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I Pledge Allegiance

June 28, 2011

  ” I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America”. These are the opening words of the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. Though these words have been a part of our nation since it was written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, in 1892.

   The original version of the pledge did not include the words “under God”. These were added in 1954. Recently these words, “under God”, have been the focus of those who feel that saying these words constitute a breach of the so-called separation of church and state. This has often led to heated debate over whether such a separation exist in any of our founding documents.

  But now a new controversy has arisen in the town of Eugene, Oregon. The latest controversy is not over the content of the pledge, but the pledge itself.

  The Eugene town council has voted down a proposal by Councilman Mike Clark that would have set aside a time at the beginning of each council meeting to say the pledge of allegiance. Saying the pledge would have been voluntary for the guest at the meetings, as well as for the council people.

  The proposal was originally voted down, but was later passed with a compromise that would have the pledge recited four times a year. These occasions would occur at town council meetings closest to the holidays of Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day. And though the meeting that this compromise was passed is so close to the upcoming Fourth of July, those who voted down the original motion, said it was just too soon, that they would wait until the next meeting.

 Mayor Kitty Piercy called the Pledge of Allegiance divisive.  Councilman George Brown who voted against even the compromise said that the Pledge of Allegiance had no place at City Hall. He went on to say that “People can say it in their front yard or backyard,” and “It really doesn’t help move the city business forward. It does not unite us.” 

   Councilwoman Betty Taylor, who also was opposed to the pledge, compared saying the Pledge of Allegiance to reading from “The Communist Manifesto.” 

   Jordan  Sekulow, director of policy and international operations for the American Center for Law and Justice says about this latest attack on the pledge,“It vindicates all of us who say our Judeo-Christian heritage is under attack,” Sekulow says, “sometimes it’s in the courts, sometimes it’s elected officials and sometimes it’s the media.” 

  One Eugene resident Anita Sullivan said this, “So you say I pledge allegiance and right there I don’t care for that language,”, “It sort of means loyalty to your country; well, I feel loyalty to the entire world.” 

  It would seem that this case is not so much about religion as it is about anti nationalism. It would seem that at least some in Eugene, Oregon see the Pledge of Allegiance as some sort of negative nationalistic ritual.

  Instead of it being seen as an oath of pride and dedication to the nation, they see it as somehow being anti-world.

  My suggestion would be that if the council has a problem with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, then I say cut all federal funding that Eugene, Oregon is receiving.

  The town council has every right to choose not to say the pledge. But why should that town council benefit from the revenue of a nation, whose flag they will not honor?

 I would also hope that the citizens of Eugene who still love this nation would vote out of office those who voted down the pledge.


Pres. Obama Finally Admits That Supply And Demand Economics Work

June 24, 2011

  With the announcement from Pres. Obama that the United States would be releasing 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Pres. Obama has finally admitted that supply directly effects price.

 This release of oil from the SPR is to offset the rising cost of oil and gasoline just as Americans get set for summer traveling.

  It would seem as if Pres. Obama understands that if there is more oil on the market, then the price will come down. When it was announced that along with the U.S. release of oil, other countries would be releasing another 30 million barrels for a total of 60 million, the world market for oil dropped $5 a barrel.

  So this begs the question. If Pres. Obama gets it, that more oil on the market will lower the price of oil? How come this knowledge doesn’t translate into the President making it easier for companies to drill for oil domestically?

  Oh sure we have heard about this administration opening up more lands for drilling. But they have also increased the amount of time it takes to go through the permit process. So actually this administration has made it harder to drill domestically.

  Why this release from the SPR, instead of increased domestic drilling, and why now?

  That’s easy my friends. The President is using the SPR as part of his campaign fund. He is reading the polls and seeing the reports that he is losing favor with the American people because of jobs and the price of gasoline. He can’t figure out what to do about jobs, so he figures to sidestep the energy issue with this one time, short term fix.

 This will have a lowering effect on the world price of oil, for a short time. It also runs the risk of depleting the reserve at a time when the middle east is a very questionable source of oil.

  Why not make it easier to drill domestically and solve the problem long term? Because this is nothing more than a cheap campaign stunt. By releasing the oil from the SPR instead of increasing drilling, he doesn’t upset the environmentalist. The release of oil will bring gasoline prices down some , so he hope to win favor with those who are upset at the current cost.

