Cancer Patients Will Have To Choose Protection Or Prescription

  As many of you may already know, SB 17 passed the State House yesterday. This is the bill that would put us on the road here in Delaware towards legalizing marijuana. This bill does that by decriminalizing marijuana for medical use. We need only look to other states that have passed this type of legislation to see where this will lead.

  There is some good news for those of us who oppose SB 17. The bill was passed in the House, but with two amendments from State Representative John Atkins of the 41st District. Mr. Atkins is a conservative Democrat and is opposed to SB17. He has stated that even with his amendments added, he will continue to oppose and vote against SB 17.

  The two amendments being added means that the bill must return to the Senate where it had already been approved. While this may not be the death of SB 17, it does give the opposition a chance to change some minds on the issue.

  Mr. Atkins’ amendments would require that the marijuana be in a sealed, tamper proof package when it leaves the pot distribution den. The second amendment would ban the use of pot while in a motor vehicle, even as a passenger. This is due to the contact high potential for the driver.

  Now an interesting point was brought to my attention. It seems that there could be a bit of a conflict brewing for Governor Markell. The Governor seems ready to sign this bill into law as soon as possible.

  The Governor has also proposed a law that would ban citizens who have a concealed carry permit, from possessing the weapon while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. If caught they would lose their concealed carry permit.

  So if the medical marijuana bill is signed into law, how will this affect the Governor’s push for the gun ban?

  Will cancer patients who have a concealed carry permit be forced to choose between protection or prescription? How do we determine if they are under the influence. Did they smoke the joint yesterday or an hour ago ? Because of the time that THC remains in your system, this is very hard to determine. The sane question arises about driving under the influence.

  Personally, if I was going to be leaving a pot distribution den in Wilmington with six ounces of pot, I would want to be packing my 38.

  This is another demonstration of rushed legislation. No one is interested in thinking this through. They are only concerned with the photo-op at the bill signing. Kind of reminds me of current affairs in Washington, where decisions are being made with no fore thought to the unintended consequences.

  Is anyone who is in support of SB 17 really thinking this through. Or are they having their emotions played by the pro-pot crowd?


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