Where’s The Oversight ?

   The Environmental Protection Agency has issued 1,000 pages of rules ordering American power plants to reduce their output of mercury and other pollutants. These new regulations will cost the power companies $10.9 billion a year. And of course this will be passed on to the consumer.

  EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson makes the claim that the new regulations will save 17,000 lives and create $140 billion in health benefits. But according to two experts this claim is without factual basis.

    Willie Soon, a Havard University scientist and expert on mercury and public health issues, along with Paul Driessen, senior policy advisor for the Committee for a Productive Tomorrow. Point out in an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal that the U.S. currently emits only 41 to 48 tons of mercury per year.

   While 48 tons may sound like a lot. When compared to other sources, it is miniscule.

   Forest fires emit 44 tons annually. Human cremation accounts for 26 tons. Chinese power plants emit 400 tons a year, 10 times more than America. Volcanoes, sub sea vents, geysers and other sources emit 9,000 tons per year.

   U.S. emissions amount to 0.5 % of all the mercury in the air. That leaves 99.5% of the mercury in the air that the U.S. has no control over.

  So what is the reason for the EPA to impose such harsh regulations that will do nothing but raise the cost of power for U.S. consumers? It would seem that the EPA is merely doing the bidding of Pres. Obama. It seems that the EPA is imposing these regulations to further raise the cost of reliable power, to force the American consumer to buy unreliable alternative power.

  A larger question is how did we get to this point in America, where an agency, whose officials are not elected and who have little if any congressional oversight. Have the authority to arbitrarily impose such regulations on a private industry.

  These environmental agencies, be they at the federal or state level have taken on a life of their own. They operate outside the founding principles of our nation, of a representative government. These bureaucrats do not answer to the people. They are often just the jack booted thugs of an agenda driven administration.

  It is this type of governmental over reaching that we on the right are talking about when we say we need smaller government.

  Where is the accountability for the EPA? Who must we hold responsible for such outrageous acts? We can start with the president who allows, and, or encourages this type of run away environmentalism. But also the congress that funds this agency. A congress without the guts to pull funding for such acts of economic terrorism.

  The EPA has been allowed for far too long to have free reign over the energy industry. This agency’s environmentalist agenda has done more damage to the American economy than any other act of terrorism, war, or natural disaster.

 We must elect leaders who will not be cowed by the special interest groups who care more about forcing the American consumer to buy power generated by wind or solar, than they do about this nation growing and being the economic giant that it has always been.

2 Responses to “Where’s The Oversight ?”

  1. solarinventor Says:

    While in some ways I agree with what you are saying, the truth is that our nation could employ new technologies which could create new jobs and industries which in turn could bolster our dieing economy. I believe that we posses the ability provide energy thru alternative means coupled with current fossil fuel technologies. This adaptive approach could allow for reduced inpact of fossil fuel burning power plants as well as reduce the cost of plant operations. We need to be realistic in our expectations as well as in our need to change our wasteful way of living. Thanks for the post. It made for interesting reading.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Mandates go against my sense of free market. If the alternative energy sources are viable, then they can make it without the mandates.

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