A Great Day In Sussex County

  Just got home from the second annual Take Back Our State event. It was held at the Eagle Crest airfield outside of Milton, Delaware. The event was put together by the 35th Conservative Committee PAC.  The money raised will go to support candidates who share the conservative views that are needed to unseat the current liberal element that is in control of  government, at all levels, local, county and state.

   I have been involved with the planning of the event from early on. I would like to thank all those who came out to support the event. Those who bought tickets and who joined us for good food, good talk and good fellowship.

  I would also like to thank all of those who donated items for the auction. It was a great success in its own right.

  The event could not have been possible if not for the hard work of all of the volunteers who gave of their time. To those who went out and collected the items for the auction. Those who put together the decorations. For everyone who helped sell tickets. Those who came last night to set up and those who helped tear it down tonight. I would try to thank everyone by name, but I would surely forget someone who was invaluable and never forgive myself. I would also point out that our volunteers came from all over the county and our guest were from around the state.

 So let me just say a big thank you to all.

  This event was not just about Republicans, or even about conservatives. This event demonstrates that we as Delawareans can and must come together to send a united message to those in Dover. That message is, we are not satisfied with business as usual.

  We had Republicans, we had conservatives, we had conservative Democrats and we had at least one self-described liberal who I had an intelligent discussion with, about issues. We did all of this without anyone insulting anyone. No one got hurt. Not one was offended.  All in all it was a success.

  Thanks again.



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