How to Get Things Done

  Last night on his now weekly spot with Bill Colley on WGMD, Sussex County GOP Chairman Glen Urquhart spoke about many things, including the need to create an environment in Delaware that is conducive to bringing businesses to Delaware.

   He spoke of the over regulation by state government that has led to the decline of many historically Delaware enterprises.

  Near the end of his spot he sent a forceful message when he stated that if we want to grow the state economy, that Delaware and Gov. Markell need to stop, “kicking employers in the groin”.

  We could also say that if we wish to arrest the decline of the state’s economy, we will need to empower the people with the proper training,to give them the advantage of being able to defend themselves in the highly competitive world. We will also need to give the authority to decide for themselves, to the business owners and the people.

   What we don’t need is more of the “Delaware way”, of backroom deals and secret meetings.

  What we need are leaders with the vision to light our way to the future. To send us flying to the heights of economic success. To pull us out of this nose dive that we have been in for far too long.

 I hope that everyone who was  listening last night were taking notes.





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