  I encourage anyone who voted for Mr. Obama last time, to not be taken in by this. It should be an insult to your intelligence. He is saying that you aren’t smart enough to see through this scam.

 It is not short term solutions we need for our energy problems. It is not pipe dream solutions such as wind and solar. It is increased domestic drilling that will give us the energy independence that we must have in this volatile world market.

Stick A Fork In Him, Weiner Is Done

June 16, 2011

 The ultra liberal Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner will be resigning his office.

  This is according to the New York Times and NBC. They are quoting friends of Mr. Weiner’s. It has also been reported that his staff seemed to be cleaning out his office.

  This all comes after Mr. Weiner first lied and then admitted that he had sent lude text messages and photos to young women.

  While I don’t agree with Mr. Weiner’s politics, I do hope that he can find help for this problem. I feel for his wife and family. And while I feel this resignation should have come sooner, I do feel that it is the right thing for him to do.

 It has been reported that he will make an official announcement later today.

SB 64

June 16, 2011

  There has been some talk lately about SB64. This may be the first time that you are hearing about this bill. But it could affect every property owner in the state of Delaware.

   The long title for the bill is; 


   The synopsis of the bill is;

    This legislation authorizes the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to adopt guidance and minimum standards to minimize risk from flooding with the input from a stakeholder advisory group. Such standards or equivalent standards shall subsequently be adopted by local governments to the extent that existing requirements do not meet the minimum standards established under this legislation. The legislation also authorizes the DNREC Secretary to waive regulatory requirements of the Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Regulations to protect public health and safety and to prevent catastrophic damage to property.

   As you can see what this bill is intended to do, is to take away local control from local governments. And to give it to the secretary of DNREC.

  I have pointed out in the past my concern for giving such powers to an agency that has no oversight from the legislative branch. The regulations that come from DNREC are beyond the scope of a representative form of government. As more and more power is ceded to DNREC, this agency is becoming autonomous, with the power to effect policies that have far-reaching consequences on the personal and economic well-being of the state of Delaware. And this agency does this with no accountability to the citizens of the state.

  SB64 instructs the Secretary to take into consideration national standards in compiling the minimum requirements for Delaware. It then mandates that all local governments adopt these standards.

  So not only will New Castle County have to meet the same standards that Sussex and Kent Counties will have to meet. But the entire state of Delaware may have to meet the standards of say New Orleans.

  If this is not troubling enough. The wording in the bill that says: ” that those who build in and occupy special flood hazard areas should assume responsibility for their actions; minimize the impact of development on adjacent properties within and near flood prone areas; provide that the flood storage and conveyance functions of the floodplain are maintained; minimize the impact of development on the natural and beneficial functions of the floodplain; prevent floodplain uses that are either hazardous or environmentally incompatible; and improve drainage standards to reduce threats to community welfare. “, would seem to give DNREC an unlimited authority to mandate to all property owners that they follow these minimum standards.

 This would seem to include existing property, not just new developement. This will have a negative effect on every farmer and land owner in the state. This would seem to give DNREC the authority to review and mandate changes and upgrade drainage on all properties.

  It would seem as if those in the General Assembly who favor SB64 believe that all areas of the state, and even areas of the nation have identical flooding issues. They seem to think that Rehoboth and Wilmington have the same drainage needs. That even Seaford should meet the standards of New Orleans. Maybe we should be required to build levees around Trap Pond!

  Since it is clear to any right thinking citizen of this state, that a flood in Bethany Beach will have no effect on New Castle, or even an effect on Dagsboro. Why should they all be required to meet the same minimum standards. There are different levels of risk. These are best met by local governments making decisions based upon history of the areas and based on the demand of the local citizenry.

  I encourage everyone to contact their state Senator and Representative and demand that SB64 be voted down. If this state and this nation are to maintain its history of a representative form of government, then we must defeat these attempts to cede power to agencies and bureaucracies.

  Here is a link to the entire bill.$file/legis.html?open



Brent Wangen Gets It In Motion

June 14, 2011

 Here are three motions that the new GOP R D of the 14th Dist. Brent Wangen made at the monthly meeting last night. This demonstrates the new role of the committee as a steering committee for our elected officials.

