Election Year Pandering

   Well here in Delaware we can tell that the election year has started. How? You might ask. Well because here in Delaware our politicians believe that they can screw us during their entire term, and then come back during the election year and wave some shiny object, in the form of some fluff legislation, in front of our eyes and all will be forgotten.

  Unfortunately this has been the case far too often. Here in Delaware an old favorite has always been sand. Yes that’s right, sand. It never fails that as we near an election, one or all of our Washington political leaders will show up in Delaware and start telling us how hard they have worked to get federal funding to replenish the sand on the local beaches.

  This year Sen. Carper has come up with a new one. No sand for Sen. Carper. Nope. This year Sen. Carper is pushing for the establishment of a National Park in Delaware. It seems that Sen. Carper has been having trouble sleeping ever since he discovered that Delaware is the only state that has no National Park. I know that I have felt nothing but shame and disgust knowing this.

  Sen. Carper is telling us that we must have this National Park so that we can draw more tourist to the state. Wow! Obviously the senator has never been to the beaches in August.

  The Senator feels that establishing three separate locations, one in each county of the state, will somehow lure more people to the state. And I thought that the expansion of gambling had taken care of that.

  Let’s face it, Delaware is never going to be a bigger tourist attraction then it already is for its beaches and the two NASCAR races in Dover each year. Does Sen. Carper expect us to believe that by designating a few historic homes as National Parks, that suddenly people in North Dakota will come streaming to Delaware. Please!

 This is nothing more than, more election year pandering. Sen. Carper is hoping to come back to the state for some photo ops at these locations. Or maybe even getting his name on one of these so-called National Parks.

  The Senator is hoping that by creating these National Parks, that he can distract the citizens of Delaware from the real issues. You know, the high price of gasoline. The high cost of food. The rate of unemployment. The struggling economy. But most of all, the Senator wants to distract the citizens from his part in creating higher gas prices, higher cost for food, high unemployment and the struggling economy. He would also most likely want the people to either forget or never know the fact that he has voted with the views of Pres. Obama over 95% of the time.

  Maybe instead of wasting time talking about National Parks, maybe just maybe the Senator should be addressing these problems. Because creating National Parks within Delaware will do nothing to lower gas prices or to lower food cost. It will have no real effect even on unemployment here in Delaware and I feel that it will have no real effect on the national or state economy.

  We can only hope that the voters here in Delaware will recognize this for exactly what it is.Election year pandering in the worst way.


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