Sen. Chris Coons Attacks Marriage

    On Tuesday July 19th Sen. Chris Coons (D, De), who was chairing the second panel of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to consider repealing the Defense Of Marriage Act(DOMA)  described the act as, “just wrong”.

  DOMA has been law for fifteen years. The act defines marriage as being between one man, one woman for federal purposes and allows states to ignore homosexual marriages preformed out-of-state. Is it any wonder that a confessed Marxist would find states rights “just wrong”?

  Those who would attack marriage, instead of defending it have put forth the so-called, Respect For Marriage Act (S.598) which would repeal DOMA. Sen. Coons was an original sponsor of this act. Sen. Coons and others claim that DOMA is discriminatory.

  This is just another piece of the puzzle. The radicalized homosexual element within that community, working with the radicalized leftist political leaders within our government, are seeking nothing less than to create a constitutional crisis based on this made up discrimination charge.

 I am little surprised that it would be a leftist such as Sen. Coons from Delaware, that would be leading this attack on marriage. We here in Delaware have been subjected to having laws passed to stop discrimination of homosexuals and forcing employers to give benefits to homosexual partners. Even though there seems to be no real evidence of such discrimination and even though the potential for fraud exist.  We have had marriage attacked right here in this state, by having the legislature pass the civil unions bill. Let me say I do respect the states right aspect of Delaware passing such laws. I just don’t happen to agree with them.

  We now see the attack being taken to the federal level. If DOMA were to be repealed all states would be forced to recognise the homosexual marriages that are preformed out-of-state. This means that if a homosexual couple moves to a state that does not allow homosexual marriages, that state would still have to honor the marriage and everything that goes with it.

  As I have said before, my concern is not about how homosexual marriages will affect my own marriage. It won’t. My concern is about the fact that I believe that the radicalized homosexuals and the leftist in government are working towards creating a constitutional crisis, so that they can call for either a repeal of the First Amendments guarantee of freedom of religion, by suing churches for not performing homosexual weddings. Or worse even, to call for a constitutional convention that would lay open the entire constitution .

  Let me close by speaking to my fellow Republicans. Because of my conservative views on social issues, I am often told by party leadership and the so-called establishment, that we can’t run on social issues. Really? Because the Democrats seem fine with legislating social issues. Why must we cede these issues to the radicalized leftist that would see our traditions and principles laid to waste ?


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