We Need More

  The current crop of GOP candidates have been understandably focused on the economy and jobs. Okay we get it. Jobs are job #1. We must have a president that has a clear vision of how to turn the economy around and create an environment for job creation.

  But we need more from our candidates. We need to hear more from them about foreign affair issues.

  The debates so far have of course been focused on the economy and jobs, with just the rare peregrinations into other issues. And then only it would seem, when the media types running the debate wanted to divide the candidates and set one against the others.

  We had a few questions about social issues such as abortion and mandated immunization for sexually transmitted diseases. We had one candidate challenged for his constant call for no foreign involvement.

  I think we can all agree how important the economy and jobs will be in the up coming election cycle. I think most in the GOP understand how vulnerable Pres. Obama is on the economy and jobs. It makes sense to place these issues front and center.

  What doesn’t make sense is for the GOP to have tunnel vision. If we focus too much on the economy and jobs, and if we choose our candidate based soli on the economy and jobs. Then we run the chance of being weak on foreign affairs in the general election. But more importantly, we will appear weak to our enemies around the world if we win.

  I take you back to the 2000 election. During that election the Democrats kept beating the drum that then candidate Bush had no foreign affairs experience. I think that this lead to the attacks on 9/11 being attempted when they were. I think that the enemy had bought into the Democrat line that a “President” Bush would be slow to react and possibly would respond much in the way that other Presidents had to such attacks.

  I believe we need for the GOP candidates to be having real conversations about important foreign affair issues. We need to know how these candidates would handle real and possible challenges.

  We have governors as candidates who need to describe how they would handle such things as Europe’s economy’s effect on our own. We have a candidate that has extensive business experience, but no experience in government. How would he react to an attack on an American base somewhere in the Middle East? We have a candidate that seems to believe that our foreign affairs responsiblity ends at the water’s edge. How would he work with the Israelis in the ongoing Israeli/ Palestinian conflict? We have a candidate that is clear on her stand on the Constitution and social issues, how would she react to a nuclear Iran?

  We have many important issues facing this nation. Many of them are directly tied to the economy and jobs. But we have many more issues that will challenge a president that have nothing to do with the economy or jobs. We must demand that our candidates address these as well as the fiscal issues. We cannot afford to be a single issue party. We must show the voters that we can put forth candidates that are equipped and prepared to deal with all challenges facing the nation in the future.



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