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Right And Wrong Is Not Political

August 29, 2011

   There has been much talk as of late about unity and compromise. It has been in relation to the differing factions of the GOP.

  The question seems to revolve around whether the more conservative faction of the GOP should be willing to compromise their conservative principles. The more liberal faction within the GOP would tell us that the only way to win elections, is to give in to the Democrats on key issues. Such as social issues.

  I have never made any apologies for my focus on social issues. I have stated time and time again that I feel that to ignore the pressing issues facing society, is to leave society to those who would see it ruined. That all issues are of equal importance. That all issues can be solved by applying conservative principles.

   Those within the GOP who state their fiscal conservative creds, but who are willing to allow the Democrats and fellow liberals to carry the day on social issues, will tell us to drop these issues, to not choose candidates based on their stand on these issues.

  The number one issue facing society in my view is abortion. If a society is willing to allow the murder of its most innocent, then what hope is there for the rest of us? If we will not protect those who cannot protect themselves, then who would protect us? If we make worthless these innocents, then we make ourselves worthless also.

  Many have asked me why I am so unwilling to make a political compromise on this issue. Because I do not see it as a political issue. Though many do. It should never have been one, but the Supreme Court of the United States decided to whore itself out, when it decided that the taking of life could be considered a constitutional right.

  Abortion  is not a question of politics, but a question of right and wrong. How as a society can we on the one hand have laws declaring that murder is a crime, and on the other hand give the power of life and death to women, who in many cases are not in their right minds due to the stresses of their situation.

  We are a society of laws. But those laws must have a sense of consistency. If the taking of life is wrong in any case, then it is wrong in all cases. And before someone ask the inevitable question, yes I consider myself pro capital punishment. But I would gladly ban capital punishment if it would save the life of even one of the innocent babies lost to abortion.

  We have seen monsters who prey on children, such as former doctor Bradley. Who among us would not say that he is sick. That he deserves the most severe of punishments. Though he has not killed, he has destroyed the lives of so many. Would anyone argue that he should be allowed to do such a thing again?

  All too often we have witnessed mothers who kill their young children after birth. In most cases the defense is some sort of mental illness. And of course how can anyone but think that any mother able to kill their child, is not suffering from some sickness?

  So how do we as  a society differentiate between a mother who kills her child after birth, from those mothers who kill their child before birth? In both cases the child is just as dead. In both cases the mother made the so called choice to kill the child. So what is it that determines whether a murdering mother will face a court of law for smothering her child, or simply going home to recover from having her child vacuumed from her womb? Society!

  It has become socially acceptable to have a child vacuumed from your womb. We have accepted the idea that a woman has the right to kill a child in this manner, yet still hold a mother who smothers her child accountable to the law. Why?

  I truly can’t answer why, because I can’t understand anyone who would murder the most innocent among us.

  Let me return to my original point. Abortion is not a political issue. It is a question of right and wrong. Even the most ardent pro-abortion advocate must understand that abortion is wrong. And should be avoided at all cost. We can talk of education to reduce the number of abortions. We can debate abstinence over birth control. But at the end of the day, it will always be a question of right and wrong.

  Those on the pro-life side of the debate are forced to work within the political system to attempt to turn the ever rising tide of abortion, because we allowed it to become political with the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade . We must attempt to right the wrong.

 So when those within the GOP, who feel that abortion is an issue that does not deserve its equal place at the party table, ask those like myself to compromise. Remember this, it is a matter of right and wrong, and there can be no compromise on right and wrong. For if we compromise right for wrong, what is left for us to live by?



Chaiman’s Corner

August 29, 2011

Good Afternoon, and welcome to “The Chairman’s Corner”:

First and foremost let me say that I hope everyone weathered Hurricane Irene safely and with little or no damage to property. I am happy to report that Ingrid and I are safe and sound with only minimal damage to our property.  I sincerely hope that you can report the same.

