Is Rick Perry On Drugs ?

  Presidential candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry, on Saturday, may well have signed the death warrant of his campaign.

  At a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Saturday, Gov. Perry answered a question about the ongoing violence on the Mexican border related to the drug trade in Mexico.

   Gov. perry has come under some fire for being weak on illegal immigration in recent GOP debates. This may account for the answer he gave to the question of how a “President” Rick perry would handle the violence of the drug war in Mexico.

  “It may require our military in Mexico”, was Mr. Perry’s answer. Fellow GOP candidate Ron Paul must be eagerly anticipating the next debate. Mr. Paul, who has made his name speaking out against U.S. intervention in foreign countries.

  The idea that we would send our military into another nation as a para-police force should be troubling to almost every person of any political ideology.

  Many have supported the use of National Guard troops on the border. Many more have supported the idea of bringing home regular Army troops to be used on the border. But on this side of the border, to stem the ever-growing tide of illegal immigrants, as well as the incoming illegal drug trade and the violence associated with it. The presence of the troops would almost certainly reduce the amount of drug and gang violence that spills over the border into the U.S. .

 However to suggest that we send U.S. troops into Mexico raises some troubling questions. Not least of all, if our troops were sent to Mexico, who would they answer to? Would they be there under the command of U.S. General Staff, or operating under the orders of Mexico.

  I would also be concerned the further  lowering of the border in this fashion.  It could be seen as a union in the image of the E. U. .

  It doesn’t take much imagination to wonder who would fund such an expedition. At a time when we are attempting to reduce our debt and deficit. At a time when we are attempting to reduce our involvement in foreign affairs. Is this the time for a presidential candidate to be suggesting that we might consider invading Mexico. Because that is exactly what this would amount to. The Mexican government is not in charge of that area. The drug lords are. The U.S. would need to invade and occupy that part of Mexico. For how long? Who could tell. At what cost? Again, no telling.

  Mr. Perry has just alienated pretty much every group he would need to win not just the primary, but also the general election. If they haven’t stuck the fork in him yet, they definitely have it in their hand.

 Those who see themselves as libertarians will never support such an idea. Independent voters who are concerned over the economy and the debt will never support such an idea. Of course liberals of all parties will never support this idea. Conservative Democrats will not cross party lines with this in play. Only the most radical party hacks will support a GOP candidate who has said such a thing.

  Gov. Perry has a very short time to walk back from this. If not, then my prediction is, that he will be the main course to be served up at the next debate. After that we can count him out.


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  1. JudsonBennett Says:

    THIS Message from controversial, former US Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell of “I am not a witch fame” who dethroned Delaware’s Mike Castle in a GOP primary,thus setting the stage for a Democrat victory by Chris Coons as Delaware’s most recent US Senator, was sent to former Sussex GOP Chairman Ron SAMS and was eventually forwarded to the Coastal Network for publication. Read below and your comments are welcome and subject to being forwarded.

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Christine O’Donnell
    To: Ron & Suzanne Sams
    Sent: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 16:11:24 -0500 (CDT)
    Subject: Personal Message from Christine O’Donnell about 2012 Elections

    Dear Ron & Suzanne,

    While running errands at my local Target Friday night I was unexpectedly contacted by
    ABC News asking me about my personal political contributions in the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary. This seemed to cause a bit of a stir, so I am writing to you directly to share my thoughts on the upcoming 2012 elections and our role as a movement.

    I view contributing to the candidates as a sort of vote before the final vote. Imagine if during the MLB playoffs you could jump onto the field and actually play with your
    favorite team rather than just root from the sidelines. Well, unlike sports junkies, we political junkies have that luxury. Contributing
    even a small amount to candidates helps them move to the next level. Once they’ve made it to the next level, we spectators can assess how well
    they do under the new heightened amount of scrutiny and pressure before we commit to our final vote.

    For that reason, I
    contributed to Gov. Romney, Herman Cain and I plan to personally contribute to Sen. Santorum and Speaker Gingrich. Let me clarify that these
    contributions are from me personally, not my campaign or PAC.

    Why I contributed to Gov.

    One of the problems with our current president is that he was too inexperienced when he was sworn in. This lack of
    executive leadership is the reason Pres. Obama has no problem leading from behind and serving as our Follower in Chief. As a result, our
    economy is a mess and it’s just getting worse. Voters are craving strong leadership. Mitt has it. He’s one of the only front runners with
    both successful government executive experience and successful business executive experience. This is a strong contrast to Pres. Obama.

