Has Mitch McConnell Lost His Mind?

 Here is link to a story explaining Sen. Mitch McConnell’s idea to give away the farm.   http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/07/mitch_mcconnell_doesnt_care_ab.html

 Has Mitch McConnell lost his mind. Just when the House Republicans have Pres. Obama going down for the third time on reducing the debt and amount of spending, Sen. Mitch McConnell doesn’t just throw the President a life line for raising the debt ceiling, he rides out on a jet-ski and gives him a ride.

  And why would Sen. McConnell do this? Politics!

  Hey! I ‘m all in favor of doing everything we can to defeat Pres. Obama. But not if it means taking the nation further down the road of ruin. I am hoping to at least see this nation back on the road to a representative republic form of government before I leave it to my child. To be willing to add more debt just to win an election, to me is a dangerous game. What if this plan works the way Sen. McConnell hopes and the president is able to raise the debt ceiling,with no tax cuts and still the Republicans fail to remove him from office. We will have given him powers not intended for the executive branch and four more years.

 Mitch McConnell, it would seem is willing to make Pres. Obama, King Obama.

  Did I fall asleep and miss where Mitch McConnell decided to change parties?

  It is this McCain mentality that has doomed the GOP to failure. Just when we have them on the ropes, some establishment Republican decides it is time to compromise.
  COULD WE PLEASE JUST STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses to “Has Mitch McConnell Lost His Mind?”

  1. Bill Marden Says:

    Frank, I thought the same exact thing! Has Mitch McConnell lost his mind? Hopefully his constituents called him to excoriate his suggestion giving the office of president that kind of power!
    What has this man been thinking?
    I did call House Speaker John Boener’s office yesterday to have him and the house hold firm on their no tax increase regarding the debt ceiling. The person I spoke with said the Speaker is holding firm on that pledge.
    I also call Rep Carney’s office as well (for what that was worth) and expressed my displeasure with him wanting to raise the debt ceiling and raise taxes. The aid that I spoke with said Social Security and Medicare would be affected to which I replied it’s smoke and mirrors,dog and pony show!
    I explained that when government wants cuts they always seem to scare people into believing they’ll be out on the street eating dog food. For example,when you hear large cities say they have to cut back on services,what do they target first? Police,Fire,EMS and public hospitals! SCARE TACTICS!
    I did leave one final thought as I was speaking with this person at Carney’s office,why not get rid of Homeland Security,the EPA,and the Department of Education as a start? Lots of dead weight there!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill I’m not sure where you live, but here is the Sussex County GOP web-site http://www.sussexgop.org/portal/ I encourage you to come to the monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month. Next month will be the 11th at the Cheer Center in Georgetown at 7:00pm.
    All are welcome, even if you don’t live in Sussex, but let me just encourage you to go to your local GOP meetings and get involved as I have. the world is run by those who show up.

    • Bill Marden Says:

      Thanks,Frank…I DO live in Sussex County and thanks for the link! Sometimes,work consumes most of my day and I will try (hate that word sometimes) and make it…

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, I understand the demands of work. I too have to make an extra effort to be able to attend. Hope to see you there though.

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