Chairman’s Visit:  I want to thank everyone who helped to make Chairman Priebus’ visit to Delaware a huge success, with a very special thanks to Lewis Briggs, Diana Robertson and their merry band of GOP volunteers for making the “Operation Win Back Delaware” kick-off picnic a huge success. I am pleased to report that Chairman Priebus and his family thoroughly enjoyed the picnic and meeting the nearly 400 folks who came to hear him tell about his plans for adding Barack Obama to the list of failed, one-term Democrat presidents and for returning Joe Biden to Delaware as a full-fledged retiree.

Despite the fact that the Delaware press studiously ignored the Chairman’s visit to Delaware (as expected), Chairman Priebus was pleased with the turnout and with his first visit to Delaware. And he has promised to return within the coming months to continue his support for “Operation Win Back Delaware”. I hope to bring you more details on the Chairman’s second visit to Delaware within the coming weeks.

Vicmead 2011: With the sweet memory of the successful Chairman’s first official visit to Delaware still fresh in our minds, we are now preparing for this year’s “Salute at Vicmead” featuring South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley as the Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker on Thursday evening, October 20, 2011.

This year’s event at the Vicmead Hunt Club is shaping up to be one of the more exciting events of its kind in recent history. Governor Haley has graciously agreed to participate in a full slate of events surrounding the traditional Vicmead “salute” and reception. We hope to have the invitations for this wonderful event in the mail within the next week or so.

If you want to make sure that you are on our list and that will receive your personalized invitation to this event, please feel free to e-mail me at, or call GOP Headquarters at 302-668-1954.

Delaware GOP Headquarters: Now that summer is coming to a close, it is our intent to fully staff our Delaware GOP Headquarters on a full time basis beginning immediately after the Labor Day Weekend and through Election Day, 2012.

In order to do this we will need the assistance of all of the Republican Volunteers for Freedom we can get. If you would like to assist us in this effort, please respond to this e-mail with a “reply” addressed to  All are welcome and everyone is needed.

Delaware Republican Presidential Primary: By action of our Democrat-controlled  Delaware General Assembly, Delaware’s Republican Presidential Primary has been moved from an early February Primary to April 24, 2012. This is the same date as the Pennsylvania Republican Presidential Primary.

In preparation for that Primary, I have mailed to each of the Republican Presidential Primary Candidates an invitation to come to Delaware to campaign and to spread their campaign messages. In that letter I also explained the procedures for qualifying for Delaware’s Primary Election and made it clear that Delaware’s rank and file Republicans would welcome their presence and their participation in our Primary Election process.

As you know, I have pledged to remain neutral until after the Primary, but I heartily encourage everyone to listen to the candidates, choose the one you like, and campaign for that candidate as you feel appropriate. But when it is all said and done, each of us must unite behind whomever our Republican voters choose as our Republican Presidential Candidate.

Delaware’s 2012 Republican State Convention: Our 2012 State Convention will be held on Saturday April 28th, 2012. This will be a Nominating Convention and, as has been the custom of the past, this Nominating Convention will be held in Sussex County. So, please mark your calendars and save the date. More details will be provided as they become available.

The “Winning Back Delaware Fund”:  In conjunction with the kick-off of “Operation Win Back Delaware” at which RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was our guest speaker, a new fund was established the sole purpose of which is to ensure adequate funding for our 2012 Republican election efforts here in Delaware. I urge you to become part of the team and to become part of the solution – together we can, and we must, Win Back Delaware. Click here to make a secure on-line contribution to the new “Winning Back Delaware Fund”.

Finally, as a courtesy reminder, we are still accepting memberships in our new “Chairman’s Club”. This is a brand new Chairman’s Club, and everyone is welcome to join. I am confident that this new effort will be a resounding success, and with your help it will be. To receive more information on our new Chairman’s Club please contact me at

To comment on this newsletter, please e-mail me at

To make a secure on-line donation to the Delaware Republican Party click here.
Checks may be sent to: 3301 Lancaster Pike, Suite 4B

                                    Wilmington, DE 19805

To become a Republican Volunteer for Freedom, please contact me at

Thank you for your dedication to our Party and for your support.

Together, we can “Win Back Delaware”!

