

 We should try to remember that the belief in a God should unite us, not separate us. In the three major religions we all come from the same family tree, whether we want to admit it or not. When we seek to show some sort of superiority of faith above another, we are actually attempting to belittle our brothers and sisters.

 As a Christian I am moved, especially at this time of year, to remember that this is a season of love. It was God’s love that brought us Jesus to forgive our sins. It was love that Jesus spoke of, and encouraged us to give to our brothers. It was love that held Jesus to the Cross, not nails.

  As Christians we are instructed to go out among those who do not believe in Jesus as the Christ. We are instructed to witness our faith in Jesus as the Christ so that others might find the light that is the Savior.

 How can we do this if we are always consumed with worrying about whether a store has Merry Christmas in the window? How can we love our brothers and sisters, if we see them only as Muslims or Jews?

  It is not that Christians are smarter than their Muslim and Jewish brothers, it is just that we have accepted the truth of Christ. instead of always seeking to trumpet our superiority, we should focus on living in a way that is an example of that truth.

 As children of Abraham we are all seeking a path to the one God. As Christians we believe that we have found the one and only path to the Father and that is through the Son. But don’t hate your brothers because they have chosen another path, pray for them as you would pray for any Christian, and love them as you would your mother or father, sister or brother, cousin or wife or husband in hope that they will find the truth that is Jesus the Christ.

  May God Bless Us All

The Sixth

December 15, 2011

    Thanks to the 2010 census, Sussex County has gotten a new state senatorial district, the sixth. It will encompass Milton, Lewes, Rehoboth, and Dewey Beach.

    Since this is a new district there will be no incumbent. The Democrats already have a candidate, Andrew “Andy” Staton, a Rehoboth real estate agent.

   On the Republican side there is already two people who have announced their intentions to run for the seat. And possibly a third.

  I think that most of the regular readers know how I feel about primaries. But for any new readers let me state my views again. Primaries are a good thing for the system. Primaries can flush the system of career politicians. A primary can send a message to leadership about the mood of the rank and file voters. The primary is the chance for the voters to decide between multiple candidates from the same party, a chance to decide the direction of the party.  A chance to decide what will and will not be an issue in the election. The key to the primary process, is to not allow the primary to do so much damage, that the wounds that are inherent in the process cannot be healed.

  This means that those involved in the primary, both the candidates and their supporters, must attempt to keep the debate about issues that are important to the voters. To not allow the debate to disintegrate into name calling and personal attacks.

 Unfortunately it may already be too late to avoid that in the race for the sixth.

  On Wednesday afternoon I tuned into the Bill Colley show on WGMD, only to hear the host Bill Colley launching into a tirade against one of the announced Republican candidates, Ernie Lopez.  But Mr. Colley didn’t limit his ire to just Mr. Lopez, he also had much to say about the four people who had just that day endorsed Mr. Lopez for the sixth district race.

  The four included, David Burris, Phyllis Byrne, Ron Sams and former Judge William Lee,  all four former Sussex County Executive Committee Chairs.

  It seems as if Mr. Colley and others feel that Mr. Lopez is someones boy. In his description of Mr. Lopez and the four former Chairs Mr. Colley accused them of some sort of up state conspiracy. He also accused former U.S. House of Representatives candidate Michele Rollins of pulling strings to see that Mr. Lopez was the GOP candidate for the sixth.

  In his monologue Mr. Colley stated that before announcing  his intentions to run, Mr. Lopez had failed to discuss it with the current Sussex County GOP Executive Committee Chairman.  Mr. Colley also pointed out that this grand conspiracy was intended as payback for Mr. Lopez’s supposed GOP opponent and the former opponent of Michele Rollins, Glen Urquhart. It just so happens that Mr. Urquhart is also the current Sussex County GOP Executive Committee Chairman, a fact that Mr. Colley seemed to forget or to ignore in his fervor to insert the term RINO into the conversation. Let me also add that an hour later Mr. Urquhart made what has become a weekly appearance on the Bill Colley Show, acting as the GOP County Chairman, but sounding like a candidate.

