Are We On The Verge Of Tyranny ?

   Is the current economic melt down leading us to the verge of tyranny ?

   I have never been one of those who has encouraged people to hoard food and water for the coming apocalypse. I have always called on citizens to get more involved in the political system to bring about the change they seek. I believe that talk of doom and gloom is counter to the national well-being.

  There are of course many out there that feel that we are on the edge of destruction. That the people who are living on the government hand outs will riot in the streets. Of course there is plenty of reason to feel this way. We need only look to Europe for evidence of such behavior. Most recently, London is burning due to class warfare. Two women interviewed said that they were happy that the riots were taking place. They said the rioters were, “showing the rich people and the police that they could do what they wanted to”.

  We should be concerned here at home as well. We have people in the highest offices of government who play the class warfare game everyday. Including the President of the United States. When we get daily press releases from the White House telling the poor and middle class that the “RICH PEOPLE” aren’t paying their share and that it is the “RICH PEOPLE’S” fault that the economy is failing, how long will it be before we see similar outbreaks of violence right here at home?

  History shows that it is such class warfare tactics, that are used by tyrants to rouse people to rise up in violence to do the work of creating the crisis that a tyrant needs to take complete control of a nation.

  I believe we are seeing the leading edge of an attempt to silence political opposition by the Democrats, the media and the President himself.

  During the President’s press conference on Monday,  in reaction to the down grading of the U.S. credit rating to AA+ from it historically held AAA rating, the President said something that troubles me. It should trouble all citizens of the nation.

   As the president was speaking of the down grading he said that, ” those who down graded our credit rating didn’t do it because they doubted our ability to pay our debt. They did it because they doubted our political system’s ability to act”.

   I think that this is a very telling statement. The President didn’t say the two parties ability to act. He didn’t even say the Republicans’ ability to act. He said our political system. I believe the President was projecting his own views of our political system upon those who down graded our credit limit. I believe that the President believes that our representative republic is a failed experiment. I also believe he would gladly see it changed into a fascist state, where one man had the authority to make the changes that he see as being necessary.

  When we look at this statement by the President, along with statements made by other Democratic leaders such as John Kerry and also the media. We should all be concerned about our freedoms.

  We had a drum beat from the media calling the down grade the “TEA Part downgrade”. This was an attempt to lay blame on the largest and strongest opposition to the President and his party. We then had Sen. John Kerry saying on the morning show on MSNBC, “Morning Joe”, that the media was not living up to its responsibility by giving equal time and weight to certain points of view that he termed, as not being credible.

  If we look at all of this together we start to see a pattern that is clearly leading to the possibility of political suppression. We could see a time when the President decides that certain groups are of such danger to the nation that they must be silenced.

  This my friends is tyranny. If we allow our political leaders the authority to decide which group is credible and which speech is free, then we risk losing every freedom we have known from the Founding of this nation.  I am not a reactionary person. I do not preach revolution. But I do warn all citizens to listen with open ears. Things are being said that go against the Founding Principles of this nation. They cannot be allowed to grow for much longer, or they will strangle freedom.

 2012 may be the last chance for freedom loving people to take back the nation that is being stolen right before their eyes. We cannot fail, for if we do, may God save our souls.


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