John Sigler

This Boycott might Actually Work

August 25, 2011

  On August 15th, the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, challenged other heads of national companies to join him in a political campaign donation boycott. Since issuing the challenge over 100 major companies have joined Starbucks.

  Schultz has been joined by, Myron Ullman of JC Penney, Duncan Niederauer of NYSE, and Walter Robb, co-chief executive of Whole Foods, Tim Armstrong of AOL, Mickey Drexler of J. Crew Group, and billionaire investor Pete Peterson, just to name a few.

  Mr. Shultz was motivated to call for the boycott of giving political donations, due to his disapproval of how Congress and the President handled the debt ceiling debate, and the resulting legislation. Mr. Schultz feels as many citizens do, that neither the President nor the Republicans had the best interest of the nation in mind. What they seemed to be more concerned with, were partisan politics. This writer has to agree.

  Mr. Schultz hopes that the boycott will act as a strike to force politicians to act swiftly to work on the debt crisis. He he also asked the other companies to step up their efforts at job creation. He feels that the recent debt ceiling debate has led to the downgrading of our credit rating and has created panic and uncertainty.

  An interesting thing about this, is that Mr. Schultz has given money mostly to Democrats over the years, around $100,000 in the past fifteen years. This is according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The Center list a single donation to a Republican for $1,000 in 1999. That donation was to Sen. John Mc Cain, need I say more.

 So since Mr. Schultz donates strictly to liberals like John McCain and the Democrats, it would seem as if Mr. Schultz lays a large amount of the blame for the debt and debt ceiling problems on the Democrats and Pres. Obama. This writer would have to agree.

 Usually boycotts are the idea of those who have no ideas of how to solve problems. If you don’t like something, then boycott it. It is a nice idea, but getting enough people to join you, that will make a difference, is not easy. However, in this case a boycott might actually work.

  The difference being ? Well several. First off, we are talking about politicians. They live and die by campaign donations. Second, we are not talking about ma and pa not sending in their $50 donation to make sure Clem the Dem gets re-elected. We are talking about the whales of political donations not sending in thousands, maybe millions of dollars of donations. This will get the politician’s attention. That being said, maybe the average citizen should take a page from Mr. Schultz. Maybe instead of sending in the small donations that help pay the bills for a campaign, maybe we should send letters telling them why we are not sending money. And tell them what it is we want them to do, if they would like us to send money.

  While I may not agree with Mr. Schultz politically, I do applaud his effort to send a clear message of dissatisfaction with the process.


August 20, 2011

  I am sure we are all familiar with the phrase  “R I N O”, or “Republican In Name Only”. It got a lot of use in recent election cycles, especially in the GOP primaries.

  I have to admit that I have used it myself. It was used to describe those candidates that did not live up to my definition of what a conservative should be.

  I have to say that since I became a Republican, I have felt that the party was less than representative of my views on the issues that I feel deeply about. When I first registered to vote, I registered as other. After being a voter for some time, I learned  that I was a conservative, not because I was a member of any one party, but because of my reading and understanding of the founding of this nation.

  As I learned more about the two major parties, I found that the GOP was the closest thing to being a conservative party. Since I came to understand that it was the two major parties that were able to win elections and therefore able to formulate policies that would lead the nation forward, I became a Republican.

  It was not a perfect match by any means. My views of what is or isn’t a conservative often were at odds with what the party defined as a conservative candidate. For many years I tended to follow the party line. We were told,” to be a good  Republican” we must support all Republican incumbents. We were told that we must sacrifice certain issues so that we could win elections.  We were told that we should never criticise a Republican.

  Well when you are young and uninformed you tend to go along with things like that. But as I became more informed about issues and candidates and the things that elected officials were doing once they were elected. Well I came to feel that the GOP leadership was not listening to me or those who felt as I did. I realized by talking to others within the party that I was not alone in these feelings. I realized that many were unhappy with the direction the GOP had been headed in for sometime.

