Lying Weiner

   Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted to sending the famous tidy-whitey photo over Twitter. And then lying about it to protect himself.

  But unlike many Republican officials who have been caught in similar acts, Rep. Weiner has said that he will not resign. This is a little hard to swallow, even for Nancy Pelosi who has called for a House ethics investigation.

  We may have to wait and see what comes of the investigation. But we know that if this was a GOP elected official the media and the opposition party would be screaming for the resignation.

  Instead Mr. Weiner is going to force the American people to pay the cost of investigating his lude acts.

  Let us not forget that Mr. Weiner not only sent these juvenile photos to this young woman. He also lied to the American people. But more importantly he made false claims of a crime when he stated that someone had hacked into his twitter account.

  It will also be interesting to find out who knew what, and when did they know it. In other words, did any other high-ranking Democrats know the truth before today’s admission?

  Of course it does have the benefit for the Democrats of distracting the citizens attention away from the terrible economic news. I’m sure Pres. Obama would much rather have the news cycle be about Mr. Weiner, than about the growing un-employment numbers and the failing economy.

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