The Chickens, Are Coming Home To Roost

  It seems as if Pres. Obama and his cavalcade of crooks are beginning to crack around the edges.

  His failed attempts to right a failing economy has his polling numbers falling faster than, well really there is nothing to compare them to.

   As he calls on congress to pass his tax bill, that he like to call a jobs bill, his pet Sen. Harry Reid has put the brakes on it while he guts the parts that would keep even tax and spend Democrats from being re-elected.

  Then there is the whole AG Eric Holder issue. You know the one. The one where the leading law enforcement agent in the nation lied to congress about his knowledge of the illegal gun running operation. The one being overseen by the DOJ.

  Of course we can’t forget the best demonstration of the President’s corruption. The $535 million dollar tax payer guaranteed loan to a solar panel company that the administration had been warned about as being in fiscal trouble.

  This of course is Solyndra,that  filed for bankruptcy. But the story doesn’t end there. Like any good horror show there is always the surprise at the end.

  It seems that the head of the Loan Programs Office, Jonathan Silver is resigning. Of course the administration is saying that this has nothing to do with the fact that Mr. Silver was in charge of giving away $535 million tax dollars to a failing pie in the sky green energy front for the Obama agenda.

  Mr. Silver plans to join the organization Third Way as a “distinguished visiting fellow.”  Well he certainly has distinguished himself with overseeing nearly $35 billion dollars of tax payer money being paid out to other green energy companies in the past two years. We have to wonder how many more Solyndras are out there waiting to go bust.

   So with all of these ongoing investigations into the Obama administration’s mis-handling of so many different things, it would seem as if the Chicago way, is going to bring Mr. Obama down like Al Capone.


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