Hope You’re Happy

  Now that the bill decriminalizing medical marijuana has been signed into law, I hope those who supported this are happy.

  There has been several camps that supported the bill, for different reasons.

  First you have the group that knows that this will be only the first step towards the total legalization of marijuana. These are your pro-pot heads. They hope to some day  sit in a pot bar like they do in Europe and toke up  a fat one.

  Then you have the group that want only to make marijuana available to those who have medical needs. They have no desire to see the availability of marijuana expanded. They wish only to end the suffering of those who they believe the use of pot will help.

  Then you have the third group. This is the group that chose to lie to themselves. They knew that this was the opening shot of those working to expand the availability of marijuana to everyone. They know that this would be a mistake. They know that widespread drug use would have a detrimental effect on our society. Yet they chose to tell themselves that allowing medical marijuana was the lesser of two evils.

  This third group chose to delay the fight. They said that we needed to allow this bill to pass for the good of those suffering. They said that we would then fight any expansion of availability of marijuana.

  This is an argument that I am hearing more and more lately. And to be honest, I am getting a little sick of it.  At what point do we admit to ourselves that every time we choose to delay the fight, all we are doing is conceding the battle. Surrendering the field one might say.

 At what point do we say that something is worth fighting for? Not later, but now. When do we stand our ground? Instead of conceding the battle, when do we take the battle to the opposition?

 I am disappointed that some of the people who I would consider conservative in all aspects, were some of the people who populated this third group. They are the same people who will tell us that it extremely important to stand our ground on fiscal issues. And yet they were willing to give ground on an issue they know to be dangerous to our overall good.

  Again I am amazed at how some people believe that their money will be of any good to them if society has fallen apart. What will you buy with your tax savings? How safe will your fine home be if those living around you have no respect for life or property?

  Will you gain some sense of accomplishment if you fight and win to lower taxes ? If you are able to remove restrictions on the energy industry, allowing them to produce more energy at lower cost, will you believe that you have made the world a better place? Can you live with yourself knowing that you chose to delay the fight on an important issue, even though you knew that it would make it easier for the expansion of the availability of drugs.

  I hope that as you sit congratulating yourself and counting your saved tax dollars, that you are happy. As you see the number of people who are using drugs grow, I hope you are happy. 

  I predict that in the next two years or so we will see the expansion of those illnesses that will be covered by medical marijuana. Be it for chronic pain or sleep disorders. Maybe anorexia or other eating disorders. Once we have cracked the egg of expanding its use for medical reasons, it will be a small step to expand it for the use of everyone. Of course we will have our so-called fiscal conservatives telling us that we can tax it and solve our fiscal problems.

  There has to be more than just money that motivates our politics. If not we can just give up now, for we have already lost the battle.


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