 At some point in time the GOP had become a party that seemed to be concerned with fiscal issues only.  As a person who is strongly motivated by so-called social issues, I felt left out. Many times I had been told that to talk about social issues was death for any Republican candidate. I was told that I should vote for the Republican because they were  more  conservative than the Democrat. But in some cases they weren’t. In some cases they weren’t even fiscally conservative, they were just, that’s right, Republican In Name Only .

 So I started talking and I started pushing and I started to demand that all issues should have an equal place at the table of the party. It just so happened that others were also talking and pushing and demanding the same thing. But it wasn’t just people like myself who feel strongly on issues such as abortion and illegal immigration. It was people who feel strongly about constitutional issues as well. It was also people who felt that the party was not even living up to the label of being the fiscally conservative party.

 As we talked and pushed and demanded, we were accused of wanting to purge the party of those who felt they owned the party. I can only speak for myself. I have never wanted to purge anyone from the party who holds the belief that conservative principles and values can solve the issues facing the nation. That includes fiscal, social and constitutional issues. But if there are people who hold to a more liberal or progressive attitude of how to solve the issues, well then maybe they should seek other avenues other than the GOP.

  Now of course there will be those who take that statement as proof that I want to purge the party. Not so. I have often spoken of what I call straight line conservatism. To me this means someone who feels that all issues are important and that our best chance to handle issues, is to apply conservative principles to solve them. I believe that this idea of straight line conservatism is the middle of the GOP.

 We will always have factions within the party. Factions that feel stronger about one issue than another. But there is no reason for the factions to work against each other.  We must educate our rank and file and more importantly our candidates that it is conservatism, not fiscal conservatism, not social conservatism. We must, as a party, make it known that we are the party of conservatism.

  In the last election of 2010 the GOP made great moves to the right. We witnessed the old party leadership and incumbents who were less than conservative in their views of how to solve the problems facing the nation and the states removed from their positions. Of course the old power structure cried foul. They accused the new upstarts of purging the party. I say we were only redirecting the party. I would say that all conservatives were welcome within the party.

  I see the party as a pendulum. I see ideology as being laid out on the floor beneath the pendulum. In the center is straight line conservatism, where all are welcome to work at solving all issues through the application of conservative principles. And where all issues are of equal importance. Then of course we have to the left of center, a faction of  the old guard GOP and to the right of center, a faction of the new guard of the GOP. For the party to unify, the two factions need only recognize each other’s importance to the other. We need only respect the fact that some within the party feel deeply about things other than money. We must also understand that some care only about money. We must understand that both can serve their selves, by working together.

 As I said earlier, I have felt in the past that I was not welcome in the party as someone who wants social issues to have their place at the GOP table. Now that the party has taken a turn to the right I am sensing some within the new guard who would do the same thing to the old guard. They use terms such as “Not A Real Conservative” or (NARC). The pendulum is swinging too far to the right, too far away from the center, or too far away from the straight line of conservatism.

 There are some within the new guard that would have you swear a Christian oath to be a member of the GOP. They would have loyalty oaths to the party. We must remember that if we go too far to the right, we come back around on the left side. This is not a new idea for myself. I have long felt that the center of the party is conservatism. Anything to far to either side is dangerous and not conservatism. When I speak of the center, I am not talking about the center the media loves to talk about between liberal and conservative. My center is, conservatism.

 Those of us who felt left out of the GOP by those to the left of center within the party, must now stand up for the rights of the very people who once wanted us to be silent. We must grab the pendulum and stop it before it swings so far right that even we become NARCs



Voters Beware !

August 16, 2011

   Does the election cycle ever really end anymore? It seems as if, as soon as one election is over, candidates begin the next one.

   So here we go again. We have begun the process of selecting who will fill any number of offices around the country, the states and the counties and your local governments as well.

   As we go through the process, we have to navigate through the copious amounts of bull crap. We have to sort through who knows what and how much. Everybody and their brother wants you to believe that they know the most. I guess that goes for yours truly as well.

