Voters Beware !

   Does the election cycle ever really end anymore? It seems as if, as soon as one election is over, candidates begin the next one.

   So here we go again. We have begun the process of selecting who will fill any number of offices around the country, the states and the counties and your local governments as well.

   As we go through the process, we have to navigate through the copious amounts of bull crap. We have to sort through who knows what and how much. Everybody and their brother wants you to believe that they know the most. I guess that goes for yours truly as well.

  So who are we to believe? Do we listen to talk radio, be it a national name or a more local personality? Well, while both are often good sources of information, we must remember that talk show host are first and foremost entertainers. They must make the boring topic of politics seem exciting and new. But really is there anything new in politics? Not really. Politics has been and most likely always will be the same. It is populated by people who feel that they have the answers. They will tell you what they think you want to hear, just to get elected.

   We as voters are responsible for the vote we cast. We should show due diligence in sifting through the fodder of talking points. It is the voter that must be the keeper of the gate to elected office. If the voter is uninformed, then how can they make an intelligent decision of whom to vote for?

  Of course many voters rely upon party leadership to direct them to the correct candidates. Well, we saw how that worked out here in Delaware for the GOP in the past. Here in Delaware’s GOP we witnessed the party leadership attacking its own candidates. All in the name of retaining the little emperor status that they were clinging to. And what did it get the voters?

  So can we always trust our party leadership to do what is best for the rank and file voters? Will they always have the best interest of the nation and state at heart?

  We as voters must always be aware that party leadership usually has a dog in the fight. The leadership many times has made up its collective mind of just whose turn it is to run and for which office. Instead of listening to the voters, they want to lead the voters to the booth and make them vote.  I say no thank you.

  Here in Sussex County we have gone through some growing pains. We have  made some big changes in how we do things. Many people who were never involved have come out and joined in to take back control of the party for the rank and file. Again, yours truly included. Some are not so happy about it.

   I became more involved because I felt that the GOP was not representative of my views. Views that a great many share with me. I became more involved because I felt that the GOP was silent on many issues that are of great importance to many Delawareans and Americans. I became more involved because I felt the GOP was too much a closed club of elitist. I became more involved to do what I can, to move the GOP back to its conservative roots. I became more involved to help ensure that the party was not run by the few, but was responsive to the many. I became more involved to be a part of an open process and to be a part of an inclusive party with others who understand that the principles of conservatism are our best hope for solving the issues of the day.

  If the GOP is to survive in Delaware, then it must pull to its center. And its center is straight line conservatism. The center of conservatism. We must have candidates and leadership that understand that we can ill afford to alienate any conservative. By applying conservative principles to solving all issues, we can attract more people to the party. But by casting back and forth from the far left of the party to the far right of the party, we do nothing but empower the Democrats.

  We need a unified message. That message must be that, if you feel that conservatism works to solve the issues most important to you, then you need to understand that conservatism will solve the issues important to others as well.  Those who feel that the fiscal issues are of the greatest importance, must be willing to work for conservative solutions to the social issues as well.  By working to champion conservative solutions to all issues, we would become a more unified party.

  This pulling to the center of conservatism would give the GOP the best chance at attracting a wide range of independents and even conservative Democrats. But we cannot afford to compromise our principles. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes that have been made in the past. We must demand open and honest leadership. We must demand candidates that will give us more than lip service in response to our concerns. We as voters must hold leadership of the party and candidates and elected officials accountable.




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