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I am getting this Chairman’s Corner up a little late, sorry. It is from July 26, 20011.


Good afternoon, and welcome to “The Chairman’s Corner”: 


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!      South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley has agreed to be our special guest and keynote speaker for “Vicmead” on October 20, 2011.  She is a truly dynamic personality and a truly great governor. You will want to meet her and hear her speak, so please mark your calendars. This annual event held at the Vicmead Hunt Club in Greenville is the Delaware GOP’s premier fundraising event of the year – more details will follow.  


Delaware Republican Presidential Straw Poll – Underway Now – The Republican State Committee of Delaware is conducting a Republican Presidential Straw Poll throughout all 10 days of the Delaware State Fair.  Voter turnout has been good during the first 3 ½ days of the straw poll election and we expect even greater numbers of straw poll voters to cast their vote for the Republican Presidential candidate of their choice during the balance of the State Fair calendar. Temperatures should be cooler and overall attendance should be higher, so please come by our GOP booth under the Grandstands at the State Fair and cast your ballot for the Republican Presidential Candidate whom you believe to be the best person to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.


TICKETS ON SALE NOWRNC Chairman Reince Priebus Comes to Delaware –   Chairman Priebus has agreed to help us launch “Operation Win Back Delaware”. This is a state-wide party-building picnic to be held in Georgetown on Saturday afternoon, August 20th from 1 pm until 4 pm. Tickets will be $25 per person, children under 12 accompanying a ticket-holding adult will be admitted free. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.


Click here to reserve your tickets or to become a sponsor, please call 302-668-1954, or e-mail me at  


Don’t wait, this will be a great event and a great opportunity for Delaware Republicans to meet our new Republican National Chairman and to show that Delaware’s Republicans are united behind “Operation Win Back Delaware”.


Rasmussen Polls of Interest to Delaware Republicans:


1. With consumer confidence at its lowest point in two years, voters give the GOP a 10 point edge over Democrats on the economy, with 45% saying that they think Republicans can handle the economy better than the Democrats, and only 35% saying that they believe that Democrats are better for the economy.

2. The economy is the issue most important to the vast majority of Americans with 74% rating the economy at the most important issue facing the nation today.

3. Health care is the second most important issue with 69% rating health care as being “very important”.

4. The issue of taxes was rated as the third most important issue with 63% of likely voters rating taxes as being “very important”.

5. According to Rasmussen, most voters continue to believe that tax cuts and reductions in government spending are the solution for repairing the U.S. economy.

6. Most voters believe that taxpayers are not receiving adequate value for their tax dollars when it comes to education and 89% believe that this year’s high school graduates will have a tough time getting a job.

7. 56% of likely voters favor a congressional candidate who endorses a balanced approach to the debt debate and only 35% would be in favor of a candidate who favors tax cuts, only.

8. On the issue of repeal of “Obama Care”, 57% of likely voters favor repeal.

9. On a generic ballot pitting Democrats against Republicans, 44% favor the generic Republican while 38% favor the generic Democrat.

10. The current “presidential tracking poll” shows 44% strongly disapprove of Obama’s performance in the White House while only 23% strongly approve.


Closing thoughts:


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