  So who are we to believe? Do we listen to talk radio, be it a national name or a more local personality? Well, while both are often good sources of information, we must remember that talk show host are first and foremost entertainers. They must make the boring topic of politics seem exciting and new. But really is there anything new in politics? Not really. Politics has been and most likely always will be the same. It is populated by people who feel that they have the answers. They will tell you what they think you want to hear, just to get elected.

   We as voters are responsible for the vote we cast. We should show due diligence in sifting through the fodder of talking points. It is the voter that must be the keeper of the gate to elected office. If the voter is uninformed, then how can they make an intelligent decision of whom to vote for?

  Of course many voters rely upon party leadership to direct them to the correct candidates. Well, we saw how that worked out here in Delaware for the GOP in the past. Here in Delaware’s GOP we witnessed the party leadership attacking its own candidates. All in the name of retaining the little emperor status that they were clinging to. And what did it get the voters?

  So can we always trust our party leadership to do what is best for the rank and file voters? Will they always have the best interest of the nation and state at heart?

  We as voters must always be aware that party leadership usually has a dog in the fight. The leadership many times has made up its collective mind of just whose turn it is to run and for which office. Instead of listening to the voters, they want to lead the voters to the booth and make them vote.  I say no thank you.

  Here in Sussex County we have gone through some growing pains. We have  made some big changes in how we do things. Many people who were never involved have come out and joined in to take back control of the party for the rank and file. Again, yours truly included. Some are not so happy about it.

   I became more involved because I felt that the GOP was not representative of my views. Views that a great many share with me. I became more involved because I felt that the GOP was silent on many issues that are of great importance to many Delawareans and Americans. I became more involved because I felt the GOP was too much a closed club of elitist. I became more involved to do what I can, to move the GOP back to its conservative roots. I became more involved to help ensure that the party was not run by the few, but was responsive to the many. I became more involved to be a part of an open process and to be a part of an inclusive party with others who understand that the principles of conservatism are our best hope for solving the issues of the day.

  If the GOP is to survive in Delaware, then it must pull to its center. And its center is straight line conservatism. The center of conservatism. We must have candidates and leadership that understand that we can ill afford to alienate any conservative. By applying conservative principles to solving all issues, we can attract more people to the party. But by casting back and forth from the far left of the party to the far right of the party, we do nothing but empower the Democrats.

  We need a unified message. That message must be that, if you feel that conservatism works to solve the issues most important to you, then you need to understand that conservatism will solve the issues important to others as well.  Those who feel that the fiscal issues are of the greatest importance, must be willing to work for conservative solutions to the social issues as well.  By working to champion conservative solutions to all issues, we would become a more unified party.

  This pulling to the center of conservatism would give the GOP the best chance at attracting a wide range of independents and even conservative Democrats. But we cannot afford to compromise our principles. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes that have been made in the past. We must demand open and honest leadership. We must demand candidates that will give us more than lip service in response to our concerns. We as voters must hold leadership of the party and candidates and elected officials accountable.



Are We On The Verge Of Tyranny ?

August 10, 2011

   Is the current economic melt down leading us to the verge of tyranny ?

   I have never been one of those who has encouraged people to hoard food and water for the coming apocalypse. I have always called on citizens to get more involved in the political system to bring about the change they seek. I believe that talk of doom and gloom is counter to the national well-being.

  There are of course many out there that feel that we are on the edge of destruction. That the people who are living on the government hand outs will riot in the streets. Of course there is plenty of reason to feel this way. We need only look to Europe for evidence of such behavior. Most recently, London is burning due to class warfare. Two women interviewed said that they were happy that the riots were taking place. They said the rioters were, “showing the rich people and the police that they could do what they wanted to”.

  We should be concerned here at home as well. We have people in the highest offices of government who play the class warfare game everyday. Including the President of the United States. When we get daily press releases from the White House telling the poor and middle class that the “RICH PEOPLE” aren’t paying their share and that it is the “RICH PEOPLE’S” fault that the economy is failing, how long will it be before we see similar outbreaks of violence right here at home?

  History shows that it is such class warfare tactics, that are used by tyrants to rouse people to rise up in violence to do the work of creating the crisis that a tyrant needs to take complete control of a nation.

