Never Too Soon

   Since we have had our first Republican debate for president, I don’t think it is too soon to start looking at the U.S. senatorial race here in Delaware.

   We are still waiting to see who will step forward for the Republicans to take on incumbent  Democrat Sen. Tom Carper.

    But I think that it is important to understand who Tom Carper has been since being in the U.S. Senate.

   Sen. Tom Carper is a partisan politician. Now there is nothing wrong with that if you happen to believe that the Democrats have been right in their policy positions.  Mr. Carper  votes around 93% of the time with the Democrats.

  More telling is the fact that Mr. Carper votes around 97% of the time with Pres. Obama’ position on issues.

  It doesn’t seem as if Mr. Carper is much of a free-thinker. In fact, it seems as if he is a party hack and presidential lackey.

  Again, if you have been satisfied with the direction the nation has been heading  under the control of the Democrats and Pres. Obama, then I guess that Tom Carper is your man. He definitely seems to be Pres. Obama’s man.

  His voting record is clearly tied to the Obama administration, including his  no vote for the repeal of Obama care. Again Mr. Carper’s vote was along party lines and in line with Pres. Obama. While ignoring the will of the people. Polls had shown that nearly 75% of the American people were in favor of repealing Obama care.

  As we move closer to the election of 2012 I am sure we will be seeing more about the voting habits of Mr. Carper.


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