    And the very thing that Gov. Romney was criticized for in 2008, I find appealing heading into 2012. In the midst of such turmoil and uncertainty,
    it’s comforting that he’s strong, solid and stands as an unmovable Oak tree in the middle of a raging storm. Viscerally, voters will respond to that
    as the Obama Administration falls more and more into chaos.

    I hope the fact that I stood up to the liberal establishment within my own
    party gives me the bona fides among conservatives to say the following; I find the tone and nastiness of some of the things circulating around the
    internet about Romney extremely offensive. His words and actions are being twisted out of context and well, maybe I am not so objective here, but I
    think it is below the belt to be so blatantly deceptive about a candidate’s positions. This is the other reason I contributed to Gov. Romney. I
    don’t think he is getting a fair shake from some within my own movement. While we may not agree with 100% of his positions, he’s been a
    champion against a liberal bastion and deserves our respect.

    When I tweet about Gov. Romney or mention that I am leaning towards
    getting behind him, for the most part, people agree with me. Yet what concerns me is the intensity with which a few disagree. This intensity concerns
    me not only because it is misplaced, but because it could cost us the election if Romney does become our nominee.

    Let me explain:

    Right now a lawn gnome could beat Obama in 2012, so, yes, we can be picky, but not nasty or malicious. If we don’t stop the Republican cannibalism we’re simply turning this election over to the Democrats, who certainly don’t deserve it. We should learn a lesson from what happened in my race last year. I was consistently beating my democratic opponent in the pre-primary head to head match up… and then the Republican Establishment launched their shameless attack and changed all that. As the saying goes, a lie runs around the world while the truth is still lacing
    up its shoes. So when I see Romney’s record being so obviously distorted and twisted, I tend to empathize.

    We as a movement need to be relentlessly picky in House and Senate Races to Ensure Strong Willed Constitutionalists Are Elected to

    Additionally, those (few) who have that intense reaction against Gov. Romney need to remember that as President,he is not writing or passing legislation. He is signing or vetoing what Congress sends to him. Therefore, we as a movement need to
    focus our scrutiny and attention on electing a strong willed Congress. We need to ensure that more solid Constitutional Republicans are serving in both the House and the Senate. It is in these races where we must be relentlessly picky. They also need to remember that Pres.Reagan was considered moderate by many until he stepped into the Oval office and cleaned up the economic mess we were in.

    I also contributed to Hermain Cain, who should be our next Sect. of Treasury or Federal Reserve

    I did also give to Cain’s campaign, yet can safely say I will not give to Cain any more. I wanted to help push
    him to the next level to see how he would do under this increased pressure. I like Cain personally and I think he is holding Democrats accountable
    for their blind allegiance to our Follower in Chief. For that reason, I want to help him stay in the race as long as possible, hence the donation.
    Yet I don’t know if Cain can withstand the onslaught that will inevitably come during the General Election. And I don’t like the third 9 in his 999
    plan. While in my mind he’s no longer a contender, I do think he should be our next Federal Reserve Chairman or Secretary of Treasury.

    As the Election Cycle Continues, I will continue contribute to other candidates.

    Just before ABC reached out to me, I was going over my personal budget as I want to also send something to Sen. Santorum and Speaker Gingrich
    because I want to help them move to front-runner status. We need these two gentlemen in the race even more than we need Cain. Newt is a
    treasure trove of political wisdom and Santorum holds our party accountable to our platform and roots. (I actually put a few things back
    from my cart at Target and thought “I’ll use the money instead for Newt or Santorum.” No joke! They were just kitchen items, throw pillows
    and stuff like that. But right now I would rather have Santorum stay in the race than new throw pillows.)

    I love Michelle Bachman and supported in her different ways early on. She’s enjoyed front-runner status and it’s up to her committed supporters to bring her back.
    If she does not win the nomination, she’d be an amazing Vice Presidential pick. If that doesn’t happen, she should certainly have a role
    in the next presidential administration.

    Alright, that’s my time on the soapbox, so it’s someone else’s turn.


    Christine O’Donnell


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    Version: 2012.0.1831 / Virus Database: 2092/4570 – Release Date

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