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Can We Mend The Fences ?

November 27, 2011

   Here in Delaware the GOP is fractured. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying, or the biggest fool on the face of the planet.

   Now there  are many  different views on what has caused this fracturing. No matter the cause, the question is, can the Delaware GOP mend the fences in time to win elections in 2012?

    To answer that question however, it is important to know the cause of the fracturing.

     There has been for quite sometime two distinct factions within the GOP in Delaware. The one might be described as the right side of the party. This faction will be more inclined to be concerned with the so-called social issues. These are issues that effect our society as a whole. These can and do include crime, education, immigration and yes abortion and homosexual marriage.

  This does not mean that this faction of the GOP is not concerned with fiscal issues. Most are. In fact I personally have never met a social conservative who is a fiscal liberal, or even a fiscal moderate. At least those whom I have spoken with who identify themselves as socially conservative, would also identify themselves as fiscally conservative.

  On the other side of the GOP, or the left of the party, you have voters who are more motivated by fiscal issues only. They seem to care little about the issues that motivate the right of the party. In fact in many cases they will tell those on the right of the GOP, that it is a losing strategy to speak out on these social issues.  They would have the party, the candidates, and the rank and file focus solely on fiscal issues.

  Unlike the more conservative right of the Delaware GOP who share the fiscal concerns of the more moderate and in some cases, more liberal members of the party, those moderate and liberal members do not share the social concerns of the right of the GOP.

   Now these factions have existed within the Delaware GOP for some time. They have worked together for the most part and have even had some moderate success.(No pun intended)

  I believe that you can trace the decline of the Delaware GOP’s success to the increase of control by the more moderate faction within the party. You can also see as the moderate faction has increased its control, that the more conservative faction has become more and more discontented,and unwilling to sit quietly by.

  As the moderate faction solidified its control of the party leadership, it pushed the conservative faction further to the outside of the circle.

  Also as the party moderated its views on issues, it lost its identity. It has become diet Democrat. This has also lead the more conservative members of the party to seek out candidates that more closely represent their own views. Of course like any group that has been in control of anything, the moderate leadership has fought against the move to the right of the party. In many cases, to the detriment of the party.

  The moderate liberal faction within the Delaware GOP will tell you that it is the fault of the “crazy right-wing nut jobs”. When in fact it is the fault of both factions, for  being unwilling to find common ground.

   No discussion of the fracturing off the Delaware GOP would be complete without pointing out that the 2010 election cycle saw the fracturing rise to a new level. And while the Christine O’Donnell campaign is seen as the reason for that fracturing by many, it was not the cause of the fracturing. It was a result of the fracturing. The conservative faction within the Delaware GOP saw the O’Donnell campaign as a chance to move the party to the right. And it did. It remains to be seen if we can hold the rightward move. To do so we must show the ability to groom candidates and to win elections. (Please, for those who feel the need to defend Ms. O’Donnell, or to attack her, recognize that this post is not about her and I may decide to edit any long-winded comments that attempt to rehash that campaign).

  I believe that the Delaware GOP still has a real chance to make up lost ground. But to do so, both factions within the party will need to bury the hatchet of past wars within the party. This means that those who felt left out by the moderate leadership should not seek revenge. It also means that the moderate faction should not seek revenge for being unseated.

 In short, we need to work together. This will actually be harder for the moderate faction since the conservatives already agree on the fiscal issues. The moderates will have to be willing to not only address the social issues, but to actually work for and support candidates that do.

  So how do we accomplish this fence mending? Well, we will need leaders that recognize the challenges facing the party in bringing the factions together.  But ultimately, it is not the GOP leadership, nor the candidates who will pull the party together. I believe it is the voters who will have the best chance of mending the fences. They do this by demanding well-rounded candidates. They do this by talking to their neighbors and by coming out to party events and speaking with potential candidates. But not listen to the leadership or the candidates. The voters must be heard. They need to tell the leadership and the candidates what it is they want.