  When I sat down to write this post my original intention was to again address the issue of having an announced candidate acting as a county chairman. I think however that the conflict of interest that this represents is fairly clear. Also Mr. Urquhart did announce his intentions to resign the position in January 2012.  He made this announcement at the last GOP meeting this pasty Monday night, which was the annual GOP Christmas celebration. Shortly after the announcement I was approached by Urquhart supporters with clip boards asking me to sign, “I support Glen Urquhart” sheets. Not really sure what the purpose of these were, but it felt a little too orchestrated for me, especially at what was supposed to be a non-business get together.

  I have changed my mind on the direction of this post however, I will now attempt to make it a post about the race for the sixth district.  Since Mr. Urquhart is fairly well-known due to his previous campaign for the U.S. House, this post will focus more on Mr. Lopez. I am sure I will have plenty to write about Mr. Urquhart in the future. I will say that along with being a former candidate for the House, Mr. Urquhart is also a very successful business man and land developer and a former Reagan appointee. GOP voters in Delaware and Sussex County are quite familiar with Mr. Urquhart.

  Ernie Lopez on the other hand may be more of an unknown quantity. So for this post I will try to give you an insight into who Mr. Lopez is, though I have had little contact with him myself. I did have a phone conversation with him last night. I found him to be open to any line of questioning.

  He is a husband and the father of two daughters, and I get the sense that family is very important to him.  He and his family have lived in Sussex since 2006, and he is currently employed at the University Of Delaware as  a 4-H extension specialist in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware, this is something I will address later. But let me say that in talking with Mr. Lopez I discovered that his job involves  working with high risk children, children who are facing things that we all pray that we and our families never have to face.

  On the issues, Mr. Lopez of course understands that jobs and the state economy are issue number one. Of course this is the low hanging fruit for candidates this year. But when asked what he saw as also being important issues he did not hesitate in saying that public safety is an important goal for him. He pointed out that we as a society need to protect the most vulnerable among us, that being children and the elderly. He pointed out that in Lewes which is in the new sixth district we recently saw what happens when the mechanisms that are intended to protect children fail, of course he was talking about the Earl Bradley case. He feels that his experience working with high risk children and their parents would enable him to go to Dover and to work to ensure that the system works better to protect families from that sort of abuse.

  He said that along with jobs and public safety, that transportation and education are the top four issues facing Delaware and the sixth district.

  He also stated that he is pro-life, pro second Amendment and that he would oppose any expansion of gambling and casinos. He feels that government must be more accountable to the people and that we must reform the waste and redundancy inherent in big government.

  Now before I address what will no doubt be a big issue in the primary and possibly the general election if he is successful, let me address another accusation made by some. The question of whether or not he contacted the GOP Chairman before announcing. Mr. Lopez stated to me that no, he did not contact  Chairman Urquhart (also candidate Urquhart), but that he had contacted Vice Chairman John Riley shortly before announcing, to seek advice. He stated that he had a certain comfort level with Mr. Riley that he didn’t have with Chairman Urquhart (can’t imagine why?).

  Now to the issue of Mr. Lopez’s job at the U of D. Some, including Bill Colley, are saying that if elected Mr. Lopez will be another in a long line of double dippers. Let me state for consistency that I am opposed to elected officials receiving state jobs after being elected. In this case however Mr. Lopez already has his job with the U of D and it will be up to the voters of the sixth district to decide whether there is a conflict of interest or not. I think that it is right and good for this to be a topic of discussion so that the voters can decide based on facts, not simple accusations.

  In our phone conversation Mr. Lopez pointed out that his check is not signed by Gov. Markell, that he is an employee of the U of D. That he is not eligible for a state pension. He stated that if elected, he would not seek a promotion and that he would recuse himself from any votes concerning his job. Recusing, I must admit, is another thing that bothers me, I don’t like that people are left without representation on key issues, but again the voters of the sixth will decide.

