An Easy Choice

   Down here in Sussex County, Delaware, we are going through a process within the county GOP committee.

  We have been working on redirecting the committee and the party back towards the right. Now there are some who would tell you that those who were in charge in the past should not be included in this process. I am not one of those people.

  Look, for years now, I have been complaining about the party leadership ignoring the will of a large number of the party rank and file. I have felt that the leadership had no respect for the more conservative base of the GOP. We were expected to show up on election day and vote for whom ever the party had endorsed.

  That all changed last year in the GOP primary. The people rejected the party selected candidates.

  Now here in Sussex County the people are attempting to keep that from happening again. We are attempting to put the people first. To avoid the sort of division that has been the mainstay of the GOP in the past. The intention is not to shove anyone aside, but to bridge the divide that has been created by leadership more interested in personal power and glory, than they were with the good of the party, the state or the nation.

  This is why we have taken the steps in Sussex County that have been taken.

  On June 13th, we will be electing a new committee. As a side note I have put my own name on the list to be considered for the position of Election District Committee person. I have taken my time over the years and become more involved as time has passed. I hope that this has been a learning and a maturing process. I will now take the next step and get my feet wet. That is, if there are enough people who agree with me to elect me to that position.

  More importantly the committee will be electing people for the Chairman and Vice Chairman positions. Glen Urquhart has announced his intention to seek the chairman position. As of now he is the only person I am aware of seeking that seat.

  For the vice chairman’s seat we have two people who have indicated that they would be considered.  They are Eric Bodenweiser and John Reilly.

  Both of these men are well-known in Sussex and around the state within the GOP. Both men are dedicated members of the GOP. They have both been involved in campaigns for other people and have given freely of their time.

 Both John and Eric bring something to the table and both would be good for the GOP in the position of county vice chairman.

  Eric Bodenweiser has run for office himself. He ran a very close primary race against a popular Republican candidate. So Eric knows what is involved in running campaigns. He knows the sacrifice needed, if we are going to gain control away from the Democrats. Eric is one of the most motivated individuals I have ever met. He is energetic and is driven by a desire to be a part of the future within the GOP.

  John Reilly has held the position of county vice chairman in the past, so he know the job and brings experience to the table. John also has worked on campaigns and knows the ins and outs. John brings a certain calmness to any room he enters. He is steady and level-headed. Some may say that to elect John to the position would be a step backwards since he has held the position before. I got to know John fairly well last year. In my opinion John is forward-looking when it comes to the GOP and the direction we need to be moving in.

  Both John and Eric are rock-ribbed conservatives. They understand that to dissect the idea of conservatism is to weaken it. That to define oneself as this or that kind of conservative is to fracture the idea and the party.

  Now according to the rules, I and other rank and file voters will have no say in voting for this position. And because both men are excellent choices, one might think that this would be a difficult choice.

 But I say that this is actually an easy choice. Because no matter who the committee votes for, they will have gotten it right.

  Lastly I would like to mention another hard-working member of the GOP. Her name is Lynn Brannon and she is seeking the position of Treasurer of the Sussex County GOP Committee. I also got to know Lynn last year. She is a devoted Republican and has some good ideas how to make the office of treasurer more transparent and accessible to the rank and file. Lynn would also be an excellent addition to the committee.


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