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Evan Queitsch Announces his Challenge to Senator Anthony DeLuca

Delaware has a real opportunity to be a leader in America’s resurgence.  Our state faces real challenges and we sometimes don’t see the opportunities that we have in front of us.  We know that our state is facing an epidemic of job losses.  From May through August, a 4 month span, Delaware had 22 mass layoff events of 50 people or more.  Our state unemployment rate is stuck at just over 8%, meaning that more than 35,000 Delawareans are still looking for work despite all the best progressive efforts to buy us more employment.  Union, public sector and private sector alike are all seeing job losses and the real losers are the employees who are seeing their jobs being stolen by policies that don’t promote growth.  Likewise, our education system is broken.  In the Christina School District, we spend more than $15,000 per student and have a district budget that is larger than the entire New Castle County budget.  That means that for one of 6 school districts in New Castle County, we spend more than we do for all of our county elected officials, sewers, police, fire, EMT’s, land use and all other county support services.  Our result of all that spending is a graduation rate of around 70%.  That means that 30% of our kids never even graduate High School.  This is simply unacceptable.  Finally, the Delaware Way ensures a political system where graft, political favors and backroom deals are the norm and the small size of our state leads to a network of “good ol’ boys”.  Senator DeLuca is the PICTURE of the Delaware Way.  He holds two taxpayer funded jobs, one in the State Senate and one in the Department of Labor (a leadership role that he got AFTER he was elected) which he refuses to show his time card records for.

If you agree that it’s time to replace our current elected officials with fresh faces, bold ideas and strong principles, will you honor me by contributing $15, $25, $50, $100 or more (up to a maximum of $600 per person) to help me get my message out?

What we need is a fresh face with bold solutions for Delaware.  I believe that I have those solutions.  We need to enable job creation in the private sector by creating an environment where companies can feel comfortable bringing many different types of jobs to Delaware and where we emphasize the refresh and reuse of existing structures.  We need to invest in companies that will invest in Delaware by making communities more livable, structures refreshed and jobs more available.  We can do that by cutting taxes across the board and reducing regulations.  We’ve got to fix our education system by consolidating our school districts, localizing the way our schools operate and transitioning to a system of choice in education.  Finally, we can end the control of our government by an elite few by electing people who will go to Dover and demand an ethical and transparent government from BOTH parties.  I will make sure that simple text copies of our legislation are published so that you don’t need a law degree to keep up and I will sponsor a bill to stop people from holding jobs as both legislators and state government employees.

Remember, any amount that you can help with is appreciated and will go towards preparing my run to reclaim the 11th Senate District with common sense principles and solid liberty values.

Many of you have asked me to take this step and I’m counting on all of you to help me.  The fact is that if I’m going to beat the 3rd most powerful elected official in Dover today, I’m going have to out work, out fund raise and have more supporters than Senator DeLuca.  Would you do me the honor of supporting me in my run?  As the former Executive Director of CSCS, a former Director of Founders Values and a former Marine, I have served you with distinction and honor.  Now, I’m asking for your help in doing the same for the 11th District.  In less than one year, we will go to the polls with an opportunity to make Delaware the First State in job creation, the First State in education and the First State in ethical and transparent government.  Will you join the team that will help defeat the Senate Pro Tempore and show Dover that we will no longer accept unethical government that feigns support for our kids and looks the other way as jobs leave our state?

Your contributions will go towards mailers, events, voter outreach, polling and even some radio ads as well as signs, stickers and other marketing materials.  It will go towards block walking materials for my tough team of volunteers as we target the neighborhoods all over the 11th Senate District.  For more information on my campaign, please visit





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