The Liberal Media’s Pick For The GOP Nominee Is In

  Well Mitt Romney has made it official. He will seek the GOP nomination to be the next president of the United States of America.

  The liberal media must be jumping with joy. Now they can begin to shove Romney down our throats the same as they did Mc Cain. We will hear all of the stories about how moderate he is, and how he is the only person within the GOP who can possibly win against Pres. Obama.

  We’ll hear about how he has the business credentials to solve the fiscal issues of the day, and how his being a Mormon will play well to the social conservatives.

  And while the media is building him up as the savor of the GOP. You can bet that they will be drooling, hoping that the GOP voters are foolish enough to be led by the nose once more.

  Mitt Romney is damaged goods in this election. His health care plan in Mass. makes him a non-starter. How can he possibly hope to make any argument against Obama care, when he created the template for it in Mass. ?

  Now do you suppose that  is exactly why the liberal media would love to see Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee ? He won’t even make it through the first debate before one of the other candidates will cut him to pieces over this.

  Of course the GOP establishment will be telling us the exact same things as the liberal media. Unfortunately the establishment has not caught on to the fact that Mitt Romney is not likely to appeal to the new mood in conservative America.

  Also unfortunately Mr. Romney will have a hard time getting any attention at all right now thanks to Sarah Palin’s bus tour.


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