Main Motion for Resolution on SB64: Motion to adopt the following resolution:


Whereas, The Sussex County Republican Party believes in a Representative Republic form of government where the lawmakers are accountable to the people they represent and also believes that government governs best that governs closer to home; now, therefore be it resolved, That the Republican Party of Sussex County Executive Committee stands united against SB64 – AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 7 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO FLOODPLAIN AND DRAINAGE STANDARDS, WETLANDS AND SUBAQUEOUS LANDS.


Main Motion for Resolution on HB 69: Motion to adopt the following resolution:


Whereas, The Sussex County Republican Party believes in fiscal responsibility and accurate accountability of the State’s revenue; now, therefore be it resolved, That the Republican Party of Sussex County Executive Committee stands united in favor of HB69 – AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 29 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO FISCAL PROJECTIONS. (as amended)


Main Motion for Resolution on HB 55: Motion to adopt the following resolution:


Whereas, The Sussex County Republican Party believes that all Delaware voters deserve to have their vote counted and represented by the Electoral College, that a national popular vote could have the effect of nullifying the Delaware vote; now, therefore be it resolved, That the Republican Party of Sussex County Executive Committee stands united against HB55 – AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 15 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO THE AGREEMENT AMONG THE STATES TO ELECT THE PRESIDENT BY NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE.

Michele Bachmann Makes It Official

June 14, 2011

  Congresswoman  Michele Bachmann used the GOP debate last night as the perfect opportunity to make her bid for the presidential nomination of the GOP official.

   Since I didn’t see the debate I can’t comment on it or her performance. But by all accounts she held her own.

  This deffinitely will stir the GOP pot.

Sussex County GOP Committee Elections

June 14, 2011

  Well last night the Sussex County GOP Committee held its elections. This is the culmination of a rebuilding of the committee.

   In the months following the election cycle of last year, there has been a lot of dissatisfaction with how things were being handled. Former committee chairman Ron Sams seems to have taken most of the blame on the county level.

  Let me say that Ron Sams in my short time of being involved has always seemed to have the best interest of the GOP in mind. He has worked hard to get local candidates elected. He has sacrificed his time. Many, including Mr. Sams, may feel that how his removal was handled was not the best way to go about it, but others feel there was no other way. And no time to lose. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Ron Sams for all that he has done, and all that he will do. Because I am sure he will remain involved.

  Last night brought some new people into new positions. I myself was chosen to be an Election District Committee person(E D). As were others. While there are still open E D’s, we hope to recruit people in the future to fill these spots. That will need to be a priority.

 After the E D’s were chosen they then elected their respective Representative District Chairman (R D ). Again there were some new faces for these positions and some old favorites as well. Once this selection was accomplished we moved on to electing county-wide positions.

  First let me give a big GOP shout out to Carol Bodine who was and is the committee Secretary. This lady was the one officer who was not challenged and she worked extremely hard to make this process come off without a hitch. Thank you Carol. If I believed in cloning, Carol is someone I would want cloned. If we had a hundred like Carol we would never lose another election. God bless you Carol.

  Our new Treasurer is Lynn Brannon. Lynn has worked in the insurance industry for many years handling claims and reimbursements. In this position she was responsible for millions of dollars. Lynn we can only hope through fund-raising to give you the chance to do that again.

    The Vice Chair position might have been the most contested position of the night. It certainly drew the most attention leading up to last night. In the end it was former Vice Chair John Rieley who received the most votes.

  Now since it was the former Chairman who caught all the flack, you might think that there were plenty of people who would think that they could do a better job. Not so. In the end it was Glen Urquhart who was drafted to take on the thankless job. Mr. Urquhart was a former candidate for the U.S. House, and who may be a candidate again, gave an uplifting and up beat speech. He laid out the goals for the near future and for the long run. We thank Mr. Urquhart for stepping up and taking on the position.

  The nights lightest moment came when the new R D for the 14th Dist Brent Wangen stood during new business and made four motions for resolutions. I will post these in another post. But while this was the lightest moment because of the good humor of Mr. Urquhart and the seemingly never-ending motions from Mr. Wangen, it was also a moment to understand that the new direction of the Sussex GOP will be to act as not only as a campaign arm for candidates. But to also act as a steering committee for elected official. To send messages to these elected official about what the rank and file expect of them.

