F E C Case Against Christine O’Donnell Dropped !!

   It has been announced that the Federal Election Commission has dropped the case against former U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware, Christine O’Donnell.

   The case was based on charges that Ms. O’Donnell and  The TEA Party  Express had coordinated their efforts to win Ms. O’Donnell the election. The charges were that the TEA Party Express had solicited donors to contribute to Ms. O’Donnell and had coordinated advertising, breeching F E C regulations.

  In a Twitter statement Ms. O’Donnell stated that the politically motivated charges were dropped on the basis that they were frivolous.

  Now you might expect that these charge were made to the F E C by the Democrat Party or some radical left-wing group. But you would be wrong.

  These charges were made against Ms. O’Donnell, who ended up being the GOP’s rank and file’s chosen candidate, after defeating career politician Mike Castle in the GOP primary, not by the Democrats or some leftist group. But by the Delaware State GOP Committee. Sad but true.

  It was this type of attitude at the top of the Delaware GOP establishment that has led to former state party Chairman Tom Ross to step down. It has also led to a major shake up still underway in the Sussex County Committee.

  I can’t tell you how happy I am to have received this news. It goes to show that like Sarah Palin, Ms. O’Donnell is now showing that the false allegations made against her during the election, were just that, false.

  I wonder if any of the loud mouths within and without the GOP who were the loudest in their accusations will have the courage and the integrity to apologize to Ms. O’Donnell and her supporters. While this case was not the end all in the election. It definitely cast a shadow over the campaign.

  Congratulations Ms. O’Donnell from all of your supporters, for once again putting to lie the politically motivated garbage that was cast about by party wonks and boot licks.


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