What Will Be The Face Of The Sussex GOP

   I am an Election District Committee person, and as such, I attended last night’s  monthly meeting of the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee.

  Let me first thank all who came out. Both members and guest. It is great to see the room so full of people who wish only to get involve.

  Well, we went through the usual meeting formalities of the Treasurer’s report and the like.

  But the real meat and potatoes of the meeting was the resolution that has attracted so much attention in the local press as of late.

  It was a resolution brought to the committee by the R D Chairman of the 37th R D, Eric Bodenweiser. The resolution was intended to show support for the Sussex County Sheriff’s wish to expand the training of his deputies. The point of my post is not about the resolution however. It was defeated and the issue has been passed by once more.

  I would like to thank all of those who participated in the discussion of the resolution prior to a vote being taken. For all who were able to have an intellectual debate about an important issue, and to do so without allowing it to become personal, thank you. For all who could not manage this, well if I were you I would work on that skill if you intend to continue to be a part of a political party.

  Even though last nights meeting was centered around an issue that was divisive, for the most part all were respectful of those whom they opposed. While there were opinions expressed from both sides, this was done in a manner that showed that it is understood that we are a party of differing views, on many issues.

  We must be able to have these debates, so that all view points have a voice in the party. It is when one faction believes that they have some entitlement to controlling the agenda or the message, that the party splinters. But when we have these debates, they must be about issues. To allow them to become personal will only lead to hurt feelings and division of the party.

 As a Republican I have the right to voice my opinion about things that will affect the GOP. As a member of the E C , I have a duty to voice my opinion on things that will affect the E C.  I also recognize that others will have differing views from mine. They are free to do so. I hold no ill will towards anyone who spoke in favor of the resolution last night. They felt that it was the right thing to do. I would hope that the same respect would be returned to me.

  Some may say that because of my stand on this issue I have somehow lost my conservative credentials. That I have become a RINO. Some may think that I should have sat quietly by and allowed a resolution to pass just so that everyone would like me. Let me say this here and now. No one gets to define Frank Knotts except for God and Frank Knotts.

  Those who wish to attack me for my positions on this or any other issue feel free. But I would recommend that you have your house well in order before you start trying to clean mine.



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