  While we may have many of the old faces still in the committee, we the new faces hope to work together with them, in moving forward. To again build the Sussex, the Delaware and the national GOP into that Grand Old Party that it once was.

 God bless America .

Change ? Or More Of The Same ?

June 8, 2011

   This coming Monday the 13th, the Sussex County GOP Committee will be holding elections for the executive committee.  Full disclosure, I am on the list for the position of EDC for the 2nd of the 35th.

  Here is a link to a full list of candidates.

  The question is. Will the GOP rank and file choose to elect people with a vision for the future. Or will they elect people who will only give us more of the same old thing.

  I encourage all registered members to show up and be a part of the future of the GOP.

  The meeting will be held at the Indian River Senior Center at 214 Irons Ave. Millsboro,De.

   Registration and Credentialing – 6:00PM to 7:30PM.  Voting to follow.

  Remember, the world is run by those who show up! So show up.

Moderate Mitt

June 7, 2011

   I have often asked the question, “what do you get as a conservative if you vote for a moderate?”

   With Mitt Romney announcing his intention to run for the GOP nomination for president of the United States of America, many conservatives had better be asking the same question.

  We already know that he installed a socialized health care system in Massachusetts when he was Governor. This alone will make it very hard for conservatives to support him. It will make it even harder for candidate Romney to debate Pres. Obama, if he were to actually get that far.

  And now on Friday at a Town Hall type meeting in New Hampshire moderate Mitt has said that he believes that the planet is getting hotter, but even more, he says that he believes that it is being caused by man. Evidently moderate Mitt has been asleep for the past year. He must have missed the exposing of the lies being told by the man-made global warming crowd.

  Moderate Mitt then went on to say that the U.S. should wean itself from its dependency on foreign oil by converting to alternative fuel sources. Again paralleling Pres. Obama on energy. Moderate Mitt did not call for more domestic oil drilling. Something that most conservatives see as the starting point for energy independence. But he did repeat the liberal mantra that Americans should do more to conserve.

  He then said,

“I’m told that we use almost twice as much energy per person as does a European, and more like three times as much energy as does a Japanese citizen,” he said. “We can do a lot better”.

  So is he saying that he wants America to lower our standard of living? That we should  want to live like Europeans? No thanks!

  So again I ask, what do I as  a  conservative get if I vote for moderate Mitt ?

  I would have to say that considering the socialized health care system in Massachusetts and these recent statements on energy. What I would get is a watered down version of Pres. Obama.

  This has been an ongoing problem within the GOP in the recent past. Too many of the establishment within the party feel that to compete with Democrats, we must become Democrats. Not so !

  What we need are clear choices. We need conservative candidates that can articulate conservative principles. Candidates that can point out the failures of this administration, without having it thrown in their face that they hold the similar views.

  Moderate Mitt is not, nor can he ever be that kind of candidate. It would seem as if moderate Mitt is playing to the old school establishment donors. The moderate faction. It would seem as if moderate Mitt has missed the message that this upcoming election will not be won by who can collect the most money from the fewest people. But will be won by the person who can energize the grassroot conservatives.

Lying Weiner

June 6, 2011

   Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted to sending the famous tidy-whitey photo over Twitter. And then lying about it to protect himself.

  But unlike many Republican officials who have been caught in similar acts, Rep. Weiner has said that he will not resign. This is a little hard to swallow, even for Nancy Pelosi who has called for a House ethics investigation.

  We may have to wait and see what comes of the investigation. But we know that if this was a GOP elected official the media and the opposition party would be screaming for the resignation.

  Instead Mr. Weiner is going to force the American people to pay the cost of investigating his lude acts.

  Let us not forget that Mr. Weiner not only sent these juvenile photos to this young woman. He also lied to the American people. But more importantly he made false claims of a crime when he stated that someone had hacked into his twitter account.

  It will also be interesting to find out who knew what, and when did they know it. In other words, did any other high-ranking Democrats know the truth before today’s admission?

  Of course it does have the benefit for the Democrats of distracting the citizens attention away from the terrible economic news. I’m sure Pres. Obama would much rather have the news cycle be about Mr. Weiner, than about the growing un-employment numbers and the failing economy.