  I believe we are seeing the leading edge of an attempt to silence political opposition by the Democrats, the media and the President himself.

  During the President’s press conference on Monday,  in reaction to the down grading of the U.S. credit rating to AA+ from it historically held AAA rating, the President said something that troubles me. It should trouble all citizens of the nation.

   As the president was speaking of the down grading he said that, ” those who down graded our credit rating didn’t do it because they doubted our ability to pay our debt. They did it because they doubted our political system’s ability to act”.

   I think that this is a very telling statement. The President didn’t say the two parties ability to act. He didn’t even say the Republicans’ ability to act. He said our political system. I believe the President was projecting his own views of our political system upon those who down graded our credit limit. I believe that the President believes that our representative republic is a failed experiment. I also believe he would gladly see it changed into a fascist state, where one man had the authority to make the changes that he see as being necessary.

  When we look at this statement by the President, along with statements made by other Democratic leaders such as John Kerry and also the media. We should all be concerned about our freedoms.

  We had a drum beat from the media calling the down grade the “TEA Part downgrade”. This was an attempt to lay blame on the largest and strongest opposition to the President and his party. We then had Sen. John Kerry saying on the morning show on MSNBC, “Morning Joe”, that the media was not living up to its responsibility by giving equal time and weight to certain points of view that he termed, as not being credible.

  If we look at all of this together we start to see a pattern that is clearly leading to the possibility of political suppression. We could see a time when the President decides that certain groups are of such danger to the nation that they must be silenced.

  This my friends is tyranny. If we allow our political leaders the authority to decide which group is credible and which speech is free, then we risk losing every freedom we have known from the Founding of this nation.  I am not a reactionary person. I do not preach revolution. But I do warn all citizens to listen with open ears. Things are being said that go against the Founding Principles of this nation. They cannot be allowed to grow for much longer, or they will strangle freedom.

 2012 may be the last chance for freedom loving people to take back the nation that is being stolen right before their eyes. We cannot fail, for if we do, may God save our souls.

Chairman’s Corner

August 10, 2011

The Chairman’s Corner
An Informal Informational Up-Date From
The Desk of the Chairman of the Republican State Committee of Delaware
August 8, 2011


Good morning, and welcome to “The Chairman’s Corner”:

Preliminary Report on the 2011 Summer Meetings of the Republican National Committee:

I have just returned from representing you at the RNC’s Summer Meetings, in Tampa, Florida, the site of next year’s Republican National Convention where we will nominate the Republican candidate who will put an end to Barack Obama’s systematic attack on our most precious American dreams. And, where we will choose a VP Nominee who will retire Joe Biden back to Delaware – permanently. I was joined in Tampa by your National Committee Woman, Priscilla Rakestraw, and your National Committeeman, Laird Stabler. And unlike many of our peers on the RNC, your Delaware Delegation is proud to announce that we paid our own way with our own dollars and that your hard-earned Republican donor dollars remained safe and sound right here in Delaware.

There were six (6) Resolutions passed by the RNC during its plenary session on Friday afternoon, all of which were enthusiastically supported by all three members of the Delaware Delegation, and for one of which all three of us served as co-sponsors.  They were as follows:

RNC RESOLUTION OPPOSING “NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE COMPACT. This resolution addresses the same topic we have been discussing here in Delaware with our own HB 55, the “I Hate Delaware Bill”. I was a co-sponsor of this Resolution as were both National Committee Woman Rakestraw and National Committeeman Stabler. I was also privileged to be chosen by the Resolution’s Chief Sponsor, Debbie Joslin of Alaska, to be the second person to speak in support of the Resolution and in opposition to NPV. The full text of the Resolution may be found here and the text of my floor speech in support of the Resolution may be found here.

