The Man Who Would Be Governor ?

  I have been told by informed, but as of now unconfirmed sources, that Eric Buckson is considering throwing his hat in the ring to be the Republican nominee for the office of Governor of the state of Delaware.

  First let me say that I hope this is not some form of  “DRAFT” Eric Buckson movement. In my opinion there are two types of drafted candidates. The ones who want to be drafted, but want to appear as if they don’t, so they can appear modest. Then there are those who don’t want to be drafted, usually because they don’t have the fire in the belly for elected office.

  The coming days and weeks will tell which is the case with Mr. Buckson.

  Eric Buckson is a life long resident of Kent County. He graduated from Caesar Rodney High School in 1983 and from the University of Delaware in 1988. He is the son of the former governor of the state of Delaware, David Buckson. He is married with four children.

  He is currently serving as the Representative of the 4th District of the Kent County Levy Court, a position he was originally elected to in 2006.

  He serves an advisory position for the Delaware Sports Commission. This is not surprising, seeing as he is employed as the athletic director for the Polytech School District. The Commission works to bring both amateur and professional sports to Delaware that would enhance the economic developement of the state.

 Mr. Buckson was seen as a viable candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware in 2008. However he stepped aside at the GOP convention when it was made known that the sitting Senate Minority Leader Charlie Copeland would also  vie for the nomination. At that time Mr. Buckson vowed to be back in the future. This was seen within the GOP as a show of extreme party loyalty.

   Mr. Buckson did go against the conservative grain a bit back in 2007 with his support of a temporary moratorium on developement in Kent County.  The moratorium was seen as another brick in the wall of anti developement. A move that was also seen as being a part of the so-called “growth zones”. An attempt by government to dictate to property owners where to build and develop. By mandating infrastructure be supplied before approval of developments, it was seen as a growth killing tactic.

  As a side bar here, I personally was in favor of such a moratorium here in Sussex County as well. I later realized that such a moratorium was an infringement on private property rights and counter to the free market system.

 One can only hope that Mr. Buckson has also reconsidered his position as well.

  Mr. Buckson was also named in a law suit, Ashburn & Son v. Kent County Planning Commission. The suit was brought after the Commission denied an application for a subdivision. The Levy Court upheld the Commission’s decision. The Delaware Supreme Court later found in favor of the plaintive. At this time I have been unable to find whether Mr. Buckson voted to uphold the denial or not. He may have been named in the suit merely as a member of the Levy Court.

 If Mr. Buckson is truly considering a run at the governorship of Delaware, then I am sure we will be hearing about these issues and more. We on the conservative side can only hope that we are able to find a candidate that will hold firmly to conservative principles and who will not cave to special interest groups and to party pressure.


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