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Good Afternoon, and welcome to “The Chairman’s Corner”:

 Let’s begin with a review of up-coming Special Events:

July 21-July 30, 2011 – Delaware Republican Presidential Straw Poll – The Republican State Committee of Delaware is conducting a Republican Presidential Straw Poll throughout all 10 days of the Delaware State Fair. This is Phase I of “Operation Delaware Relevance”. Please come by our GOP booth under the Grandstands at the State Fair and cast your ballot for the Republican Presidential Candidate whom you believe to be the best person to ensure that Barack Obama joins Jimmy Carter on the list of failed, one-term presidents.

We can still use volunteers to help work the booth, so if you have the time and want to share the fun with other Republicans at the Delaware State Fair, please email to become a Delaware Presidential Straw Poll Volunteer.

August 20, 2011 – RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Comes to Delaware –   Chairman Priebus has agreed to help us launch “Operation Win Back Delaware”. This will be a state-wide party-building picnic to be held in Georgetown on Saturday afternoon, August 20th. This event will run from 1 pm until 4 pm. Tickets will be $25 per person, children under 12 accompanying a ticket-holding adult will be admitted free. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

To reserve your tickets or to become a sponsor, please call 302-668-1954, or e-mail me at  

Don’t wait, this will be a great event and a great opportunity for Delaware Republicans to meet our new Republican National Chairman and to show that Delaware’s Republicans are united behind “Operation Win Back Delaware”.

Change of Date: October 20, 2011 is the new date for “Vicmead”.  This annual event held at the Vicmead Hunt Club in Greenville is our Delaware GOP’s premier fundraising event of the year. I’m very excited to tell you that one of this nation’s rising stars and a dynamic leader within our Republican Party has agreed to be our special guest and keynote speaker for this prestigious event.  Please mark your calendars – more details will follow.

Now down to business:

As previously reported, all of our Special Committeesare hard at work helping us to reorganize, re-energize and revitalize our Party.  I want to thank each and every member of each of those Special Committees for the work they are doing.
By way of review,  those committees consist of (1) The Candidate Handbook Task Force; (2) Technology & Communications; (3) Special Events; (4) Grassroots Development; (5) Republican Voter Registration; (6) Under 40 Outreach; (7) Republican Community Outreach; (8) Absentee Ballot Initiative; (9) Constituent Group Development & Outreach.

Please note that if you have previously volunteered for one of these committees but were not selected, please be patient. As these committees complete their work and as we move forward with our continued reorganization and election-year preparations, there will be additional new committees and ample opportunities to serve.

As reported previously, the newly formed Finance Committee has now met for the first time. I am happy to report that our new Finance Committee is fully committed to rebuilding our party’s finances and to preparing for the 2012 elections.

Additionally, the first session of the Affinity Group Outreach Roundtable recently met for the first time at the Kent Region Headquarters. I am pleased to report that this first “roundtable” session was both enjoyable and productive. The free exchange of ideas and interests will certainly go a long way toward helping to prepare our Party for the tasks ahead as we prepare for the 2012 elections.

REMINDER: As the result of legislative redistricting, the Rules Committee will be required to meet in the very near future to carry out its responsibilities with regard to adjusting the current Republican Region alignment. Those Regional Chairs who have not yet done so are urged to immediately inform the Executive Director as to their appointments to that committee. Any Regional Chair seeking clarification or information concerning this matter may contact Seth Wimer at Rules Committee members will be informed in due course concerning the date, time and place of their first meeting.

The vast majority of our rank and file members who initially pledged donations to “The New Beginnings Fund” have fulfilled those pledges. “THANK YOU”! Every donation, large and small, from our loyal and dedicated grassroots, rank and file Delaware Republicans sends a huge message to every other Republican and to every Delaware voter that “together, we are building a new beginning” for our Party. For those few who have made a pledge but who have not yet fulfilled that pledge, I ask that you do so in the very near future.

Whether you have already made a pledge you wish to fulfill, or simply want to join your fellow Republicans in sending a message of unity to the “naysayers” by contributing to “The New Beginnings Fund”, simply click here to make a secure on-line contribution.

Membership in our new “Chairman’s Club” is growing every day. As you will recall, this is an entirely new Chairman’s Club, and everyone is welcome to join. If you have not yet received an invitation to join the Chairman’s Club and would like to do so, or would like to receive more information about our new Chairman’s Club please contact me at

To comment on this newsletter, please e-mail me at

To make a secure on-line donation to the Delaware Republican Party please click here.
Checks may be sent to: Delaware Republican Party

                                    3301 Lancaster Pike, Suite 4B

                                    Wilmington, DE 19805

To become a Republican Volunteer for Freedom, please contact me at

Thank you for your dedication to our Party and for your support.

Together, a New Beginning!

John Sigler

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