RNC RESOLUTION TO STOP MAKING AMERICA PAY FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA’S ENERGY AGENDA.  Again, all three members of the Delaware Delegation supported this measure and I was privileged to assist in the editing and drafting of this measure. The “Resolved Clause” reads as follows:

“RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls on the Obama Administration to:
(1) Stop using taxpayer money to fund foreign oil exploration; and
(2) Stop picking winners and losers in the American energy industry; and
(3) Stop the EPA’s new regulations on coal-fueled power plants; and
(4) Issue drilling permits not only for America’s deepwater areas, but also open up ANWR; and
(5) Lift the federal tax on gasoline in order to ease America’s pain at the pump.”


The full text of the Resolution may be found here.

RNC RESOLUTION CONCERNING PROTECTING AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY AND DEFENDING INDIVIDUAL SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS FROM UNITED NATIONS INTERFERENCE.   This measure addresses the issue of United Nations treaties which would impinge upon America’s sovereignty and deprive individual American citizens of their right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes. I was privileged to serve as the Chief Sponsor for this measure and to be supported by the balance of the Delaware Delegation as well as co-sponsors from 16 other states. The full text of the Resolution may be found here. I am happy to report that this measure passed by voice vote without the need for a floor debate.

RNC FOREIGN DECISIONS RESOLUTION. This measure addresses the growing propensity for America’s courts to adopt or rely upon foreign laws and religious sectarian law (including Sharia Law, Cannon Law, Halacha and Karma) when applying American laws and interpreting the U. S. Constitution. This measure also passed by voice vote and without the need for a floor debate. This is an extremely important and comprehensive Resolution the full text of which may be read here.

RNC RESOLUTION CONCERNING FREEDOM FROM COMMUNIST CHINA’S INTERNET THREATS.  This measure, which also passed on a voice vote and the unanimous support of the Delaware Delegation, (1) “recognizes the evidence that Communist China has committed attacks and acts of aggression against the United States and its citizens” in the form of repeated cyber attacks; (2) calls upon Congress to hold hearings on U.S. cyber security and oppression against human rights activists in Communist China; and (3) “supports Senator Richard Lugar’s call for the State Department to adequately fund the Broadcasting Board of Governors for anti-censorship work in Communist China”. The full text of this very important Resolution may be read here.

RNC RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL’S PRESENT BORDERS.  This measure, in reaction to President Obama’s recent remarks concerning a return to Israel’s pre-1967 borders, also received overwhelming and broad support by the voting members. Your Delaware Delegation was, again, united in support of this measure. The full text of this Resolution may be read here.

Now on to local matters:

Delaware Republican Presidential Straw Poll – I want to say “THANK YOU” to all of our Presidential Straw Poll Volunteers who braved the heat to work our booth at the Delaware State Fair and who assisted in conducting our Republican Presidential Straw Poll throughout all 10 days of the Delaware State Fair. 

Despite oppressively hot weather and abnormally lower attendance at this year’s Fair, voter turnout was very good. Comments made to our volunteers and to me during balloting by Republicans, Democrats and Independents, alike, indicate a general and overwhelming dissatisfaction with President Obama. In case you missed it, here are the vote total percentages by candidate (A more in-depth report will be sent to you when it becomes available):
Michelle Bachmann        18%               Ron Paul              6%
Mitt Romney                    15%               Rick Santorum     2%
Rick Perry                        15%              John Bolton          1%
Chris Christie                   12%              Jon Huntsman       1%
Sarah Palin                     10%              Tim Pawlenty        1%
Rudy Giuliani                    7%              Gary Johnson        0%
Herman Cain                     6%             “Other”                  3%

The top two issues were:
Government Spending and National Debt – 42%
Unemployment and Jobs            –  25%

Save the Date:     South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley has agreed to be our special guest and keynote speaker for “Vicmead” on October 20, 2011. 

TICKETS ON SALE NOWRNC Chairman Reince Priebus Comes to Delaware –   Chairman Priebus has agreed to help us launch “Operation Win Back Delaware”. This is a state-wide party-building picnic to be held in Georgetown on Saturday afternoon, August 20th from 1 pm until 4 pm. Tickets will be $25 per person, children under 12 accompanying a ticket-holding adult will be admitted free. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

To reserve your tickets or to become a sponsor, please call 302-668-1954, or e-mail me at, or click here

Closing thoughts:

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Operation Win Back Dealaware

August 6, 2011

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August 20, 2011
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John Kerry On Freedom Of Speech

August 5, 2011

Anyone who wonders what America might have looked like with John Kerry as president, need only look to what he said today on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.