  Mr.Lopez also pointed out that he felt that it was a dangerous precedent to tell someone  they couldn’t run for elected office based on where they work.

  After my conversation with Mr. Lopez I came away feeling that he is a plausible candidate. And while I am sure that many like Bill Colley and supporters of Mr. Urquhart and possibly Mr. Urquhart himself, will level the  call of RINO at Mr. Lopez, I am not sure how you can call a person who is so evidently pro-family, pro-life, pro-second amendment, someone who is seeking more government accountability, someone who is dedicated to public safety and law enforcement a RINO.

  I would hope that we can allow the primary process to play out for the good of the rank and file voters and to avoid the nasty personal attacks that so often populate this type of race. We shall see.



This Is Delaware

December 11, 2011

 This morning I was reading an article at Delaware On Line|topnews|text|Home

  It is yet another article about the ongoing issue of the Sussex County Sheriff”s office, and what powers that office does or does not have in regard to arresting and enforcing the law.

  Many of us here in Delaware and especially in Sussex are all too aware of this issue. Sheriff Jeff Christopher maintains that the sheriff and his deputies have all of the same authority as the State Police and municipal police officers. However a similar case that went to the courts concerning a previous sheriff, Bob Reed, found that the County sheriff  is not a police officer. An opinion in the same case of Bob Reed, from the Attorney General’s office also stated that the County Sheriffs do not how police powers.

  Sheriff Christopher contends and relies on the state constitution and its use of the phrase or title, “conservator of the peace”.  Sheriff Christopher states that the state constitution trumps Delaware code in this matter. It was the Delaware code that both the courts and the AG’s office were relying on to make their decisions.

  In the Delaware On Line article there was much made of the fact that in many other states around the nation sheriffs are intrusted with full police powers. Among their powers some are even the jail keeps.

 Let me just say, as a state’s rights person, I care little for what other states are doing with their sheriffs. This is Delaware, we can decide for ourselves. And if anyone wants to live as they do in Ohio, then move to Ohio.

 There are many factors to be considered in this issue. Let’s take the whole constitution v. Delaware code thing first. In my simple understanding of this, the Delaware constitution creates the office of County Sheriff. It is then left up to the General Assembly to define this office in Delaware code, which has been done. The courts and the AG’s office then explains and enforces that definition. This also has been done. The sheriff has also pointed out that in Delaware code there are numerous statutes that give the office of sheriff arrest powers, such as in the case of dog theft. The sheriff can also be specifically ordered by a judge to make a specific arrest of a person named in a specific warrant. So the sheriff will have to admit that the Delaware code has the authority to define the powers of his office.

 I would also like to point out something that causes me great concern in this matter.  Sheriff Christopher has on many occasions stated that his deputies need the additional training for the safety of both the public and themselves. So that when they are put into situations they are properly trained to handle the situation.

 Yet, the sheriff has instructed his deputies to continue to pull over vehicles, to seek out people to arrest who have warrants, in other words, the sheriff has instructed his deputies to insert themselves into the very situations that the sheriff has stated  they are not properly trained to handle. One has to wonder is he intentionally putting his deputies at risk to force the issue back into court? One would hope not.

  I believe that this needs to be settled once and for all. How that will happen I am not sure, but it would seem as if the sheriff intends to keep the issue front and center. I would think that we can expect that the General Assembly will be addressing this issue in the up coming session. I would expect that the General Assembly will seek to clean up Delaware code to clarify what the office of sheriff is and is not. I would expect that any move in this direction will and should begin from the Republican side of the aisle, since the sheriff is a Republican and any Democrat move would be labeled political. I think anyone with any political savvy can see how this is likely to end. I would expect that a sworn elected official would honor the decision of the courts, the Attorney General’s office and the General Assembly.

 If this plays out the way most feel that it will, then I would encourage Sheriff Christopher to honor the decisions and to discharge his duties as defined in such decisions. And then he should make the issue front, center and singular in his next campaign for re-election. He might even want to consider running for higher office so that he can bring legislation to change the definition.