How to Get Things Done

November 24, 2011

  Last night on his now weekly spot with Bill Colley on WGMD, Sussex County GOP Chairman Glen Urquhart spoke about many things, including the need to create an environment in Delaware that is conducive to bringing businesses to Delaware.

   He spoke of the over regulation by state government that has led to the decline of many historically Delaware enterprises.

  Near the end of his spot he sent a forceful message when he stated that if we want to grow the state economy, that Delaware and Gov. Markell need to stop, “kicking employers in the groin”.

  We could also say that if we wish to arrest the decline of the state’s economy, we will need to empower the people with the proper training,to give them the advantage of being able to defend themselves in the highly competitive world. We will also need to give the authority to decide for themselves, to the business owners and the people.

   What we don’t need is more of the “Delaware way”, of backroom deals and secret meetings.

  What we need are leaders with the vision to light our way to the future. To send us flying to the heights of economic success. To pull us out of this nose dive that we have been in for far too long.

 I hope that everyone who was  listening last night were taking notes.




The # 1 Issue

November 19, 2011

 ” The number one issue”. This is a phrase that always gains prominence during an election cycle. Its over use by everyone from media types, to politicians, to even average citizens begins to make one wonder whether anyone truly believes that, that which is labeled the number one issue, is actually that important. Or is everyone just repeating that which has been put forth first. (more…)

Candidate Announcement

November 13, 2011

Evan Queitsch Announces his Challenge to Senator Anthony DeLuca

Delaware has a real opportunity to be a leader in America’s resurgence.  Our state faces real challenges and we sometimes don’t see the opportunities that we have in front of us.  We know that our state is facing an epidemic of job losses.  From May through August, a 4 month span, Delaware had 22 mass layoff events of 50 people or more.  Our state unemployment rate is stuck at just over 8%, meaning that more than 35,000 Delawareans are still looking for work despite all the best progressive efforts to buy us more employment.  Union, public sector and private sector alike are all seeing job losses and the real losers are the employees who are seeing their jobs being stolen by policies that don’t promote growth.  Likewise, our education system is broken.  In the Christina School District, we spend more than $15,000 per student and have a district budget that is larger than the entire New Castle County budget.  That means that for one of 6 school districts in New Castle County, we spend more than we do for all of our county elected officials, sewers, police, fire, EMT’s, land use and all other county support services.  Our result of all that spending is a graduation rate of around 70%.  That means that 30% of our kids never even graduate High School.  This is simply unacceptable.  Finally, the Delaware Way ensures a political system where graft, political favors and backroom deals are the norm and the small size of our state leads to a network of “good ol’ boys”.  Senator DeLuca is the PICTURE of the Delaware Way.  He holds two taxpayer funded jobs, one in the State Senate and one in the Department of Labor (a leadership role that he got AFTER he was elected) which he refuses to show his time card records for.

If you agree that it’s time to replace our current elected officials with fresh faces, bold ideas and strong principles, will you honor me by contributing $15, $25, $50, $100 or more (up to a maximum of $600 per person) to help me get my message out?

What we need is a fresh face with bold solutions for Delaware.  I believe that I have those solutions.  We need to enable job creation in the private sector by creating an environment where companies can feel comfortable bringing many different types of jobs to Delaware and where we emphasize the refresh and reuse of existing structures.  We need to invest in companies that will invest in Delaware by making communities more livable, structures refreshed and jobs more available.  We can do that by cutting taxes across the board and reducing regulations.  We’ve got to fix our education system by consolidating our school districts, localizing the way our schools operate and transitioning to a system of choice in education.  Finally, we can end the control of our government by an elite few by electing people who will go to Dover and demand an ethical and transparent government from BOTH parties.  I will make sure that simple text copies of our legislation are published so that you don’t need a law degree to keep up and I will sponsor a bill to stop people from holding jobs as both legislators and state government employees.

