Sussex County GOP Committee Elections

  Well last night the Sussex County GOP Committee held its elections. This is the culmination of a rebuilding of the committee.

   In the months following the election cycle of last year, there has been a lot of dissatisfaction with how things were being handled. Former committee chairman Ron Sams seems to have taken most of the blame on the county level.

  Let me say that Ron Sams in my short time of being involved has always seemed to have the best interest of the GOP in mind. He has worked hard to get local candidates elected. He has sacrificed his time. Many, including Mr. Sams, may feel that how his removal was handled was not the best way to go about it, but others feel there was no other way. And no time to lose. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Ron Sams for all that he has done, and all that he will do. Because I am sure he will remain involved.

  Last night brought some new people into new positions. I myself was chosen to be an Election District Committee person(E D). As were others. While there are still open E D’s, we hope to recruit people in the future to fill these spots. That will need to be a priority.

 After the E D’s were chosen they then elected their respective Representative District Chairman (R D ). Again there were some new faces for these positions and some old favorites as well. Once this selection was accomplished we moved on to electing county-wide positions.

  First let me give a big GOP shout out to Carol Bodine who was and is the committee Secretary. This lady was the one officer who was not challenged and she worked extremely hard to make this process come off without a hitch. Thank you Carol. If I believed in cloning, Carol is someone I would want cloned. If we had a hundred like Carol we would never lose another election. God bless you Carol.

  Our new Treasurer is Lynn Brannon. Lynn has worked in the insurance industry for many years handling claims and reimbursements. In this position she was responsible for millions of dollars. Lynn we can only hope through fund-raising to give you the chance to do that again.

    The Vice Chair position might have been the most contested position of the night. It certainly drew the most attention leading up to last night. In the end it was former Vice Chair John Rieley who received the most votes.

  Now since it was the former Chairman who caught all the flack, you might think that there were plenty of people who would think that they could do a better job. Not so. In the end it was Glen Urquhart who was drafted to take on the thankless job. Mr. Urquhart was a former candidate for the U.S. House, and who may be a candidate again, gave an uplifting and up beat speech. He laid out the goals for the near future and for the long run. We thank Mr. Urquhart for stepping up and taking on the position.

  The nights lightest moment came when the new R D for the 14th Dist Brent Wangen stood during new business and made four motions for resolutions. I will post these in another post. But while this was the lightest moment because of the good humor of Mr. Urquhart and the seemingly never-ending motions from Mr. Wangen, it was also a moment to understand that the new direction of the Sussex GOP will be to act as not only as a campaign arm for candidates. But to also act as a steering committee for elected official. To send messages to these elected official about what the rank and file expect of them.

  While we may have many of the old faces still in the committee, we the new faces hope to work together with them, in moving forward. To again build the Sussex, the Delaware and the national GOP into that Grand Old Party that it once was.

 God bless America .


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