How Strong My Faith

December 10, 2011

  I was inspired to write this post after hearing this song the other day.

   It seems as if every year, at about this, time we are bombarded with stories about how the Christian faith is under attack.

   We hear about  how Nativity scenes are no longer allowed on the town square.

   We hear about the outrage of stores not using Merry Christmas in their store windows. And may God help anyone using the abbreviation of XMAS !

   We are told time and time again how our Christian faith is being stolen from us. How this nation was founded upon Christian principles and that if stores do not have Merry Christmas in the windows, that our nation will fall into ruin. Ba! Humbug!

   I have often written about my view that government and faith are not intended to be blended. I feel that if our leaders are truly righteous in their faith, then they will be better stewards of our liberty.

  However, I do not believe that this means that our leaders should be the stewards of our faith. I need no elected official to instruct me, nor lead me in prayer. I need no elected organization to confirm neither their faith, nor my own, to guarantee my entrance into my Father’s kingdom.

  This song and video is an excellent example of bigotry wrapped in the Christian faith. Look,if someone chooses to not shop at a store because it doesn’t display a Merry Christmas in the window, well that is their choice of course. If you are so offended by a store clerk who does not welcome you with a Merry Christmas that you must leave the store immediately, then feel free to do so.

  But ask yourself, is this what Christ taught us ? Did he teach us to impose our belief on others? Did he instruct us to not commune with those who did not believe as we do? Did not Christ himself seek out those who did not believe?

  As I listen to this song I can’t help but think of Nazi Germany. What if a store owner is Jewish? Should we paint Juden on the store front to make it easier to identify non-Christian stores? Maybe a cross with the international red circle slash symbol so we would know not to buy from them. And if they are Muslim or worse, atheist, then are we justified in burning the store down?

 I wonder if the writer of the song and those singing it intend for us to not buy from these stores just at Christmas, or are we to hold a year round grudge?

  Listen to the song again, isn’t it just so cute ? It is jolly and even has small children singing in the background. It sounds like any other Christmas pop song. Yet listen to the message and it is the most anti-Christian message possible. It tells us to avoid those who do not share our beliefs. This is not my understanding of the Christian faith.

  It seems as if those who profess their own faith the loudest, are those whom seem to be most fearful of losing their faith. Personally, I have no fear of losing my faith. No one can take it from me. It is not given by man and cannot be taken from me by man. My faith is protected by the blood of Christ. A store window can neither increase nor decrease my faith. 

  Now some will tell us that there is a movement to destroy the Christian faith. I happen to believe that this is true. There are forces that wish to negate the good that the Christian faith has done throughout history. Both in the lives of people on a personal level and on a social level.

 So how can we insure that the Cristian faith continues to have a positive influence both in our lives and our society? 

  Not by boycotting stores. Not by shunning people who do not share our faith. But by being examples of the love of Christ. By sharing our story of being saved. Not by forcing all who attend a council or school board meeting to sit quietly by as we pray our faithful prayer. By extending our hand in brotherly love. Not by expecting all to share in our praise of  Christ.

  In the end, it is our own soul that we are responsible for. We can save no one but ourself.  As for whether this nation will stand as a so-called Christian nation, well in the bigger scheme of things, it matters little. For there is only one kingdom that knows no end.

  So if you feel your faith is under attack because  the local convenience store doesn’t have Merry Christmas in the window, I would suggest you fall to your knees and pray, because that is how you protect your faith in Christ. Not by the dollars you spend or where you spend them.

Is This How We Create Jobs ? Pt. 2

December 8, 2011

  On December 3rd I posted a press release from the Sussex County Council of Delaware. The press release was in reference to a proposed program intended to act as an incentive for businesses to either expand or locate in Sussex County. Here is a link to that press release,

   Basically the proposed ” Economic Development Incentive Program” would consist of a tax abatement of $800 per new job created. Companies would be required to create at least ten new jobs to qualify for the program. In the press release it was stated that all applicants for the program would be handled on a case by case basis and would need to meet certain criteria.