Remember, any amount that you can help with is appreciated and will go towards preparing my run to reclaim the 11th Senate District with common sense principles and solid liberty values.

Many of you have asked me to take this step and I’m counting on all of you to help me.  The fact is that if I’m going to beat the 3rd most powerful elected official in Dover today, I’m going have to out work, out fund raise and have more supporters than Senator DeLuca.  Would you do me the honor of supporting me in my run?  As the former Executive Director of CSCS, a former Director of Founders Values and a former Marine, I have served you with distinction and honor.  Now, I’m asking for your help in doing the same for the 11th District.  In less than one year, we will go to the polls with an opportunity to make Delaware the First State in job creation, the First State in education and the First State in ethical and transparent government.  Will you join the team that will help defeat the Senate Pro Tempore and show Dover that we will no longer accept unethical government that feigns support for our kids and looks the other way as jobs leave our state?

Your contributions will go towards mailers, events, voter outreach, polling and even some radio ads as well as signs, stickers and other marketing materials.  It will go towards block walking materials for my tough team of volunteers as we target the neighborhoods all over the 11th Senate District.  For more information on my campaign, please visit





How Far For Loyalty ?

November 9, 2011

  There seems to be quite a few stories in the news currently that force people to make decisions about who to support in controversial circumstances.

   Many times the people will choose to side with a person or organization that they have a previous history with, or that they feel a sense of loyalty to.

   The top national political story of the day has to be the sexual harassment charges that have been made against the leading GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

  It does call into question why these charges are coming out only after he attained leader status in the race. But he is denying the charges and more women are coming out with new charges. This story is far from over, yet many people have already decided and taken sides.

  Since not all of the facts are in, one can only assume that many people are siding with Mr. Cain because he is a Republican. Others may be taking his side because he is conservative. Some may be taking his side because he is a black man. In any case, very few can be taking his side because of the facts, because the facts are still few and far between.

 Next we have the disturbing Penn State story. There is the real chance that long time coach Joe Paterno had knowledge of the sexual abuse of children by one of his staff members. And while it is true he did all that he was required to do, by reporting it to his superiors, he did nothing more, even knowing that the man had not been arrested nor charged with any crime.

 This story shows that coach Paterno showed loyalty to his staff member and to the University by keeping quiet and not pushing for further action. We are also seeing some in the public who would now protect the coach based on his many winning years as football coach for the University. Again putting loyalty before what is right.

  We see the same type of loyalty, before right, behavior here in little old Sussex County, Delaware. First we have the two camps in the Sheriff v. Councilman dust-up that lead to a physical altercation between two Republicans. Their supporters have chosen sides and are now squared off to defend their side. There has been a lot of finger-pointing from  both camps.

  The conflict over the Sheriff’s office has led to another instance that will force people to choose between right and loyalty.

  We Republicans here in Sussex will need to decide whether we will protect one of our own out of loyalty to party, or will we protect the good name of the party by making what may be, for some, a difficult decision.

  The 37th Representative District Chairperson Eric Bodenweiser has injected himself directly into the middle of the Sheriff”s office dispute. Last month he brought a resolution to the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee that would have supported the Sheriff’s request for additional training. The resolution was defeat.

 Since then Mr. Bodenweiser has been very outspoken about his continued support of the Sheriff and his desire to expand the office. This is fine. But recently Mr. Bodenweiser has made statements both on local radio and in local newspapers that have had a negative effect on the overall image of the GOP.

  Mr. Bodenweiser has shown no inclination in the past to heed the warnings of those within the party to tone down the destructive rhetoric.

 This begs the question, what recourse is left for the Sussex GOP ? Should we out of party loyalty, defend Mr. Bodenweiser’s statements. Statements such as the physical altercation between the County Sheriff and the County Councilman is, “just how we do things in Sussex”. Statements that encourage the Councilman to offer a deal to the Sheriff to get his expanded powers, “to make this go away”.

