Non-Partisan Moment

Yesterday during the vote in the House of Representatives to raise the debt ceiling, there was one moment that was completely non-partisan.

  That moment was when Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford returned to the floor of the House to cast her first vote since being shot in the head by a crazed gunman.

  If we ever need a definition of a miracle and if we need to look for courage, we need only look to the case Of Rep. Gifford. While we may not always agree with Rep. Gifford, we certainly recognize the struggle she has gone through to be able to return to the House, to carry out the responsibility that she was charged with by the citizens of her district.

  May she continue to recover and may she and her family be able to move forward from what was a terrible tragedy, but what has now become a story of overcoming that tragedy. May God bless Rep. Gifford and her family.


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