  Since the original press release was a bit vague I requested and received more information. I would like to thank Chip Guy for his help in obtaining this information.

  I was sent a copy of a memorandum that had been sent to the Sussex County Council from the County Administrator, David Baker.

  In the memorandum Mr. Baker describes similar programs from around the state to make the case for the proposed program in Sussex.

  The Town of Seaford allows a graduated reduction in city property taxes over a ten-year period.   One hundred percent the first year, decreasing ten percent each year until zero abatement after ten years. Businesses receive this tax abatement for “creating  substantial employment opportunities”. Of course this is with the approval of the City Council.

   The Town of Georgetown allows for impact fees to be paid in installments. Building permit fees are partially reduced. City property taxes are reduced on a prorate basis over five years. Planning and review process is expedited.

  The City of Wilmington allows for a full five years abatement of city property taxes, followed by a graduated property tax reduction in years six thru ten. Also a five-year abatement of the employer’s head tax of $15 per month, per employee.

  New Castle County has a program to provide county property and school tax reductions for certain commercial projects within the City of Wilmington, including property tax reductions graduated at one hundred percent and decreasing ten percent each year over ten years.

  Kent County provides a similar ten-year program for businesses that invest at least $500,000 in facilities and hires at least four full-time employees.

   The City of Dover requires investment of a minimum of $500,000 in a new expanded facility and must hire at least twenty employees. For this, property taxes are reduced on a sliding scale from ninety percent first year, to zero percent year ten.

  So once again the proposed Economic Development Incentive Program for Sussex County would be subject to approval by an Economic Development Committee and the Sussex County Council on a case by case basis. It would be limited to $800 per new employee, full-time and with benefits, and each business must hire at least ten new employees to qualify.

  The $800 would be structured based on the individual business situation, that could include property tax abatement, fee reduction, low-interest loans, or other funding if available.

  Okay, so what do we have here? On the surface some might say we have counties and towns doing all that they can to create opportunities for new businesses and more jobs.

  Alright, maybe they are. But if we look past the feel good intentions of these programs, what else do we see?

  Well I’ll tell you what I see. I see towns and counties admitting that they recognize that their taxes and fees are too high and that their regulations have a strangling effect on businesses.

  Look at what they are doing. They are reducing the tax burden. They are expediting the permitting process. They are telling us that they recognize that lower taxes and fewer regulations will stimulate growth in the private sector. And even as they make this admission, they can’t quite bring themselves to release control.

  They insist on criteria. They insist on committees and final approval of which types of businesses receive the tax breaks and reduced regulations. The body government refuses to allow all who would start a business, to do so. The body government continues to throttle the life out of the private sector, even as it professes to be assisting the private sector.

  If these towns and counties truly were interested in stimulating growth, then they would expand these tax breaks to all businesses, both new and old. Are we to believe that only new businesses are affected by high taxes? Would not reduced taxes benefit existing businesses? But instead of attaching criteria such as an arbitrary numbers of new employees, just allow businesses to keep more of their profits. In turn they will grow and expand over time. Not because the state or town or county, sets some imaginary line to cross, but when the owner determines that it is right for their individual needs.

  While these types of programs may be an attempt to spur economic growth, in a larger sense they are merely another attempt by the body government to control the type of business that is able to succeed, to determine who makes it and who fails. This is not the American way. This is not a free market system. This is another example of an over reaching and too large body government.

Herman Cain Is Out

December 3, 2011

Need I say More? Herman Cain has thrown in the towel after numerous allegations surfaced accusing him of affairs and sexual harassment. Now we will never know whether 999 was the answer or not.

Is There A Conflict Of Interest ?

December 3, 2011

  Well it would seem as if we have entered into the silly season. No not NASCAR’s.


  On Thursday it was reported on WGMD that local Lewes resident Ernesto Lopez would be seeking election in the newly created 6th state Senatorial District of Delaware as a Republican. The 6th has recently been moved to Sussex County thanks to the census of 2010. Mr. Lopez plans on making an official announcement in the spring of 2012.