  Even if these statements were made, “tongue in cheek” as Mr. Bodenweiser has now said during his ” heart-felt apology”, can they be excused?

  When Mr. Bodenweiser pays for air-time on the local radio station, and represents himself as the 37th R D Chairman of the Sussex County GOP, then he is representing all members of the GOP. When he makes such statements as he has, then he must be held accountable for them.

  Unfortunately the leadership has been silent on this. Though I am sure Mr. Bodenweiser has heard from the Chairman in private, nothing public has been said to distance the party from Mr. Bodenweiser’s statements and actions. This has left the field to the Democrats. In a recent letter to the editor in more than one paper, Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf has commented on this issue.

  Let me say that we here in Sussex do not condone any of the actions that occured during the meeting that ended in a physical altercation between two elected officials. And we certainly do not encourage nor condone the peddling of influence.

  We have been far too distracted for far too long by such carnival antics. They serve to draw attention to those who seek any and all attention. But more importantly they draw negative attention to the GOP. Attention we neither seek, nor deserve.

  I would hope that all involved in this latest distraction would do the right thing. And if not then the Sussex GOP may be left with only one option to clear this stain.


Who The Occupiers Really Are

November 6, 2011



  A photo is worth a thousand words !!

The Man Who Would Be Governor ?

November 5, 2011

  I have been told by informed, but as of now unconfirmed sources, that Eric Buckson is considering throwing his hat in the ring to be the Republican nominee for the office of Governor of the state of Delaware.

  First let me say that I hope this is not some form of  “DRAFT” Eric Buckson movement. In my opinion there are two types of drafted candidates. The ones who want to be drafted, but want to appear as if they don’t, so they can appear modest. Then there are those who don’t want to be drafted, usually because they don’t have the fire in the belly for elected office.

  The coming days and weeks will tell which is the case with Mr. Buckson.

  Eric Buckson is a life long resident of Kent County. He graduated from Caesar Rodney High School in 1983 and from the University of Delaware in 1988. He is the son of the former governor of the state of Delaware, David Buckson. He is married with four children.

  He is currently serving as the Representative of the 4th District of the Kent County Levy Court, a position he was originally elected to in 2006.

  He serves an advisory position for the Delaware Sports Commission. This is not surprising, seeing as he is employed as the athletic director for the Polytech School District. The Commission works to bring both amateur and professional sports to Delaware that would enhance the economic developement of the state.

 Mr. Buckson was seen as a viable candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware in 2008. However he stepped aside at the GOP convention when it was made known that the sitting Senate Minority Leader Charlie Copeland would also  vie for the nomination. At that time Mr. Buckson vowed to be back in the future. This was seen within the GOP as a show of extreme party loyalty.

   Mr. Buckson did go against the conservative grain a bit back in 2007 with his support of a temporary moratorium on developement in Kent County.  The moratorium was seen as another brick in the wall of anti developement. A move that was also seen as being a part of the so-called “growth zones”. An attempt by government to dictate to property owners where to build and develop. By mandating infrastructure be supplied before approval of developments, it was seen as a growth killing tactic.

  As a side bar here, I personally was in favor of such a moratorium here in Sussex County as well. I later realized that such a moratorium was an infringement on private property rights and counter to the free market system.

 One can only hope that Mr. Buckson has also reconsidered his position as well.

  Mr. Buckson was also named in a law suit, Ashburn & Son v. Kent County Planning Commission. The suit was brought after the Commission denied an application for a subdivision. The Levy Court upheld the Commission’s decision. The Delaware Supreme Court later found in favor of the plaintive. At this time I have been unable to find whether Mr. Buckson voted to uphold the denial or not. He may have been named in the suit merely as a member of the Levy Court.

 If Mr. Buckson is truly considering a run at the governorship of Delaware, then I am sure we will be hearing about these issues and more. We on the conservative side can only hope that we are able to find a candidate that will hold firmly to conservative principles and who will not cave to special interest groups and to party pressure.