Praise For President Obama ?

  Okay, there has been quite a bit of discussion of whether Pres. Obama deserves praise for making the decision to go after and killing OBL.  Of course anyone with any intellectual honesty has to give credit also to former Pres. Bush. This was an ongoing operation. To locate and capture or kill OBL. Of course don’t expect much intellectual honesty from the liberals, since that is as rare as hen’s teeth.

   I have personally stated that, yes he deserves credit for giving the green light. Let us not forget that Democrat President Bill Clinton passed on a number of chances to take out OBL. Thanks for 9/11 Pres. Clinton.

  So I definitely feel that Pres. Obama made the right choice. Only he knows why he made the choice he did.

  Many on the left are using the phrase that, “Obama killed Bin Laden”. Well factually that is incorrect. An unidentified Navy SEAL killed Bin Laden.

  Also many on the left who are frightened by Pres. Obama’s failing approval numbers, have come out following this event, with statements such as, ” this make 2012 a lock for the President”. I wouldn’t get all excited just yet my liberal looney friends.

  While the President may receive a small bump from this, I don’t see how it can in any way last until the election of 2012. Though we have to admit it seems as if the President is attempting to string this out for as long as possible. It would seem that he is milking the release of the photo for all that it’s worth. Maybe he and his liberal buddies could get a bus and go on the ” I killed Bin Laden tour”.

  So Pres. Obama was in office when OBL was actually killed. Great! Thank you Mr. President.

  But whatcha goin to do about the economy? How about the unemployment problem? Maybe you could sell copies of the kill photo, and reduce the debt and deficit issue. Now that OBL is dead, does this mean that Obama care isn’t unconstitutional anymore? And that it won’t ruin the best healthcare system in the world. Will killing OBL lower the price of gasoline by a single penny? Will it bring down the cost of food?  No, of course not.

  So does Pres. Obama deserve credit and praise for giving the green light to some very brave men to take out the most evil person on the face of the planet. Sure he does.

  But he also deserves the blame for stalling the economy. For deepening the recession. For raising the unemployment numbers. For weakening the dollar. For robbing the free market of any confidence, to the point that no one will invest.

  So I will go as far as saying, thank you Mr. President, for allowing our brave men to do that which they were trained to do. For being in office when it happened. But it is time to stop basking in the after glow, and to get back to solving America’s problems. It is time that you and your liberal party realize that your policies are destroying the nation. It is time that you realize that you are finished as a political leader. It is time for you to start writing you memoirs. Because the American people have caught on to the fact that you are nothing but the empty suit that we on the right knew you were back in 2008.

  Oh you may get a small bump in your ratings for a day or two. But it won’t last past the next time people fill their gas tanks, or grocery shop. It won’t last until 2012 for sure. Then you will be outed, and we can turn this nation back towards the free market, capitalist nation that it was intended to be upon its founding.


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