  Mr. Lopez is currently employed as an Extension Specialist in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at UD. Okay I’ll ask it first, do we need another state employee in the legislature? Some are already talking about double dipping and a conflict of interest. I have to say that I think that this is a question worth asking.

  Some may remember not so long ago my writing about the case of Sen. Joe Booth being hired as a liaison between Sussex Tech. and the business community. I was extremely critical of Mr. Booth for not disclosing that he was being considered for the position, while at the same time being involved in a hotly contested GOP primary.

  In the case of Mr. Booth I felt that important information had been withheld from the voters. If Mr. Booth seeks re-election he will no doubt need to defend his state employment while being a sitting member of the General Assembly.

  The same can be said of Mr. Lopez. Since he is currently employed with the state, the voters will have every opportunity to discuss and hear his defense on the topic. It will ultimately be the voters who decide whether there is, or is not, a conflict of interest. And that is as it should be.

  In a related story, the report of Mr. Lopez’s intentions forced the hand of another person who has intentions of seeking election in the 6th District also. This person is also a Republican of some notoriety.

  It is the current GOP Sussex County Executive Committee Chairman,former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives,and former Reagan appointee, Glen Urquhart.  I spoke with Mr. Urquhart after being told that he had announced his intentions to seek the seat within the 6th District. Mr. Urquhart confirmed, that yes, he had mentioned it on the Bill Colley Show on WGMD on Thursday night.

  During our conversation I expressed my concern that there is also a conflict of interest in having a chairman who is also a candidate. I asked Mr. Urquhart when we could expect his resignation as chairman of the committee. Mr. Urquhart assured me that he wished to see a smooth transition. But that he might remain chairman up until the time he actually files the formal documents for candidacy.

  I expressed my desire, and that of many I am sure, that we be able to handle this as soon as possible. So that the Executive Committee could find its new chairman and focus on the task at hand. The 2012 elections.

 It has been brought to my attention that the position of chairman must be publicized for sixty days before an election can be held. This means that if Mr. Urquhart resigned today, we would still be looking at possibly March at the earliest of having a new chairman. This means May before we could focus solely on the election of officials outside of the party machine, instead of those within the party.

  I would also express my concern for those within the Committee who might wish to support Mr. Lopez now. But who may feel uncomfortable in doing so with a chairman who is also an opponent of their candidate. This is clearly a conflict for Mr. Urquhart and the rest of the Committee of which I am a member.

  I am sure Mr. Urquhart will want to remove this obstacle as soon as possible for the good of the party and for all those involved. He can then focus on his own campaign, and the Committee can focus on all the campaigns as it should.


Is This How We Create Jobs ?

December 3, 2011


Sussex County to offer economic incentives to new, expanding businesses

Georgetown, Del., Nov. 29, 2011: The local economy could get a jump start with an incentive-based program aimed at bringing more jobs to Sussex County.


Sussex County Council, at its Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011, meeting, agreed to implement a plan that would offer incentives to new or current county businesses that are considering expanding, or to out-of-county companies contemplating a move to southern Delaware. The primary incentive would be a graduated property tax abatement on the County portion of taxes for new construction or renovations for up to 10 years, with a maximum of $800 per job added.


The incentives would be offered on a case-by-case basis to those businesses adding or creating at least 10 jobs, and subject to approval from an economic development committee and the County Council. The incentive program is intended to kick-start new economic development in Sussex County, and could represent thousands of dollars of savings.


“It’s no secret that that this economy the last couple of years has been very trying, especially for small businesses,” County Administrator David B. Baker said. “We believe these incentives might provide that nudge for those businesses that are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but have been on the fence about whether to expand or add jobs.”


To qualify, businesses would have to meet various criteria, be subject to a review of their financial plan, and agree to pay back any waived taxes if they fail to add the requisite minimum of 10 new jobs with benefits within the first three years.