Moderate Mitt

   I have often asked the question, “what do you get as a conservative if you vote for a moderate?”

   With Mitt Romney announcing his intention to run for the GOP nomination for president of the United States of America, many conservatives had better be asking the same question.

  We already know that he installed a socialized health care system in Massachusetts when he was Governor. This alone will make it very hard for conservatives to support him. It will make it even harder for candidate Romney to debate Pres. Obama, if he were to actually get that far.

  And now on Friday at a Town Hall type meeting in New Hampshire moderate Mitt has said that he believes that the planet is getting hotter, but even more, he says that he believes that it is being caused by man. Evidently moderate Mitt has been asleep for the past year. He must have missed the exposing of the lies being told by the man-made global warming crowd.

  Moderate Mitt then went on to say that the U.S. should wean itself from its dependency on foreign oil by converting to alternative fuel sources. Again paralleling Pres. Obama on energy. Moderate Mitt did not call for more domestic oil drilling. Something that most conservatives see as the starting point for energy independence. But he did repeat the liberal mantra that Americans should do more to conserve.

  He then said,

“I’m told that we use almost twice as much energy per person as does a European, and more like three times as much energy as does a Japanese citizen,” he said. “We can do a lot better”.

  So is he saying that he wants America to lower our standard of living? That we should  want to live like Europeans? No thanks!

  So again I ask, what do I as  a  conservative get if I vote for moderate Mitt ?

  I would have to say that considering the socialized health care system in Massachusetts and these recent statements on energy. What I would get is a watered down version of Pres. Obama.

  This has been an ongoing problem within the GOP in the recent past. Too many of the establishment within the party feel that to compete with Democrats, we must become Democrats. Not so !

  What we need are clear choices. We need conservative candidates that can articulate conservative principles. Candidates that can point out the failures of this administration, without having it thrown in their face that they hold the similar views.

  Moderate Mitt is not, nor can he ever be that kind of candidate. It would seem as if moderate Mitt is playing to the old school establishment donors. The moderate faction. It would seem as if moderate Mitt has missed the message that this upcoming election will not be won by who can collect the most money from the fewest people. But will be won by the person who can energize the grassroot conservatives.


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