  Mr. Kerry was talking about yesterday’s stock market sell off when he said this;

“And I have to tell you, I say this to you politely. The media in America has a bigger responsibility than it’s exercising today. The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual.

It doesn’t deserve the same credit as a legitimate idea about what you do. And the problem is everything is put into this tit-for-tat equal battle and America is losing any sense of what’s real, of who’s accountable, of who is not accountable, of who’s real, who isn’t, who’s serious, who isn’t?”

  It would seem that Mr. Kerry is talking about the TEA movement and the TEA backed congressmen and women in the House Of Representatives. We can also assume that he is talking about the average citizens who support the TEA movement.

  Mr. Kerry seems to have elected himself as the person who gets to decide which speech is correct and right, and which speech would never be heard. Now imagine a President Kerry if you will. One can imagine Pres. Kerry deciding to shut down the media all together if it dared to criticize him.

 This is a clear demonstration of why elections matter. We can ill afford to allow elitist such as John Kerry to have any control over our freedom of speech. He should be removed from office in his next election run, but this is unlikely considering that Ted Kennedy kept his seat until his death?

  Even the thought that we should be restricting the free expression of ideas is extremely dangerous to all of our freedoms. One can only wonder if this was a veiled threat or warning to the media. Could we be seeing legislation coming that would give a six member committee the power to decide on which speech is allowed and which would be banned? Couple this with the idea of forcing search engines to retain your searches on-line and we could be witnessing an attempt to suppress political opposition.

 We may not have seen anything on this level since King George was sent packing.

Are Cell Phones A Right Endowed By Our Creator ?

August 4, 2011

  Are we now living in a nation where every need, of every person, has become a right ? And if so, does this mean that the government must supply every need to every person?

   How many of you were aware that the federal government has a program in place that actually collects taxes from communication companies and then doles it back out to pay for cell phones for welfare recipients?

  That’s right my friends. Some of those hidden taxes in your phone bill are going to pay for cell phones for anyone who receives state or federal food stamps, Medicaid or any other welfare program, who are at, or below 135% of the poverty level.

  The estimated cost to tax payers is around $1 Billion  a year. This will of course grow as more people become aware of the program. Which by the way is being advertised. There are currently twenty some states participating in the program. This number will no doubt also grow.

  The people in the program receive a basic phone. No smart phones here, thank goodness. But they also are given 250 free minutes.

  The money is coming from the Universal Service Fund, which originally received its money from taxing telephone companies. But in 1996 the federal government expanded it to tax local telephone companies, wireless companies, pager companies and payphone providers. In 2008 the Federal Communication Commission expanded the original program that subsidized phone service for rural areas, to include cell phone service for low-income people.

  There also doesn’t seem to be any regulating of those who receive this entitlement. So if someone is low-income and gets into the program, but later rises above the poverty level, no one is really checking to see that they are removed from the program. There is also the real danger that this will hurt the phone providers, if more people  take advantage of the program instead of finding a way to pay for the cell phones themselves.

 Has America gone so far down the road towards being a welfare state, that everything is now considered a right? Well according to a statement made by SafeLink, one of the providers of the free cell phone service, “cell phone ownership is a right”.

  So this is just another example of government taking from one citizen and giving to another. This is theft on a governmental level. We know that the cost of paying these taxes by the phone companies is being passed onto the paying consumer. That means that the government is using the companies to collect a tax from citizens. But not from all citizens. This tax is only paid by people who choose to work and pay for their own needs. Now they are being forced to pay for the services of others. Let us face it, phone service is never going to rise to the level of an unalienable right.

 At a time when leadership in Washington is telling us that we must make drastic cuts in spending. When they have decided to make large cuts in defence spending. Should we really be paying for free cell phones for anyone? I say no. I say do away with the Universal Service Fund and save $1 Billion a year.